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  1. Yes! Thank you very much! All works fine now those new "sellect same" options are saving me hours of work each week Keep up the good work guys. I switched my company from Adobe to you and honestly (after some time to get used new environment) I never looked back!
  2. Hi, In 1.8 we could interact with items inside layers witout opening collapsed layer in layer panel. In 1.9 it was changed and now whenever you change something inside layer it opens in layer panel. Is there a way to get back to 1.8 type of interaction? I really often (like 200+ times a day) interact with single object inside multiple layers. I select those by shift + clicking on canvas and whenever I do so in 1.9 I see my whole later pannel cluttered with all curves inside those layers. After each change I have to manually collapse every single section and that's a lot of
  3. Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I had it on all the time. I just tried to turn it off through the regedit (restarted the system), but it didn't work, so I turned it on back again (another restart) and still no effect Any other ideas?
  4. Hi, I've recorded really short demo. Basicly my Affinity programs don't recognise pressure since the last update. I work on Windows 10, wacom cintiq 24HD (an older one), all drivers are up to date. Does anyone have the same issue and / or know how to solve that? Affinity_pressure_problem.mkv
  5. Yup, I just figured that out while trying to solve the problem. Thank you for your time! Actually now that I think of it, button like "apply/bake all transformations" would be pretty nice. It could also bake rounded corners, smart nodes etc.
  6. Hi, I have issue as mentioned in topic. I've recorded video and attached it together with source file. The bug report I mentioned in video: I hope it helps in any way Edit: Issue found, sorry for bothering you! It seems the selection box is based on object boundries and not nodes, so if you rotate one thing just a bit the boundry of this curve will change the overall selection box. Sorry for bothering you once again. How can I delete this topic? Have a great day! 63f.afdesign 2020-01-23_14-30-11_bug.mkv
  7. Ok it seems saving file with history messes things up really fast! Different kind of bug. First check the source file here https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/hand-drawn-teddy-bears_836244.htm#query=teddy bear&position=15 I chose a teddy bear on top right. The task was to move lineart to the front and delete the extra overlaping lines. I was doing this by copying curves with fill and just substracted their shape from the curves with lines. Sometimes I had to hit ctrl+z and after a while whole geometry got messed up across whole history. I hope that helps 19f.afdesign
  8. Hi, I actually got something interesting this time. Now I worked mostly from .ai files and check out that bug Layers don't move anymore, but if you make any group all content inside it moves to the side. (Sorry for no history - I forgot to turn that on, I'll start new file now and I'll check it right from the start) 17f.afdesign
  9. Actually, if you mention the layers.... I changed the method a bit. Previously I was importing the layer from pdf and the saved file had over 1 mb of size, but this time I created a fresh layer from AD and saved files have mosty less than 100 kb. This time I only imported the curves from the pdf. I hope that helps in any way I may try to replicate that bug, but it takes few hours to do so... it's hard to justify those hours in working environment, but I think it will come up as soon as I start to write and test automisation for the process. I have only few images to vectorise so I can r
  10. Unfortunately I closed it almost right after saving the fileto create a clean one and redo the file structure on a new one. Would it help if I make an example on the file I sent you and save the example with saved history? I probably will encounter more of those problems in around 2 months since those files would be used in automated system which should do around 800-1200 of those a month. If I get something during tests I'll try to provide the files
  11. I managed to replicate it again. My suspicions are that it doesn't matter if you use traced pdf or not. I think it's more a matter of constatly rewriting the same file. This one was reused like 60-70 times today. Pdf wasn't overwritten. I started to save traces on new files so it would'n teg overwritten by accident. I hope it helps. 23e.afdesign vectorise 3.pdf
  12. well... yeah.... You just saved me a lot of time and made me regret my life at the same time Yesterday I added 75 assets one by one... Anyway, thank you You saved me for the future projects. I work on PC so the Mac functionality would be great. On my projects I rarely use photos or any ready elements straight from the file. 99% of a time I make assets from things I created or modified inside AD so the drag - drop from explorer don't do much for me
  13. You can use styles for that Create an object. Fill it with fill tool set on "bitmap" and after setting the look to your liking just add a new style
  14. Hi, I use assets quite a lot and I think they are really useful, but the assets panel could get some improvements. 1. Drag - drop things into panel. 2. Adding multiple assets at a time. When clicking on "Add from selection" we could get another dialog box asking if we want to add selected as one aset or create separate assets 3. When creating cathegories or subcathegories a "choose name" dialog box I don't know if I'm alone, but on Windows renaming and creating cathegories takes few seconds for some reason. Adding name before creating one would reduce the time by a lot. 4. Wh
  15. Yes, sadly. I have one with full set from yesterday. It was overwritten, but maybe it will be useful. I think the problem started when I "saved as" the .afdesign file multiple times. Maybe some kind of variable just hit its capacity. I've added a full set of characters from yesterday to the dropbox you made earlier
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