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  1. I use AF for 2D line drawings, nothing complicated and I don't use layers. I can't find the eraser tool. It's not in the toolbar or customise toolbar. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Sorry for my delayed response. I have attached a file of a work in progress drawing. Some of the drawing elements were imported into Assets from Drawplus 5. holme farm.afdesign
  3. I'm using AD for basic 2 D garden designs and it has been pretty good so far. Mostly using the pen tool, shapes tool and creating assets. The problem I'm having is clicking to select certain items to move or resize them. Some things will be selected, others not. I can drag to select but this is difficult with many small items close together. With the items that are not 'clickable' it is possible to drag and select them. I haven't been using layers but I can see every item is in layers automatically so I tried clicking Edit all layers which had no effect. The problem seems quite random and sometimes when I click on an object or line something else will be selected. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I've just upgraded from DP5 to AD and want to use it for basic 2D garden plans like I did with DP 5. I used to create design elements, trees and shrubs etc, then drag and drop them into the gallery to be used again in other drawings. Can this still be done in AD, and what's it called?

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