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  1. Ah! Thank you @Old Bruce and @MEB. Obvious once you know how. I just couldn't find it in the help or a menu option somewhere. I guessed it was by design though.
  2. Windows 10 64 bit/APhoto (production) I was playing with colours and using the Opacity slider on the Colour tab I don't know what I did but suddenly APhoto changed the opacity slider to a Noise slider: The only way I could find to regain the opacity slider was to close APhoto and start again. Please would somebody explain how to switch between the Opacity and Noise sliders
  3. Hi @Sean P Thank you. That is indeed the problem. Now I also understand the reason why there's a Reverse Curve button! Apologies for the title of the post by the way, most of it seems to have got lost. Have now amended it. This thread can be closed.
  4. Winding fill mode misses some intersections of shapes (drawn with pen and node tools) when they are all on one layer. Please see pics for views of Alternate and Winding modes Missing areas have to be filled in manually which is not only annoying but very time consuming.
  5. Hello Serif Moderators, Thank you for your help with this and for all your hard work
  6. Thank you. Please would you explain what the essential difference is between low and high precision - I know it sounds obvious but what are the consequences for the document being worked upon. FWIW I also notice a much improved performance (a lot less, if any, lag/stuttering) with a direct USB connection, which operates at a much higher bit rate than bluetooth.
  7. OK, thanks @Chris B. The reason why I raised it was because the pen and node tools seem to form a natural pair, but perhaps that's not how it was intended. The solution was too deep for me to find. You can close this one as 'by design'.
  8. The title isn't very good but attached is a video of what I mean. Multiple shapes (pen tool) drawn *on one layer* => when one of the curves is broken (splitting it to make another shape) to create an 'orphan' section, the node tool in APhoto automatically creates a new layer despite the setting "Add new curve to selected layer" being selected with the pen tool. The node tool appears to ignore this setting. Clearly the example is trivial, but with complex shapes it's inconvenient as it always entails redrawing the orphan section (at least, I haven't found a way of pasting the orhpan section into the existing layer as a shape). 2020-08-19_12-04-43.mkv
  9. I get some behaviour like this too - a 'stuttering' effect as if Affinity can't process the incoming information fast enough and then suddenly catches up. It appears most frequently with large documents, (relatively) high magnifications [this means 185% of 256 MB tiff, 1600dpi, RGB/8 format] and slow pen movements. Oddly APhoto seems ok with quick pen movements and these seem to make it 'catch up' again. Am using Wacom Intuos Pro. It was also occurring the one of the earlier beta builds (681). It doesn't occur consistently however.
  10. Thank you @Alfred, that is indeed the problem. I have put in an enhancement request for APhoto
  11. Using Affinity Photo to create curves (pen mode) - when objects on the same layer are filled, the intersecting area is always empty (no fill). This is equivalent to 'Alternate (even-odd)' mode in Affinity Designer. It would be very, very useful for me to have the 'Winding (non-zero)' mode from Affinity Designer available to counter this problem. I use the pen mode to trace objects - writing in particular, and where strokes intersect there is always a blank area which has to be later manually filled. I would like to make a plea for this enhancement which on the face of it looks not too dificult to implement.
  12. When drawing independent curves on the same layer (using the pen tool) with a fill, the fill vanishes where the curves intersect: Is there any way this behaviour can be changed so that the fill also applies to the intersection? I am using a fill opacity of 50% and ideally I would want the intersection also to have 50% opacity, as opposed to 2x50% opacity. I think there must be something simple I am missing but I can't find the answer anywhere (yet). Please can anyone offer some advice
  13. Aha! Thank you @carl123 that appears to be the source of the problem. It looks as though use of the erase brush interferes in some way with the 'Wet edge' parameter though the erase brush doesn't have an obvious 'wet edge' setting itself. The problem works either way around after the first time usage. However, after explicitly setting 'wet edge' (or unsetting it), APhoto appears to remember it. Will leave this thread for review by the moderators as the status of the problem has been reduced from 'very annoying' to 'inconvenient'. I guess there's no substitute for experience!
  14. Windows 10 Pro build 1909/APhoto Intuos Pro I have experienced a problem with the new release (also present in beta build 681) where the paint brush changes after the erase brush is used. It happens with Affinity native brushes and purchased ones and it most noticeable when the flow is a low value. To demonstrate: New document add pixel layer select brush with a low flow e.g. Dry media/Triangle crayon draw a few strokes with the paint brush use the erase brush (in my setup this is set to one of the Basic series brushes) draw a few more strokes with the paint brush and see the difference. The only way I have been able to work around this behaviour is to reset the flow (temporarily) to another value without drawing and then set it back again to its original value. This behaviour happens with the Wacom and the mouse. I switch a lot between between drawing and erasing and it's very annoying
  15. I -had- a nasty (temporary) problem after installing the 693 version. With the Wacom the only set of brushes to work were from the basic set, simply trying to paint on a pixel layer. No other brushes worked. As a quick test I used the <L mouse> button to paint with other brushes - which worked fine - and afterwards the Wacom pen worked on all brushes. Am not sure there is there's an initialisation issue here but I can no longer reproduce it. On a separate note, I switched from USB to Bluetooth connection today and there is noticeable response in delay APhoto such that it's each to overdo a pen movement if it is too quick. With USB the response was instantaneous. This may be normal so am leaving it as an observation.
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