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  1. Attached with my screenshot, year 2018, November
  2. Hallo, Recently I happen to use a lot constraints group function. I noticed that the strokes close to the bounding box is getting clipped. I googled and found the above thread. Exactly the same issue. The above thread was published two years ago, seems it should be fixed already. Could anyone kindly tell me how to overcome this issue (without having to restart from the very beginning...) Thank you.
  3. Thank you, dutchshader and alfred, thank you for your quick response. Yes, you are right, how come i didn't think about that? Instead I tried several mask/layer/group combinations for at least one hour.... Thank you again!
  4. Hi I'd like to know how to paint a vector shape as shown in the attached image, the hatched area? I know how to switch to pixelpersona to paint within a vector shape (circle, rectangle, triangle...), but failed to figure out how to paint a hollow circle ( a ring zone) ... In the attached image, I used the outer circle as mask to paint, however it will also paint into the inner smaller ring, yes, I can use eraser to carefully erase it off... but is there a way I can paint "freely" directly in this ring area? or is there a way to set up a mask for the eraser to ease the job? Thank you!
  5. Hi obtusity, thank you for sharing the links, super helpful :) :)
  6. shizuka

    indicate arrow asset for UI design

    Thank you for sharing all those objects in one package, save lots of time creating my own set from scratch
  7. Indeed, arrow shape is different than arrow line. As an alternative, yes, i also draw a line with pen tool and add a triangle shape and group them... Would be helpful if the arrow line function could be added. Looking forward to that day...