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  1. capturleat

    Vertical Text

    So the problem extends to RTL script/type lacking in function also, that's massive...which while I am definitely glad to be informed, it is a sad thing to learn. I must thank you though, for all the much valued information you have provided on this and other threads covering the topic. An exciting outcome from the approaching visit to Serif by one of your group, would be an Affinity Spotlight blog post announcing a new addition to the team, going fully international and in turn, truly earning that professional status. I will hold that thought...
  2. I agree with your point here @Glicky, 100%. There is no good end to ignoring such numbers of people (or such potential profit, if looking at it from a purely business angle). I guess we must live in hope for now, with pro-active stances taken such as this: and this: Wishing you luck, @ashf. Would love to hear how this goes.
  3. capturleat

    Vertical Text

    @ashf yes you are right I had not seen that thread and has been a good read. The point you made when discussing the topic with Shi Lichuan about bringing an Asian Developer on board at Serif, I'd say is the best suggestion of all. It would not only help but even perhaps is simply just necessary, if the task remains so gargantuan after five years then maybe it's time for them to concede. Of course implementing this would no more be cheap than the undertaking be small (!) but ultimately, the rewards both for Serif and for East Asia along with all of us others needing vertical text, would be absolutely huge.
  4. capturleat

    Vertical Text

    I bet they are indeed complaining. Chinese users too. I've read multiple threads now from you and others here also, as you said there are so many on this topic. Many thanks also for the link/info on the custom font creation, that's inspiring. How sad though, that this set of softwares is still only good for hobbyists for such a massive number of people, despite selling itself as fully professional. Within the industry itself, not sure how much this might speak of the artistic world as a whole but one whose clients include Sony, Dreamworks, Marvel and many others who I've been writting with upon occasion over the last couple of years, had not even heard of Affinity until I told him of it recently. - Serif, please respond to this...
  5. capturleat

    Vertical Text

    Well, their stating that the schedule of implementation is unknown, did at the time of that statement imply an intention at the very least then...good to know, thanks ashf. Whether that intention still remains, I suppose only they can tell us, if they would. Have to say I'm pretty stunned to learn that something so fundamental can go by the wayside for so long. I'd have thought the whole of East Asia to be a populace Serif ought to consider far more important than it seems they care to show.
  6. capturleat

    Vertical Text

    Thank you walt, no I know it's not common for them to do so, however it has been known for them to provide an occasional indicator of something being worked upon, or even expected in the next update, that sort of thing so as I said, figured it could do no harm to ask again...
  7. capturleat

    Vertical Text

    Thank you for trying to help, mvlad and for making that video, it was a kind effort. As I had already previously told walt here though in another thread on the same topic, I am aware of that workaround. I also have another, thinking that if there were a thread called 'Top tips and workarounds for features we miss' that would be a really excellent place for such things. Even better though would be an answer to the question of my original post, still outstanding which is: The particular question I am asking, is why I had posed the question in an earlier thread to staff members specifically, though I changed the wording of that in this new thread to 'someone who knows', for the same and no reason other than because I believed it most likely that someone who works in development of this largely fantastic software, could provide a clear and definitive answer. So, is there anyone who is willing/able to tell us please? There are many of us who would appreciate knowing.
  8. Here having been encouraged to start my own new topic to an old, already asked question, after having googled and followed the top link to a thread which I then mistakenly resurrected by way of a reply, not noticing that it was in fact archived. So to my query... ...joining others in being interested to know please, if someone who knows could tell us at what stage of development (if at all) is the function of being able to type vertically in Affinity Designer? In any of the applications, in fact. I own all three. For my work, it's a fairly large thing to miss not being able to do and from what I can see, this has been a floating topic for several years now so, figured it could do no harm to ask again.
  9. capturleat

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello everyone! A quick intro: I discovered the existence of Affinity just a few days ago, to my absolute joy. I had been with Adobe for years until a couple of months ago when I finally found the courage to just end it. I did not walk away from them smiling, quite the opposite, I was scared...but it was necessary and between then and now, thought I'd tried everything but then found you and wow, what can I say...despair is dissolved! More general stuff; my background is in photography, graphic design, writing and music...with a partner of mine, bringing all those things together this year, that's the plan made all the more possible because of everything here. Simply put, I am now enjoying creating again instead of fighting with tech. Thank you...