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  1. Subclavius

    AP Closes randomly

    I get this behaviour too. It happens having edited a picture when I click the top right 'x' to close. AP asks to save to when I click 'yes' and then AP itself closes. If I save the edit first (File>Save) and then close the picture by clicking 'x' it does not happen. It's very annoying as I constantly need to reopen AP. Nigel
  2. Just one item for me: In the curves adjustment box add the ability to specify the points being added (x%, y%) to the curve just like blend options. This would be immensely helpful for creating digital negatives for alternative processe (e.g. platinum printing) Nigel
  3. Subclavius

    AP redraw issue

    Hi Chris B Thanks for the update. I shall bear it mind when editing. Nigel
  4. Subclavius

    AP redraw issue

    File has now been uploaded ... fingers crossed (that you can reproduce the fault) Nigel
  5. Subclavius

    AP redraw issue

    Affinity Photo 10 64 bit Am having problems with AF redraw after simple changes e.g. adjusting a curve (consistent with certain files) or making a layer invisible and then visible (intermittent, again only with certain files). I have attached 2 pics - the first shows the setup before and the second shows what happens when the curve in question is adjusted. The only (simple) way to get back to a picture again is to click on the visibility icon of the composite channel to force a redraw. With the selected file (and another that I have) the fault is reproducible but it doesn't occur for all files. The only consistency I can find with files that cause the fault is that they are large 16bit greyscale file with 2 groups. I haven't got this to happen - so far - with only 1 group. I don't know if this is the same fault as thread 78221 (strange redraw issues). Any help would be appreciated. I can upload the file if required. Nigel [Edited to correct title]
  6. Hi BillCrum, You should check out the latest beta release (currently to see if you can reproduce your problem - I know that you've said it's a different problem but the beta release contains the latest updates. I can now load large files of 16bits greyscale correctly and the loading is a lot faster now. Nigel
  7. Hello Gabe, Thank you for the reply. I had already looked at the video tutorial but didn't find it really helpful in the context of this query. Your reply did however enable me to work out how to get a black and white image though. It seems that the 'meaning' of the axes changes from RGB to LAB. In RGB mode the vertical axis is dark to light whereas in LAB mode the vertical axis is blue to yellow or green to magenta. Thus in LAB mode the neutral point of the axis is not at the bottom (as in RGB mode) but half way up. If both the AOpponent and BOpponent curves are set to horizontal lines half way up (removing all colour information) the result is indeed a black and white image representing only Luminance. Clearly when both curves are set to horizontal lines at the bottom of the graph the resultant colour is thus blue+green -> cyan I would find it very helpful if the vertical axis could be coloured with a graded line from blue to yellow or green to magenta. Similarly on the RGB a graded line from dark to light would help. It's only a small wish in a great sea though! Thank you, Nigel
  8. Affinity Photo 10 64 bit This looks on the face of it like a bug but am not sure. A photo (pixel base layer) and a single curves adjustment in LAB mode working in 16 bit - if the AOpponent and BOpponent curves are set down to nothing i.e. desaturating the image, AF should according to me, produce a black and white image representing only the luminance. However I get a monotone image in some shade of blue. It doesn't matter whether the document format is RGB or LAB, I get the same result. Incidentally the behaviour is exactly the same in beta release Is this a bug? Any advice about what is going on would be appreciated. Nigel
  9. I was thinking earlier of just the absolute basics but of course a fully featured SmartCurves would be fantastic. This is partially referenced in thread 76455: where the ability to save and load presets is requested. That would be so handy for alternative processes ...
  10. Hello, I would also like to see this feature implemented for precisely the reasons that mrenters described in the initial post. In the Blend Options panel of a layer it's possible to put in a large number of points and specify the input/output values for each one. It doesn't seem, on the face of it, to be be very difficult to implement this idea for the curves adjustment as well. Please, someone in the know at Serif, would you consider implementing this or putting on the roadmap? Nigel
  11. Hi Sean, Thanks for the update. Have uploaded the file to the dropbox Nigel
  12. Subclavius

    Document resize changes zoom on all open documents

    Hi Sean, Thank you. I look forward to the implementation. I regard this thread as closed. Nigel
  13. I have tested a small .tif file which loads into the develop persona (see pic). It is a scan of a USAF target at low res. The software used to create it is SilverFast Ai Studio 8.8. In fact all scans from this software load into the Develop persona. I have opened them with both Lightroom and other software e.g. GIMP and a proprietary TIFF editor and all open correctly without hint of a problem. I have also attached the .tif file in the hope that someone knowledgeable at Serif (or anyone else out there) can shed some light on the matter. Thank you once again for your help Walt. Nigel USAF 0.7mm 600ppi.tif
  14. Thank you Walt for that nugget. I didn't know that. The smaller file (from a lower res scan) is also a .tif file and this also opens in the Develop persona. For what it's worth I changed the file extension to .tiff but that makes no difference. I imagine you're right that AP thinks it's a RAW file and I guess that there's a size limit for RAW files which is being hit. Nigel