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  1. Hey guys, First of all I must tell you that I'm super impressed by the 1.7 update. Good job! I just found something silly. Not really a major bug, but maybe you could fix that cosmetic issue. Everything works fine and I can get to the welcome screen by hiding studio . (If you wonder why my studio is in the center - I hide it with a key binding and use it only when I need to use it. That way I have full screen of working area) Have a great day!
  2. Hey Unfo rtunately for me it doesn't work. No matter what setting I change I still have brush outline on top of magnifying glass. AP bug 2 2019-06-05 07-07-15.mkv (for some reason it still doesn't show as video, the odds are against me ) I've attached my brush set, here it is: Common Use Brushes Raster.afbrushes Oh, my tablet is: Wacom cintiq 24 hd
  3. Hi, as in topic brush preview doesn't hide when color picking magnifying glass opens. In suggestions I was told it is a bug, so here it is how it looks like: AP bug 2019-06-04 15-49-57.mkv AP beta bug 2019-06-04 16-42-11.mkv Works the same way both on beta and standard version (on beta it's less annoying since my brush preview for some reason is always a circle). My setup: Win 10 Nvidia GeForce GTX660 12 gb of RAM Intel Core i7 920 2,67 GHz Wacom cintiq 24 hd
  4. I just tried to disable it and it seems that it's not working thanks for the advice, I was certain it's just a lack of functionality rather than a bug. AP bug 2019-06-04 15-49-57.mkv I'll report it right away
  5. I tell you man, my left ear never was as satisfied as it is right now Thanks a lot, I was so focused on turning on and off a single panel (which I did previously and it dissapointed me that it didn't turn off whole group), that I never thought that I actually can just turn off them all , because I don't use anything else I hope we'll se the other points implemented one day, especially 5, because it seems to be pretty easy to do and it would improve the color picking with medium size, "perforated" brushes by quite a lot. Thank you once again It reminds me I have much to learn.
  6. Hmm how should I post it to get it as a video? Well, I hope that's fine for you to download this first.
  7. I made you a quick video with commentary showing what kind of workflow I'm looking for. movie_2019-06-02_20-57-04.mkv
  8. Thank you! I already knew that, but if you could have it under keyboard shortcut you could do a panel with all the necessary things right in the middle of the screen (i. e. Color, brushes, layers) and turn it on and off really quick. That way, without much programming, you would get functionality really close to what you have in dedicated programs like Krita or Corel painter. I know you could say "use those programs then" and believe me I do, but I also would like to promote this program in areas I'm working in. I strongly believe Serif can be way to go for Digital painting and can easily outclass programs I just mentioned. It just need a little more time put in the development
  9. IDT Adrian


    I upvote the urgency of making macros section more robust with all my hearth. Currently it's the biggest of few things that are holding me and other companies I work with from completly abandoning Adobe apps. This + smart object functionality and I think you would get quite a few new customers
  10. In Photo when you set pressure in your brushes settings (under "more..." button) as a default it will stay that way. Sadly in Designer I don't think you have that option and I also would greatly appreciate default setting option. I don't think separate persona for digital painting is needed, but I suggested few days ago more keyboard shortcuts for turning on and off panels. It would help a lot in getting more of working area. +1 vote for perspective tool in both programs. In addition I really like how intuitive mesh warping is in Photoshop. I like that you can drag the middle of whatever you have selected to warp it aroud. Also I believe there is a bug with warp tool. When you have selected a certain part of the image and try to warp it the handles appear over the whole layer borders instead of the selection you are actually warping. It's a bit confusing and in bigger images it lowers the accuracy of what you can do with this tool. Most of all (and I believe I don't adress it enough) I really believe in what Serif does and in 2-3 years Photo will be real contender in digital art/image manipulation area.
  11. It pretty much does what it says. It resizes the window to the borders of your document when you zoom in or out. That way you have no additional space on the side of the window and thanks to that you can extract only the overview of your document to your stream/video. It makes it easier to design that miniature of the artwork in the corner of the screen because i always know exactly what size my window will be. Today it's already middle of the night, but if you want I can make you a video of how it works in photoshop tomorrow.
  12. hehe I know, that was more of a backstory why I think it would be useful I think the OS doesn't matter for the general lack of this functionality, but yes, I use Windows. In Photoshop you have the option "zoom resizes windows" (under "general" tab), check how it works if you can - that's what I need Until that point I'll have to find a way around that like virtual monitor with custom resolution matching my Streamlabs area proportion > drag window there > make it full screen > match zoom to the size of the virtual monitor. Not ideal way of doing it, especially for my GPU. Yes you can, but there is a flickering problem where Streamlabs can't hook to that window to read what is inside of it and when it can (from times to times) it don't show the artwork, only gray UI. Actually the "showing only UI" problem with Streamlabs is another Huge deal, but I don't think it can be fixed in near future, so I thought I'd only ask for this small option and that could help a lot.
  13. Hi, In about 3 weeks I plan to start livestreams with tips and tricks concerning your programs. I attached the layout I have to give you better idea what I'm trying to achieve. On the streamlabs screenshot you have a window with an artwork selected on the upper left corner. This is an overview of my full artwork. To make it look like this I need to open two windows of the same artwork in photoshop. I know I can get it through "new view" option in your apps, but the problem is that I need the windows to be cropped exacly to the size of an artwork. In short, I would appreciate an option that would allow windows to resize to the artwork size while zooming in and our using ctrl+= ans ctrl+-, when in floating window state. I would really appreciate your help in advertising your products. I already convinced 3 of my clients to try out your apps and they seem to be enjoying them. I would love to spread the word even more. Thanks, Adrian
  14. IDT Adrian

    Shift Key constrain to axis.

    Oh right! that's the thing I forgot in my list. Today I wrote a list of quality of life improvements that could help illustrators and I totally forgot about this one I most certainly would appreciate that feature too! BTW: May I edit and add that idea to my list aswell?