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    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    Thank you Patrick. I'll check later.
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    Affinity Photo for MacOS - 1.7.0

    What I don't see on the website, is, HOW do you download this update? I have Affinity Photo ---1.67 --- and have launched, , but so far iit hasn't updated automatically, or asked me to update. All I see on the Affinity website are buttons for purchasing Affinity or the update. Any suggestions? I am running Mac OS Mojave. Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. Is it possible to choose a custom color when using the Recolor feature in Affinity Photo, rather than just using the sliders to adjust hue & saturation ? There is something called "Preset," but I can't figure out how it works, or find a tutorial. Let's say I want to recolor an image using (for example) a green that is 72/89/55 on the RGB scale. Is it possible to match that in recolor? When I use the sliders to adjust color, I can't seem to match a predetermined hue.
  4. I tried a larger brush size, and that worked. I have used Quickmask at few times---will give that a try too. One of the reasons it was difficult to use Snap to Edges, perhaps, was that I had previously used a "recolor" layer on the entire image, so everything was blue. But I did get the lily recolored. Good thing there's more than one way to do a thing. :)
  5. I do have the image layer active. I wasn't sure if I ought to use Snap to Edges or not. I thought a smaller brush would work better, but maybe that is the problem. I will try all those things. I have already made some manipulations to the photo---detect edges and recolor--and now I want to select one of the lilies and change it to a contrasting hue. Just an experiment! Thanks, toltec.
  6. That was it! I hadn't selected Add. Now, however, I have another little problem. When I outline my selection with the selection brush, it appears to create a "double" line, so the HSL color chance affects only part of the border. Once again I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I want to change the hue of an entire flower, but it's only affecting the borders. I did zoom in on the image, and am using a small size brush, but it doesn't seem to matter. I can see that the "marching ants" line is double rather than a single line, but don't know why it's behaving that way.
  7. Thank you, toltec! I didn't even check to see! Will do that! I was sure it was something simple. Not sure that was mentioned in the tutorial---but I might have missed it. There are still many things I am learning. ;)
  8. I thought I had used the selection brush before, with success---maybe once or twice---but today I could not get it to work. I had the image layer selected, and selected the brush and dragged it over the part of the image I wanted to transform---but nothing happened! I tried this on a couple different photos---nothing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  9. Thank you! As a Mac user, I was only too happy to switch from PE Elements (8) to Affinity, but one thing PE did have was an extensive selection of crop shapes. I have to confess I only got around to using a couple of them before I made the switch to Affinity, but now that I actually understand layers, the possibilities are quite intriguing.
  10. It's especially nice for some of the black & white drawings I use in my books, which I also tone towards sepia to warm them up, by changing the white balance---the bleed effect is very appropriate. Is it possible to also add an inner or outer glow withe gaussian blur effect? I tried, but the effect seemed negligible, even with color. I can live without that, since the blur effect is sufficient---but it's fun to experiment. ( Have just discovered some fabulous things I can do with the mirror filter, to create page embellishments, etc. ! )
  11. I'm using only Affinity Photo, not Affinity Designer, which may have more crop shapes, but I would love to see some additional crop shapes (in addition to ellipse, star, heart, etc) in Affinity Photo. Different edges, & a variety of other object shapes. Or am I missing something? Thanks!
  12. Watched the video---but I can't see to get it to work with my image, so I must be doing something wrong, or misunderstanding something essential. I imported my image into Affinity, then placed a rounded rectangle over it (as though I were making a border) and got that placed behind the image, and added a new fill layer---which the video didn't mention---it just showed an image on a black ground, and I need an off-white one to blend with the page color of the book I'm making---but when I tried the Gaussian Blur effect, nothing happened. What detail am I missing?
  13. Thanks, MBd! I'll have to try that. Caroline
  14. Not sure if that's the right terminology---it's not exactly vignetting---but is there a way to "soften" the edges of a photo so they sort of bleed into the page? I have viewed most of the Affinity tutorials, but don't remember seeing one the showed how this might be done.