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  1. That is EXACTLY what I need. Thank you, Old Bruce and also carl123 (though I want to preserve the aspect ratio). Joy!!!
  2. The basic nature of macros is a dealbreaker. Without automated actions, a lot of people won't move from PS without major headaches and disruption to workflow. I need to resize batches of photos for the web by making them all 800 pixels wide, but they have different heights and I don't want to adjust this. Macros don't let you do this, PS does. Like PS lets you crop any file to 800 pixels wide and AP doesn't. It makes me so sad because I hate Adobe!
  3. hungrydog

    Can't delete Macro

    Oh that's how you do this! Definitely a bug, as the same happened for me.
  4. Control-click does not bring up a menu on my macbook pro for the macros in a folder I created (it just runs them). So I can't delete them.
  5. hungrydog


    Please do! This is the thing that is stopping me from leaving Photoshop. I use my own recorded actions to batch process my cartoons to be exported as tiffs, then jpegs, then pngs and to have to do this individually would mean a massive loss of productivity. I need to be able to have the "export" feature in my macros. Thank you in advance (and hope).