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  1. Ok.... Running that beta since, and havent had a single BSOD anymore! So this seems to have fixed it for me. Thanks so much all! This was driving me crazy, and I was about to send my laptop back to the shop for a full re-installation of Windows...
  2. I have had multiple driver updates from windows/intel/geforce since I began using Photo... I always update when new drivers are available, often turned on auto-update... I will look into the other links next week (very busy with work, but you can imagine I have this high on my list...). Thanks all!
  3. That does indeed fixes the high GPU usage! Hope it will fix the BSOD's too... Feels somewhat weird to have to use beta software over stable software to prevent BSOD's....
  4. Hmm, ok I will do that. I use selections a lot... Can you advice me on the GPU issue as well? Is using the Geforce GPU generally not adviced? It seems as so much wasted potential to me It is used heavily i my video work, but still ...
  5. I just opened three images and made a few selection on each. GPU is at 96%, and CPU at 25%. Not doing anything else... Strongly suspect this is the culprit.
  6. Hello Everyone, Ever since I started using Photo I get BSOD's. I first blamed my new laptop (specs below) but now I strongly suspect Photo. I have BSOD's each and every day, sometimes up to multiple a day (imagine...). And whenever I do not have Photo (or Publisher) running I do not get these... I do a lot of video rendering in Powerdirector also, no probs. I always install the latest drivers for both the system (Intel notifies me, then I update) as well as the Geforce drivers (which are recently set to creative, but that did not made a difference). Yesterday I set the default GPU to internal chipset which so far led to no BSOD's... Usually it builds up, the computer starts fanning like crazy, it gets really hot. Then becomes unresponsive, then hangs. Just now I noticed, if I have some images open, with selection marquees, the GPU usage climbs to 80%. I wasn't doing anything actually, took my son to judo. Closing the images returned the system to normal. I still have Photo set to use the internal chipset, not using Geforce. Attached just a few photo's of the latest BSOD's. Laptop specs: 15CL875: 15.6' mat Full HD 144Hz screen met Core i7-8750H, s 16GB DDR4L (3000MHz), Ripjaws 500GB, PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 SSD, Samsung 970 EVO, 3400MB/s 2300M Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560 (802.11ac 2.4/5GHz, 1.73Gb
  7. Understandable! Keeping three programs up-to-date and going is quite a task already... Just love the two I use (photo/publisher), and for this price.... Used AE extensively in the past, but the current prices are madness. For me it was a 1+1 Serif could take this up. Who knows, in the future Thanks for the replies Psenda!
  8. Only seems logical... A replacement for Adobe's After Effects!
  9. I can not seem to find this, if there is this feature I love to find out how to use it. Otherwise this would be great in a next release. Cross referencing to other pages is something I use a lot. But if I insert pages those pagenumbers are wrong. If I could use the pagenumber for example from the location a certain Heading1 is on, it would automatically be updated. So inserting a variable, then a selection box where all current heading1 are listed, then set to use the actual page number this heading1 is on... Thanks!
  10. Hello All, Using Publisher now to publish a Fieldguide on animal tracks, love it! Would it be possible to somehow tie text wrapping & transparency points togheter? Now I have to do both seperately. With loads of image of tracks with text that wraps around it, it would save me a lot of time... Thanks!
  11. Thanks gdenby! Hmm, that rotate function on the transform panel is not exactly what I am looking for... Might check out the beta
  12. Hmm, I see this has been asked in the past, and someone posted a video on how to do it, but still I can not figure out how to do this... I make a curve with the pen tool. After I did so, and if I just want to rotate a selection of node points, how do I do that? I copy a certain line with the ALT-drag way, and then need to modify parts of those lines. Thanks so much!
  13. Awesome that PNG transparency is recognised as a modifier for text margins. Would it be possible that a mask could do the same: Now I have to add a mask and set text margin lines. Maybe with a "mask to text margin" option for example?
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