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  1. I created an account on this forum just to add my voice and agreement. PLEASE update the UI so it’s not a struggle to use the app. I really love Designer, but I also own Vectornator and may have to switch to it because I can actually see the interface, even on a 12.9” screen. More than anything, when researching if there was a way to increase the contrast of the icons to make them visible, I was absolutely dismayed to see that users have been posting about this issue for at least 3 years and yet nothing has been done. Designer users have been posting about how they are older and/or have reduced vision and really struggle to see the UI. This is an accessibility issue, not just a quality of life issue for users. That it’s been requested for at least 3 years now and not fixed makes me feel like Serif is not responsive to its users, and that’s a shame because it’s a great app in almost every other way. Serif: Please listen to your users who are struggling to use your app. We don’t just want this change, we NEED it This is not a convenience issue, it’s an actual issue that impacts the usability of your app from the beginning of a session to the end. I’m so disappointed that in several years of being aware of this issue, the dev team has consistently ignored it. As a customer and user, it feels like they just don’t care.
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