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  1. Still a known issue. For now, we must deal with these small imperfections. Cheers
  2. Are you viewing at 5 x 5 on this app? CMYK is a color profile that you can set your document to (instead of RGB), most printers require CMYK in order to get the colors to turn out as close to what your screen as possible. I’ve done business cards and never had any issues with blurriness once I scaled down the image while viewing it, to the same size I intended it for. If you’re viewing it zoomed in, in any way, it’s going to lose quality. Also make sure your DPI is set to 300 for printed materials, 72 for online media.
  3. I wonder an iPad emulator exists that you could set up an iCloud account on a purchase through there?
  4. I’m not sure if this is the answer for your issue, but in the past I thought I was experiencing a similar issue, but the problem was since I was exporting such a small image, and trying to view it on iPads previewed, it was full screen and thus looked blurry. Try looking at it at 100% true to the image size that you made. To work around this now I always make my canvas bigger than I need for working, and then resize my finished piece copied over in a new document, set for CMYK, 300dpi, proper dimensions.
  5. I see, thank you for taking the time to answer my question! Cheers :)
  6. Select the line that you want, open the stroke panel, and start playing with the graph-like thing. It can change the thickness of the line, you can add nodes and change what the beginning of your stroke looks like.. Hope this helps somehow
  7. I’m sorry to hear this is your experience but affinity designer is a smooth and intuitive vector design app for me, it’s designed really well for the iPad/pencil for a one-time purchase you really can’t find a better option. They haven’t got the budget or control over the industry like Adobe but only a select few can and want to pay those premium subscriptions.
  8. Hi all, just curious how many of you folks create designs on affinity designer and send them off to be printed? Have you ever run into issues with the printers not being able to open the files because they need the vector file and they use Adobe software? Do you usually just export as a PDF and that’s what works well normally? So far I’ve been using the program to create logos and some people have wanted the vector files and I’ve tried opening on Illustrator and things just get wonky. I tried exporting to EPS and SVG and anything in the FX Panel or basically beyond just strokes and fills does not translate well. I love using affinity designer as a creative tool and soon I’ll be getting some of my designs printed on t-shirts and one design on some leather labels for a hat and am looking for advice on how to prepare the files best for the printing companies. Any and all tips and advice is welcome. I do have a basic understanding of printing at 300dpi and in CMYK color format. Thank you for your time. Cheers
  9. Oops, guess I didn’t understand how to use the slider 🤦. Thanks guys, now if only they’d extend this to the dark grey UI for the layers and fx panel etc .!
  10. I agree with you, my workaround this is to use the eye dropper tool to select the color, which hopefully is somewhere in the image already. Or
  11. Oops. Maybe I didn’t read it carefully enough. Cheers!
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