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  1. I like the idea of Affinity Wiki. +1 here.
  2. Some people use only one of applications and then having a group wouldn't make sense. You can always group apps in start menu yourself.
  3. Przemysław

    Image "Bin"

    Going back to original question in this thread, you can place multiple images and they will be shown in separate Place Images panel. Here's the video: https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286538332
  4. If you mean imposition, then why would you need it? Documents (print-ready PDFs with crop marks and bleed) are imposed by printers using printing software.
  5. +1 from me. I create interactive presentations as PDFs sometimes. Although data merge would be on top of my feature requests.
  6. Przemysław

    Affinity Designer for Windows - 1.7.0

    Thank you!
  7. Przemysław

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Thank you!
  8. First of all, you can't have 3 equal sections / panels because it won't fold - the flap that folds in must be 1mm shorter. The best way is to set-up landscape A4 and use guide lines to create 98mm + 99mm +100mm and 100mm + 99mm + 98mm. At least that's what I do and it's been accepted by all printers. I attach the sample file. DL-trifold.afpub
  9. Hi, I searched the forum, but couldn’t find if someone already mentioned a small problem here. I have few one-page spreads originally set as A4. When I resized some of them to A5 or A3, there’s no visual change or indication on the preview panel - it would be useful if pages in preview had different sizes or some other information about their dimensions.
  10. Przemysław

    HKS colour systems

    Hello my Friends, I hope that HKS will be included in future in Affinity software alongside Pantone. For time being, I've prepared CMYK versions of HKS colour systems for coated (K) and uncoated (N) papers (download attached *.afpalette files). HKS 98 & HKS 99 are gold and silver (same in both). Why? Lots of printers in Europe are using HKS, i.e. Saxoprint and others. :*) HKS N.afpalette HKS K.afpalette Post Scriptum Official Website: https://www.hks-farben.de On Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HKS_(colour_system)
  11. Przemysław

    Support for HKS colours

    Here are updated palettes as CMYK (based on original colour tables I have received from HKS). HKS N.afpalette HKS K.afpalette
  12. I would love to see Affinity products supporting HKS colour systems for printing on coated and uncoated papers, same way as Pantone colours are built-in into applications. The systems are used by many printers, naming just few in UK: Saxo Print, Mixam, FlyerAlarm and many others around Europe. I use HKS at work, but must translate colours into CMYK. It would be really helpful to support these colour schemes (HKS-K, HKS-N). HKS has an app that allows to add HKS-K (coated) and HKS-N (uncoated) to Adobe applications automatically. If not built-in schemes, than maybe this would be a good approach? HKS is also cheaper than Pantone for designers (colour fans and colour tables) and for printers. HKS also include gold and silver inks.
  13. Przemysław

    HKS colour systems

    Here are updated pallets based on colour tables I have received from HKS. I don't seem to be able to edit the original post anymore, so please use these files. HKS K.afpalette HKS N.afpalette
  14. Przemysław

    Support for HKS colours

    I know, I'm pushing this request. I attached the palette, but it's not the same. CMYK will be printed in four colours without gold or silver, where using HKS would be printed with spot colours.
  15. Przemysław

    On the airplane

    I was bored during the flight to Madrid, so created some painting in APhoto using DAUB brushes made by Paolo. I was trying to get a similar effect on the sky as in some works of Joseph M.W. Turner's. I used CMYK translation of HKS-N colours and hope it will print nicely. I'm quite happy with it as I'm complete beginner in digital painting.
  16. Przemysław

    On the airplane

    Slightly updated version
  17. Przemysław

    Fluffy creature on a steppe

    I was testing brushes created by @paolo.limoncelli (blockers), @gagatka (bushes of love, fur & hair), and @Frankentoon. It ended up with a little fluffy ball on a steppe.
  18. Przemysław

    Affinity Preset LUT's Bundle?

    I use IWLTBAP and I'm very happy with them. I also like IWLTBAP Psychedelia pack that mimics infrared photography. Once purchased, you can get free updates (just go to your sellfy account and re-download).
  19. Just wanted to add that it happens on new smaller iPad Pro 2018 11" as well (using new iPencil).
  20. I solved the problem below. For some reason, changing CMYK 0,0,0,100 to 0,0,0,50 changed opacity in HSL to 50%. Once I put it back to 100% it works OK. I think it may be a bug as it does with every newly created document on iPad, but works OK on desktop. — original question: Hi, I've got a document made in Affinity Designer on iPad Pro 2018. The document is in CMYK. I started to create shapes on different layers using black, and when I make grey fill CMYK 0,0,0,50 it seems to be transparent 50%. When I use exactly same colour from the same palette in the same document on PC, then it's opaque. How can I knock-out colours on iPad so they behave as they do on PC? I must have some settings wrong on iPad, but can't find what. I attach: 1. screenshot of how right arm cover is semi-transparent on iPad and left is opaque 2. screenshot of my colour settings on iPad Your help will be much appreciated! mr_1.afdesign
  21. Hi, I’ve noticed that in Photo there’s Euroscale Coated v2, but there’s no Uncoated version of the colour profile. Designer doesn’t have any of them.
  22. Hi, I’ve noticed that in Photo there’s Euroscale Coated v2, but there’s no Uncoated version of the colour profile. Designer doesn’t have any of them.
  23. Hi, I have two HKS (K & N) colour systems as application palettes in A Photo on iPad. I can’ find the option to export them. If it’s not possible, what would be the easiest way to get them to desktop version? Can I transfer swatches from application palette to document palette in some easy way? I would open document on PC and then get the palletes. I hope, I don’t have to type in almost 170 colour values again. Thx.
  24. Przemysław

    Colour palette export

    That’s a pity. Thanks for the info.
  25. Przemysław

    CMYK colour palettes

    I've created several colour palettes for printing with CMYK values. I use them in my work. So far, most of colours reproduce quite well in CMYK printing. I haven't tested all of them, so there may be some dull outcomes. They may also look different when reproduced on other printers. My palettes are sorted in few groups: blacks, blues, greens, reds, violets and purples, yellows and oranges. Each colour is individually named with CMYK values. I have used colour cördinates provided on Wikipedia (i.e. Shades of green) and few other sources. To import palettes, go to: Swatches tab (or activate it in View -> Studio -> Swatches) -> click a little menu icon top right of the window -> Import Palette I hope you will find them useful. Enjoy! PilcrowPalettes.zip