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  1. Hi, I'm not sure if it's a bug in Affinity Photo or some problem with brushes. If I make a new document in LAB/16 then more sophisticated brushes (for example Paolo's DAUB PaintBox sets) get cyan overcast that is visible in a studio toolbox and on a canvas. See the attached picture. I'm using iPad Pro 11", 13.3.
  2. The triple circle appears when your brush size is larger than canvas.
  3. @CH Trippe When you click icon to open a program, hit Ctrl / Command button. It should pop up a window where you can reset application settings to default. I hope it helps.
  4. Your comment is useless Walt. It's a bug. It doesn't matter if I have a document open or not. It shows M before month which shouldn't be there.
  5. Hello, I'd like to report a minor bug (APub View > Studio > Fields General Information > Date & Time Tripple dot menu shows letter M before month number (M11 instead of 11 in the example) and same when the list gets expanded.
  6. I don't know where they go and if simple copy+paste will work. I have about 60 LUTs in my presets and first time after opening Photo they will need around 30-40 seconds to actually load all, so maybe they need to be “built” somehow each time you open Photo. There's no visual indication that Photo is working on them except LUTs panel is empty for that time, but it will work smoothly later on all files open until you close and open program again.
  7. Unfortunately LUTs can be imported only one by one and there's no live preview function. What you can do, is to sit one afternoon and create presets of all your favourite LUTs so they will be visible as previews in the LUTs panel (see attached image). Alternatively, if you are on Windows, you can use Bulk LUTs Previewer. It works OK, but may take some time to generate multiple previews. I use LUTS from IWLTBAP and they have own online previewer and small stand alone program, but it can't import third party LUTS.
  8. “Outer shadow” and “drop shadow” are the same thing. Just adjust the distance and spreading.
  9. You can also search affinity.help – it's good for a quick reference without going into help section in apps. I keep a bookmark on my phone.
  10. Are you planning to publish new books in future for example with a major update 2.0? If so, will it be possible to have them sold in digital format?
  11. I agree with gafvert; the numbering options are very confusing and it takes a while to get expected results.
  12. Why have you installed Noto for all possible scripts? It slows down starting not only Affinity software, but all other programs that load fonts on start (i.e. Word etc). Do you really need Avestan, Imperial Aramaic and Glagolitic? Uninstalling most of fonts that you will never use may help to clean the list. Personally I would install specific fonts only when I need them.
  13. The temporary solution is to create a file with document palette on desktop, save the file and open it on iPad.
  14. They are a bit weird, especially that “white” on the end that is not white.
  15. Because you compare AF with LR, I think you may be opening RAW files with jpeg previews in LR. If you shot RAW+jpeg and files have same name LR will be showing jpeg preview of RAW file. I don't use LR for very long time and can't remember where to change settings, but that's how it used to work on desktop version of LR.
  16. Can we please bring back the white version as it is on ipad? Remember, some users may have some spectrum of colourblindness and two blue colours won’t be helpful. People don’t see colours the same way. I hate that I must think cow few seconds to distinguish which blue is which.
  17. I have "Master A" and "Master B". I duplicate "Master A" and a new master page gets name "Master B", but there is already "Master B". It should be called "Master C" or "Master A-1", otherwise I have two master pages with the same name and it’s not a duplicated one. It may get confusing when masters looks similar, because it will look like I duplicated "Master B" not "Master A".
  18. Hi, I attach HKS-K and HKS-N palettes exported from Adobe. They are only basic colours with 100 screen stage / brightening and 00 black overprinting All colours are named in HKS convention, i.e. HKS 57 K-100-00. Once imported you can mark them as spot colours. If you wish to use HKS colours with other brightening and black overprinting, you would need to use HKS 3000+ software to export them into Adobe Illustrator and then export them from there. I hope some day we will have all 3000+ colours available in Affinity software. HKS-N.ase HKS-K.ase
  19. It's the issue with OS or the browser you're using that can't generate UTF glyph ←. It seems to be encoded correctly.
  20. I’ve got overwhelmed with addons gathered from the forum and few other places to the stage I couldn't decide which brush to use or couldn't find the one I wanted. Now I keep only my favourite brushes (still a lot), but I changed names for brush sets for more descriptive and exported them to the cloud, so when I import them they will have same and more meaningful names. Nice but not always needed brushes I keep in folders with samples as PDFs. I've also printed samples of the favourite ones. I install raster brushes in Designer on the go when I work on some project, but tend to switch to Photo for that. I don't install assets and macros until I need them (I usually create my own on the go). I keep assets in the cloud in folders with with screenshots. I'd love to have an option to search brushes by name or being able to add own keywords.
  21. It would be nice to have a digital version of workbooks, i.e. on Kindle.
  22. Procreate doesn't support CMYK, so it doesn't work great when you want your artworks printed.
  23. + 1 for marking layers as non-printable. I use it all the time at work, i.e. to mark print-finishing features when sending files to printers (perforations, punch cuts etc.)
  24. I'd love to see a built-in LUT preview in Photo. Uploading one by one to create presets doesn't work with few hundred LUTs. At the moment I'm using Bulk LUTs Previewer - a little free program where you just add a photo, add folder with your LUTs, and generate previews for that photo. It supports .cube and .3dl formats.
  25. When users talk about DAM they usually think more about Bridge than Lightroom. DAM is useful to catalogue, sort and file all assets not only photos. As a designer and printer I work professionally with thousands if not millions of files in different formats, including graphic files, pdfs, photos and so on. DAM (Digital Assets Manager) is required to manage all these assets: tag them, group them, change metadata in files etc. You may be using Affinity Photo to edit personal photos, but from professional point of view, when using all three Affinity programs, exporting files to different formats, amending old designs for customers etc. DAM is very important.
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