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  1. I successfully login using my associated email account. It seems that there are two accounts, one username as username, another email address as username...
  2. Hi Serif, Previously I bought the apps and I have an Affinity account which used a "username" as login (without @xxx.com, literally a username). Now I purchased the new license again, the app asks me to link the app with my affinity account. But I found that I can no longer login with my username, it's no long valid?? seems not there's no option for a username login now, instead email address is used as "username". But I did have a username + password before. Does it mean I have to register myself again? Thanks!
  3. 😅 too bad, then I am hesitating whether or not to buy all apps again. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience!
  4. Hi forum members, I just want to know, if Affinity Publisher V2 makes the page arrangement more easily than in V1? refer to this old feature request: I watched the new features of AP V2 on youtube, did a quick search in this forum. True, some cool new features. But no one mentions the "pages". I don't work with other people, I don't need to combine several books/parts. I am a hobby user making books myself. Just wonder if now finally, the pages in Publisher can be moved freely without having to drag them up and down all the way? Then I'll definitely consider a purchase again!
  5. +1 from 2022, this feature is necessary when making a book instead of a poster or a booklet... I don't really miss Photoshop or Illustrator, but I do miss InDeisgn. It's so simple and functional.
  6. +1 visible objects are not necessarily equal to objects to be printed. Some lines/shapes are created to help with the design, or some draft text for comparison (font/space/size/ect)
  7. I tried the free app Rightfont, it works, now I only have 7 Noto families shown in the font list, instead of an endless scrolling... fine with that!
  8. A voice from 2022: Vertical text needed! I've bought all serif apps and am happy with Photo and Designer. As to Publisher, in the beginning I had a feeling that the workflow was not as intuitive as InDesign. Well, that might be the unfamiliarities, after all I had worked with InDesign for years, but Publisher was new. Until recently, I need to work with Chinese/Japanese characters in traditional style, it surprised me that Publisher doesn't support the vertical writing at all (though ok, sure, can be reached in a tedious way... ) Could you please put this feature on agenda? Thank you for the good work anyway.
  9. Thank you jmwellborn I'm also fine with High Sierra at the moment, so i'm going to stay with it. The only inconvenience is it doesn't work with my AirPods 2 at all. I tried to avoid put myself into a situation that after upgrading things do not work properly then I have to google a lot either to fix it or upgrade other apps accordingly or even to downgrade it. It happened once during my thesis writing, my pc windows automatically upgraded to windows 10... don't want to experience the stress anymore Thanks for sharing your point of view!
  10. Thank you, jmwellborn and carl123! I'm going to upgrade right now, can't wait to see the new version Hi jmwellborn, may I ask why you stay with Sierra? I just checked my MBP, it's High Sierra 10.13.6. I remember I was directly from Mavericks to High Sierra, otherwise it was very limited to work together with my iPhone and iPad... if I'm already with High Sierra, is it better to upgrade to Mohave? Thank you!
  11. Hello, Thanks for your advise in July. It has been three months, is now safe to upgrade to the latest version of the new Designer and Photo? Thank you in advance
  12. Many thanks! Ok, I'll keep an eye on the upcoming fix and eventually a stable version!
  13. Hello everyone, First straightforward to the question: I have bought both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, version to 1.6.1. I see there are update for both. Since both the icons are changed, I assume this is a big upgrade instead of general update. Usually I google a lot to see if the upgrade is stable. Currently I am busy with some deadlines, but I am also soooo exciting (curious) about the upgrade, therefore I post a thread here, to see if I could click the upgrade button in App store without worrying about the app's functions/stability etc. I also didn't upgrade the OS X to the latest... (was about to google as well), my operation system is macOS High Sierra version 10.13.6. Also a bit thank you if you could tell me if the version Mojave worth the effort. Once again thank you.
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