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  1. Hi When I create a mask it always places the mask above the currently selected layer and then I have to drag it down into the layer below, how do I create a mask so that it's created within the current selected layer? Thanks
  2. Hi. Using a calibrated iMac, has anyone experienced crushed blacks in deep shadows? I've attached a screenshot showing the same file in AP and Capture One. If you look carefully it's possible to see that AP is crushing the blacks, whereas there is still detail visible in Capture One. (I get the same difference with Photoshop). Many years ago I used to see this problem with Aperture, it never played well with V4 colour profiles however this is not the issue here. Does anyone know whats causing this? Thanks
  3. Glad I've just found this thread. I'm having the same problem. It does seem the context menu is only accessible on a small portion of the button near the trash icon.
  4. I am seeing this problem too! I have tweaked the brush settings to get it as good as possible but it's still not as smooth as photoshop. I have noticed that the 8 bit photoshop brush is not smooth but has a random granular texture, you will need to zoom in around 1000% to see the difference. Hope there is a fix asap!
  5. So after much testing, wasted paper and Ink, I have finally found the answer!! I recreated the paper profile to an ICC version 2 (instead of the default 4) using Xrite Colormunki. It turns out Colorsync has a problem with V4 ICC printer profiles (at least in my case) and will crush shadow/black areas. I remember having this problem many years ago trying to print from Apple's Aperture but would have thought it had been resolved by now. The reason it doesn't manifest itself with Photoshop is Adobe takes overs the CMS and bypasses Colorsync and Adobe's conversion engine is fine with V4 ICCs. Its a very subtle difference but its definitely noticeable in the shadows, if you have a V4 ICC and want to test for yourself I would recommend printing an Evaluation Print through 'Photoshop Managed' and then through 'Printer Managed' and use Colorsync to choose the correct printer profile. Thanks for everyones replies. Now need to go and by some more ink and paper :-(
  6. Hi Walt yes they look fine with ‘soft proof’ layer, exactly the same as they do in Photoshop. The only difference is when printing through Photoshop I’m using colour ‘managed by Photoshop’ where as in AP it has to print via the system.
  7. Hi I am unable to get prints from Photo as good or accurate as I can from Photoshop. The problem I am having is not so much colour but density, the AP prints are much darker in the shadows with dark detail blocking up whereas the Photoshop prints are pretty much perfect with subtle shadow detail printed as I’m seeing on screen. Both monitor & printer are calibrated with custom profiles and rendering intent is the same when printing from both applications. Has anybody else seen this difference and can offer any solutions?? I’m using Mac High Sierra printing to an Epson 7600 thanks
  8. Those are exactly the settings I am referring to, however the settings in AP preference are not the same thing though.
  9. Thanks but this doesn’t get to the heart of the problem which is the inability to choose the rendering Intent during conversion to the print profile. It seems to be a unique feature of photoshop as I have not seen it in any other software (Apart from Capture One) if there was a way to edit the profile to change the default rendering then I could at least make 2 versions (relative and perceptual) and choose the appropriate profile when printing. If anyone knows how to do this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Hi v_kyr Unfortunately the rendering intent in preferences has no effect on printing. I am finding that the profile is defaulting to a perceptual rendering and there does not seem to be a way of choosing a different intent in the driver.
  11. Hi How/where do you choose the rendering intent when printing. Mac OS. Thanks
  12. Hi Just tried to make a shortcut to hide Pixel Selection so that its the same behaviour as Photoshop ie. CMD+H. Which means I needed to change the original hide application shortcut to CONTROL+CMD+H (same as photoshop). However this shows a warning triangle in the box with the shortcuts but there is no way of seeing where the conflict is. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Hi Is there a way to adjust the Flow for a brush using the numbers on the keyboard instead of adjusting the Opacity. Thanks
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