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  1. If using Windows 10 have you used the built in Microsoft Print to PDF printer? Click FILE - Print - From the PRINT window, select Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer from the drop down list Select the range of pages you wish to print in the PAGES box. (This can be a single page, a collection of odd pages separated by commas, or a range such as 2-4.) Change properties if you wish Click OK (which will open File Explorer) Decide where you want to save the file Give the file a name Click SAVE I have been using this as a simple method of supplying all sorts of different documents as PDF's to printers for years.
  2. @Kuttyjoe I'd rather not get into a debate about the Windows Vs Mac here but I just shared my experience regards keyboard differences. Windows is on thousands of different devices made by different manufacturers. That's it's downfall. I don't know which version of Windows 10 you were/are using but since approximately 2017 with Pro versions you can defer updates until at least a year ahead. With the 20-04 version currently rolling out, as more and more is moved from legacy Control Panel to the Settings app, a lot more can be turned off, and you can even uninstall out of the box apps like Mail if you dislike them. I am new to Mac. I hate it if I am honest. My first machine had a failure, it took 7 hours to sort out and the reinstall took me all the way back to OS Lion! In nearly 30 years of using Windows I have only had 3 devices I couldn't repair and only one ran Windows10. It's great Affinity is available on Windows, macOS and ipadOS. For anyone interested, Microsoft Edge is now available on Windows 7*/8/8.1/10, macOS, OSX, iOS and Android, plus insider versions are available on Linux and ARM. *Windows 7 Support for Edge ends next year. It's lacking about 122 Google services running in the background compared to Chrome. Connecting to Microsoft (and probably Google later) is optional and it has great Security and Privacy choices.
  3. Yes, thanks. I do understand the logic. For many people, CTRL Z, and other keyboard shortcuts are quicker and easier, but personally I have realised that I am much more productive using mouse and keyboard (or fingers / pen on a touch screen if I was using Affinity products on a tablet.) My condition means nothing I do in life is ever automatic or instinctive. I can teach myself to do anything and to do it well, but it takes me a lot longer to do that than most. Dyspraxia is a little like Dyslexia in the way that brain signals are confused, but rather than affecting speech and language as is the case with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia affects motor control and movement. (The resulting frustrations are similar in both conditions.) I created this post (I now realise in the wrong section of the forum, for which I apologise,) because after several months of using Affinity Publisher regularly to create some beautiful documents that my clients appreciate, I was (personally) continually getting frustrated when I wanted to quickly undo/redo a couple of things and there appeared to be a button missing. Others may find it easy to adapt but for me to use the keyboard is a whole load more thought processes to add in the middle of a design task... Leaving the work on screen, looking down to the keyboard to ensure I press the correct keys (and actually coordinating my fingers to do so)... Meanwhile the pointer has moved on screen... I hope that explains how, for me, a couple of swipes and clicks of the mouse in a relatively small area on screen is a whole lot less complicated than using keyboard shortcuts. For me one of the strengths of using Windows 10 compared with macOS is how Intuitive and simple it is. Pressing the single PRT SCRN button or ALT+PRT SCRN or using the new Snipping Tool for screenshots is a whole lot simpler for me than remembering and coordinating multiple finger-ballet positions combining SHIFT ALT CTRL OPTION and numbers.on my MacBook.. it reminds me of trying to operate a ZX Spectrum back in 1983! I sometimes use CTRL-C or CTRL-V to copy and paste on Windows, or the OPTION variant on a Mac.. but it's so nice to have an on-screen choice and right-click if I prefer. (I know I could set up right+click on my Mac.) I hope this helps Affinity be as flexible and inclusive as Windows 10 is, with great design... As was the case with all Serif's legacy products. Thanks to all that responded for listening.
  4. Yes - but only using Affinity Publisher on my PC I hadn't noticed the mistake. The blue highlight was just a blue highlight - it didn't identify 'Designer' to me at first glance. I am human - I made a little error - so I am suggesting something that may help others not make similar mistakes in future I attach a small mock-up example quickly made in Publisher. A badge for the top of each page, or something similar (obviously smaller and better rendered.) Interesting conversation - Thanks.
  5. Don't think I saw that page when I sent my original post. Maybe the forum pages should feature the relevant product icon or colours? Perhaps I would have noticed sooner 😀 (Apologies for the bad screen photo snapped on my phone)
  6. Oops. Thanks for pointing this out. Human Error I haven't bought Designer yet. I'd hope Photo, Designer and Publisher all have undo/redo buttons. I am a visual person. Why are there no coloured icons identifying which app the forum refers to as well as the blue flash? I did tag my post as Publisher.
  7. Thanks @Kuttyjoe That is a really good idea and perhaps something I will try with DrawPlus, thank you. I have been a Serif fan for years - having started with PagePlus 3.0 I still frequently use PagePlus X8, and WebPlus X8 (despite continuously attempting to find a replacement, nothing touches it), and also have DrawPlus X8 and even PhotoPlus X7 installed (although I rarely use that as most of what I require is incorporated into the Windows 10 Photos App now.) I joined the Beta Programme for Affinity Publisher, and I am a Windows 10 and Edge Insider for MIcrosoft. It is disappointing that something so simple as an Undo/Redo button has been omitted from the design. Using the History Panel takes time compared to one or two clicks back and forth. As Affinity products get more exposure across Windows and Apple spheres I hope their simplicity of use doesn't get lost.
  8. Thanks. I scrolled through 20 pages of the forum before making my new post. Choice is good!
  9. Thanks. I should have said I am aware of the History tab. I am finding using the Studio tabs a bit cumbersome at the moment. The slider is a great addition but often I simply want to very quickly flick through a couple of revisions. A mouse click on a button at the top of the screen seems more intuitive to me. I use the studio for more detailed adjustments.
  10. I am loving using Publisher for creating newsletters and training documents for my elderly clients that are still enjoying their technology. I am Dyspraxic with poor coordination - I like to use a Mouse and Keyboard for most of my navigational tasks and a little freestyle drawing now and again, but I find it so cumbersome having to leave the mouse to go to the keyboard and press CTRL-Z to undo the last step(s), or click EDIT and so on. A few clicks of the mouse back and forth (to undo or redo) would be a real bonus for me - Thank you. Perhaps this should apply to other products in the Affinity Family too, if it doesn't already?
  11. Glad it's not a bug 🐛 I could with new documents, but that's quite a lot of work to do across many different current ones. Thanks again - I will check the feature requests. I am using Designer a little more often now I am working from home instead of out on the road. It's still awesome 😀
  12. @walt.farrell Understood. I just liked the ability to store a template document and keep text immediately below a page to quickly edit and drag into a design, almost already in position (such as a line of text that includes an update or Copyright notice for example,) that includes a few words that require editing regularly, without having to store the item as an asset that had to be resized or moved. Thanks for responding. - Graham
  13. @walt.farrell Thanks, but this didn't happen in PagePlus or other former Serif products, so I thought I would point it out, and I would prefer it not to happen.
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