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  1. Well that’s not gonna happen because some developer thought it was a bright idea to auto save to an internal sandbox. It’s 2021 - apps auto save in user accessible locations. I shouldn’t have to perform manual backups every 5 minutes.
  2. Hate to bring up an old issue... but I've run into this issue as well... basically AD crashed and all my work for that project is gone. I do have iCloud Backup enabled, but have no clue on how to actually restore a backup of Affinity Designer data. This internal storage with lack of external automatic save seems like a piss poor solution.
  3. I had been working on a project in Designer for a few hours. I placed an SVG image that I had exported from Adobe Capture so I could modify it for my use. After importing, I solo'd the placed image, then selected some of the layers and grouped. I duplicated the group, then selected the objects on the duplicated layer, and then an ADD operation. After the ADD operation completed, I went to select the other layer. Designer froze for approximately 30 seconds and then crashed. When I reopened AD, I navigated to the project, and AD says "Loading Failed, Unable to load document". Is there a
  4. When trying to set margin guides on an Art board, the settings just revert to 0 and no margin is displayed.
  5. So run into this problem where the head and tail offsets for a brush don’t seem to work for closed shapes (broken since 2017 btw). Outside of converting to curves and breaking the line, which creates other issues, the only way I see to fix this is to modify the brush texture image so there are no gaps on the ends and making the endpoints so they can be tiled. The question is, how do I export a textured brush’s source image (like from the default brushes) so that I can modify the the texture so there’s no gaps - since it seems that in 3 years Serif hasn’t bothered to fix this.
  6. @MEB Is there any plans to actually fix this bug? This is like 4 years old and no real solution!
  7. I have a scanned image that I’m trying to edit that I’ll eventually export for cutting on a Cricut. Trying to figure out if Photo (or Design) on iPad has the ability to scale/resize a layer or object based upon a reference object? eg: I’ve got a photo of ruler that I imported, I now want to scale and deskew the photo so the objects in the image are actual size and proportionally correct. For scaling, I could create a 1” square and then try to scale the imported image to align with the 1” square, but this is complicated as there doesn’t seem to be a way to designate an arbit
  8. I’m doing this exact thing you’re doing. I’m not with my iPad at the moment but I’ve been using AD and AP with Cricut for a few months now and more or less figured out most of the kinks. For the most part, SVG with Cricut is very difficult to make work regardless of what tool you use. Mostly because SVG’s can contain a lot of features that are unsupported by Cricut. The main problem I’ve found with SVG and Cricut is that once imported, Cricut takes each shape and places it anywhere on the board to maximize material use. This might be fine for some things, but becomes hell if yo
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