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  1. I have tried both metric 100x150mm and imperial 4x6" (approx 101x102mm) paper. The example uploaded was 100x150mm which is the photo paper I currently have in stock.
  2. I did some investigations, and in previous builds I have successfully printed the design on both 100x150mm and 4x6in paper by using the "Shrink to publication" option. (Previously in PagePlus I would use the "Shrink to Fit" option which meant I didn't actually need to change the size of the publication either. I have also tried two different designs in AP with one "Document Size" as 10x15cm/4x6in and another as the specific size 100x150mm. I have today downloaded the update of AP to 1.70.192 but the problems continue. Today I tried four different combinations of printing on 100x150mm paper Design size: 100x150mm Printer paper size setting: 10x15cm/4x6in (Shrink to publication) Design size: 100x150mm - Printer paper size setting: Custom 100x150mm* (Shrink to publication) Design size: 101x152mm - Printer paper size setting: 10x15cm/4x6in (Shrink to publication) Design size: 101x152mm - Printer paper size setting: Custom 100x150mm (Shrink to publication) The result of all of these is as shown in the first attached photo. Two previous builds of AP produced the correct results whether printing on metric or imperial paper. *Please note that my printer prints smaller paper sizes vertically so the screenshots show the paper as 150mm x 100mm. It is always the shorter left edge which is cut off.
  3. Hi Walt. On the last build of Affinity Publisher it worked perfectly when printed using the "Fit to Printable" option. I have tried all options this time and it is always off centre. Hi Chris_K Thanks for the suggestion. I did try changing the size of the document to 150x100mm but that made no difference. The extra 1mm and 2mm are the quoted page size when the paper size options are set to 10x15cm (4x6in.) I have tried both and neither work. I am using my usual Brother DCP-J41100W which will print single or double sided up to A4 on standard or photo papers, or up to A3 single sided copies on plain paper. It is a very versatile machine. I tried a similar design again in Serif PagePlus X8 and that printed correctly using the paper size set to 10x15cm and "Shrink to Fit" option. This has only happened with the latest update (and to be sure I even measured the paper I was using too!)
  4. I have just downloaded and installed version of Affinity Publisher for Windows Beta but have identified an issue with printing that didn't apply before. I set AP to print the document on 10x15cm photo paper as usual, with the paper size set to "Defined by driver", but every time I tried to print the page came out with the image off centre by about 1mm. No matter what changes I made to the design, including changing the original paper size, reducing the print output by a percentage and adjusting different print settings, the only way to resolve the problem was to manually move the design over to one side. This hasn't happened with previous builds
  5. Thanks that's a great option for quickly viewing the whole document, but I liked the simplicity of being able to quickly hide or reveal the side panels I didn't require while working. Floating panels can be a faff sometimes.
  6. That's great thanks! I see the Alignment function has been enhanced in the latest update. I appreciate that double-clicking on panel labels and un-docking tools is a way to increase the visible workspace, but I loved the feature of a simple click to temporarily draw the tools on both sides in and out easily and quickly maintaining their layout was simpler and nicer.
  7. I am really enjoying using Affinity Publisher Beta, it is just as easy and intuitive to use as the old PagePlus series from Serif. However there are a couple of features that are currently missing that I used frequently before. Alignment Buttons For many years I have been used to quickly clicking an "Alignment" button in the Character/Paragraph format toolbar which quickly centred, aligned objects (including text) to left edge, right edge, or vertical centre, top, or bottom of guides or margins. Currently it is possible to align things using the justification tools but there are not as many options. Reduced Workspace I find the work space / desktop area in Affinity Publisher Beta very restrictive with all tools permanently open. PagePlus allowed the panels of tools to be shown or hidden with a single click with panels sliding in and out from left or right. I haven't found this available in Affinity Publisher via the "View" options either.