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  1. That did the trick. Thank you so much Gabe! Do you have any idea how this might have happened so that I may avoid making the same mistake in the future or is this just one of those hiccups that can happen for a various of reasons? Thanks again, I appreciate the response.
  2. Affinity Photo has been working great up until now. I launched AP and it opens just fine but as soon as I try to open a file, new or recent, it immediately crashes. I've restarted my MacBook Pro: Didn't help. I reinstalled AP: Didn't work either. I attached a image of part of the crash report. Hopefully somebody can understand it as I don't. Thanks for any help. Additional information. The first thing I tried to do before the first crash was to open a jpeg. I went an unusual route. Affinity Photo was already open with no files opened. I first opened a file with Preview because I just wanted to quickly view it first. When you open a file with Preview there is a small jpeg icon beside the file name at the top of the window. I sometimes drag that icon into Affinity Photo if I decide I want to use it. When you drag the icon over top of AP you get a little green circle with a plus sign in the middle indicating AP should accept the file which has always worked for me in the past. This saves me the time of going to File>Open... and then re-searching for the image if I decide I want to use the photo I am previewing. I don't always go this route but occasionally I will. This has always worked without a problem before but when I tried it this time, Affinity Photo immediately crashed. I tried to open the same file going to AP File>Open>selected my image, but as soon as I click open, AP crashes immediately again. I tried going to File>Open Recent... and opening any previous file but they all cause AP to crash immediately. I even went to the file first, Right Clicked and chose Open With AP, it then crashed immediately. Nothing seems to work, any file I try to open crashes AP making it totally useless until somebody can save me. I hope this info helps. Thank you.