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  1. @Old Bruce thank you. It's nice when you've mastered all the fine aspects! Your method is a lot simpler. My only comment is that once the conversion to curves is done the arc can no longer be adjusted as to angle or radius
  2. Dear Devs, If you ever get a spare moment 😄 may I suggest an idea to think about a "compass" tool in Affinity Designer. The object here is to make it easy to draw an open arc of a circle. At the moment my only method is to draw a circle (which is a closed curve), then use the pie tool to create a wedge, then convert_to_curves, select the relevant nodes to break the curve and delete segments. Perhaps there's a better method that I don't yet know about? It's all do-able but a dedicated tool would make life a lot easier. The above method is also not readily scalable, either to create an arc of circle with a different radius or to change the subtended angle of the arc.
  3. @NathanC, @thomaso, @walt.farrell Thank you all. The comment about the language under 'Settings' was really intended to apply to a specific document rather than translating the whole of the Affinity suite. I am happy to have the language suite in English. Apologies for not making myself clear. I appreciate the comments about setting the text style. This surely means that the 'default' style is English, set somewhere (so perhaps it could be set to Dutch too?). My post was really about being able to set a language preference per document. It would at a stroke eliminate all the spell-check errors listed under pre-flight
  4. Windows 11, Affinity Publisher 2.1.1 This problem relates to these 2 posts on the forum: My question: I am preparing a document in Dutch. I have downloaded the relevant language files and Affinity Publisher recognises the Dutch language under the 'Character' tab. Fine but it means going through the whole document and changing each text box to Dutch. What Publisher doesn't do is to recognise the Dutch language under the document 'Settings'. If it can see the language setting with spell-checker then surely it must be possible to set a default language for the document? This would save a whole lot of effort. Or perhaps this is a feature instead of a bug? Any thoughts?
  5. Hi @entropy Are your graphics drivers up to date? If Windows is crashing, this suggests to me a problem with the drivers rather than Affinity Photo. The latest version according to the NVIDIA website is studio driver 516.94
  6. Seeing as everyone else is piling in here, I thought I would too. @omiK I agree. Some clarification at least would be useful and much appreciated. Perhaps a mooted v2 is what's stopping updates here? As a side note, in the latest release notes from AMD (22.6.1) there is a somewhat oblique reference to OpenCL performance with their drivers, viz "Lower than expected Folding@homeâ„¢ compute performance with OpenCLâ„¢ API on some AMD Graphics Products such as the Radeonâ„¢ RX 6800" Although this impacts folding@home I wonder if it's related to the problem Serif reported. Maybe it means the the issue is (finally) bubbling its way to the surface as far as AMD are concerned.
  7. @KenLow From memory, the process to regress to the previous AMD chipset drivers is not difficult: (1) uninstall the 4.03 package (2) reboot (3) install the previous driver package.
  8. Just a minor issue with the title of this post that made me do a double-take, given thaat current production is build 1198. Build number in the post should be 1227.
  9. @BorisFuji Welcome to the forum. There may be a colour processing issue with APhoto: The right hand version is the result when the file is loaded directly into APhoto For the left hand version I pre-processed with file with Iridient X-Transformer and then loaded the resultant DNG file into APhoto Both files have been developed without any changes. Note also the colour change of the out-of-focus lamp. This may be a result of the intermediate processing steps - the camera, Iridient (although I'm not inclined to think this), or APhoto. I have seen issues reported here on the forums with Fuji cameras and blown-out highlights going magenta.
  10. @PÅ¡enda Thanks, I missed that post in my search. I'd like to leave this post as a request for the feature. Maybe one of the mods might care to comment?
  11. I haven't (yet) found a request for this one or any help on how to do it, so I would like to submit a request for this new feature. Please would you add a menu under "Select same" for the same named (or coloured) objects only within the current artboard. With multiple artboards of similar content it's a real nuisance to constantly have to rename objects just to that artboard (and the choice of colours is limited too) so that only objects on the particular artboard are selected.
  12. @lukeslab, I am also watching the AMD graphics driver releases. Not one of them to date has mentioned OpenCL so it's presuambly still under consideration by AMD. There's probably little Serif can do to speed things up. There is a post where this problem has been reported to AMD: https://community.amd.com/t5/opencl/slow-kernel-compilation-speed-clbuildprogram-with-radeon-5700-xt/td-p/448144. The last update in that post from AMD was 16/02/2021. @Mark Ingram says that Serif is in touch with AMD, dated 02/07/2021. It's incredibly frustrating but there it is. The error message from APhoto could be more helpful.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forums. Are you using a graphics tablet e.g. Wacom or another make? Have you tried the same operations using the mouse? Does the application crash each time you use the "pentool" or just with particular operations? Some more details here would be helpful. Have you checked whether the graphics drivers (from Dell or Nvidia) are up to date?
  14. Bonjour et bienvenue sur les forums. Avez-vous essayé de désactiver l'accélération matérielle (Édition> Préférences> Performances) ? Quel matériel utilisez-vous et le logiciel du pilote graphique est-il à jour ?
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