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  1. I see several posts about this his topic, I’d love this feature as well!
  2. Posted the same request, that would be a great feature!
  3. I was also wondering why they removed it, it was useful to have a preview. However I can understand the performance issue.
  4. The possibility to export to high quality HEIF should be added to the iPad version! Currently I export to high quality 4000x3000 jpgs to Photos and the image is in the range of 10Mb, while with HEIF it would be higher quality and half that size. Are there any plans to add it? Pixelmator can export HEIF but I don’t want to add an extra step in the workflow!
  5. Thank you, it seems solved with restart! It’s strange because no other app seemed affected and it never happened to me before with Designer either. thank you!
  6. Yes I did the same... the touchscreen works properly with any other app, only affinity designer is unresponsive in those spots. It wasn’t happening with the older version I believe.
  7. Hi, I have Affinity 1.9.7 running on iPad Pro 9.7” and the top left menus (arrow back, document and ...) are very unresponsive to touch. I have to press many times to be able to open them. Is this known? Any solution? thank you
  8. This bug is killing me as well! Guidelines and margins move in unpredictable ways around the art boards, they can be neither moved nor deleted! You can see in the attachment, those are margins and guides for the art board called “Interno” but they go all around the screen and other art boards. Any expected date to solve it?
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