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  1. I just tried that, indeed it changes the dpi depending on the actual page size (when clicking on it), you are correct. Thank you.
  2. In my own words, if you copy something, copy it to make it better, not a cheaper version. Makes sense? Let me say it again, for you to understand (i'm worried that you often skip the essential): If you come up with your new original, never seen before idea, then you can say "well, is new, is a bit rough, we'll see how it catches and we will adjust it". But when someone else came with an idea and you just copy it, then make sure your copy brings something considerably better, improve it.
  3. This post is not meant to be a criticism, but a suggestion. I would have not spent my time drawing and taking screenshots if I just wanted to rant about something what bothers me. I did observe the interface can be easily improved and I offered my suggestion as designer, exactly because new features tend to have some rough edges. And as a user I'm always happy to provide my feedback. For pct.1: I'm on Windows (still Win7). Tried on all three software. Behavior is similar: the preset DPI will not change when switching between different presets. This is a standard feature, designing for certain applications requires different DPI, so it should come into the help of the user by suggesting the most common dpi value for the need (300 dpi for print, 72 or 96 for various screens, etc). Please check the attached video (was made for AD, but the other two are the same). AD New Doc.webm For pct.2: I understand the reasoning, but "the needs of the many vs the needs of the few"... most templates come with fewer characters, where a bigger font will be just fine. The longer titles, as 'Social media square post' can be written on two lines. No sane UX designer would sacrifice the user experience for a 4 words title. In my view, is way more important that the user has a comfortable experience overall, by easily choosing a page size without having to think too much, compared to the fact that one or two templates may have to suffer in some way. There are always solutions, what matters is the intended result: do we want to make it better for the users, or we stick with some nonsense pattern because we are attached towards it?
  4. I'm really pleased with all the new features and improvements in the new version of Affinity Software. Great work, thank you! One major change I noticed to be the New Document interface, which tries to copy the Adobe style. Getting in trend isn't a bad thing. However, copying for the sake of it I believe it is a very bad thing. In my experience so far, I learned that every feature must have a very clearly defined functional purpose, and not to be there only because it looks cool, or because "other did it too". This being said, the following are a series of suggestions which I believe would help improving the New Document interface for all your products. I hope they will be considered and if deemed worthy, implemented (an image is worth 1000 words, so I made an image for you):
  5. Hi, I'm getting confused about how and when to use groups vs layers in AD. The question has been already discussed (previous discussion about groups and layers) but the answer seems to be unsatisfactory as it's full of personal opinions and the only video that seems to answer the question is not available anymore. So, if there is any solid, official answer to the question: what is the difference between LAYERS and GROUPS in Affinity Designer?, please post it here, so people like me, looking for it, will find it in the future. Thank you.
  6. Thanks! I wasn't aware of this hidden feature and funny thing, never thought to try :)). Much appreciated!
  7. Hi, not sure what is your workflow, but until AF Designer has Trace Bitmap implemented, you still can benefit of this feature for free: Inkscape is free, open source vector drawing software with a rather decent and powerful Bitmap Tracing functionality.
  8. One of the most needed features in resizing the canvas is percentage! We have percentage in Guides Manager, but we don't have it when resizing things. How much is 50% from 3255? Yeah, I need a moment to figure it out too... but if we would have an option to choose percent along with mm, pixels, points and other units, that task would be performed by the computer (this is why we invented computers, i believe). So, if there isn't too much trouble and the Affinity Development team is listening, it would be awesome if the next release has this feature. Best wishes!
  9. Hi, I switched to Affinity for about one year already, because my university won't offer free educational license for Adobe software, and it was really obvious that one time payment will do for all my needs for long time and not have to deal with Adobe's business model. The only issue now is that the computer at the university are all running Adobe software, so I can only work at home, which at times can really complicate things. So, I was wondering if there would be a way to carry my Affinity software on a USB stick and run it on a machine at university, without requiring installation. Thanks.
  10. The absence of bitmap tracing feature is a big minus for Designer... definitely reducing its appeal among professionals. Even Inkscape (free/open source) has a decent bitmap tracing engine. Hopefully Designer will have soon too.
  11. One of the most successful 3D Mesh Modellers was SketchUp. The initial developers (@Last was their name) came with the most intuitive and simple way so far to work in the 3D space. Unfortunately, since Trimble acquired SketchUp, things started to go south and the company is more focused in money making at all costs (and by this I mean sucking the blood out of the people which have little choice but to stay with Sketchup for one reason or another) and did too little to improve the software and the experience. The new version (SketchUp 2019 just moved towards web-based and yearly subscription...and users aren't happy about it. On the other hand, there is another company which thought there would be a bit of a market to compete with SketchUp (Bricsys - https://www.bricsys.com/en-intl/), they are offering the free software Brics CAD Shape (https://www.bricsys.com/en-intl/shape/). The similarities with SketchUp are obvious, but the downside of this one is they won't allow expansion by using plugins. SketchUp's real power came from plugins developed by the community members. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea for Affinity to consider an alternative for SketchUp, following the same principles: take what is good and make it better, but at a decent price. And focused on users, because users will reward you for that. Wishing you best!
  12. Please read the first post in this topic and you will understand when it does it. And why... I experienced the joy of losing work 3 times before I decided to ask here about what's going on.
  13. I was referring specifically to the situation when Affinity can't save (due to remote disk communication issue) and it closes the document on purpose (that's not a crash, is a deliberate command). So, before closing the document, Affinity could simply make a recovery file with everything that hasn't been saved yet and then close. I really can't see what is the issue here. But instead, as it is now, AF Photo will forcibly close the document and any unsaved edits are gone... sad, very sad.
  14. I didn't get any notification for update and when trying to download it, the file received is still 206. Could you please provide a download link? Thank you. @fde101 nvm, I found a link on the forum. Thanks for letting me know about the new version!
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