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  1. in your reply 1,you mean once you've closed the editing ,whilst editing you can of course but once saved, yes I get it no going back right?
  2. thanks RC,i need to read that a few times just to make sure it sinks in, always good to know these things.thanks
  3. Thanks Dan,that has really helped me understand a lot more of those processes. From your explanations im leaning toward just doing the essential changes in the DP and most other stuff in PP. Regarding an edited photo in AFP from within AP the replaced jpeg image now showing in AP,if i wanted to again edit the original raw i guess i just go to menu and choose original.interesting. many thanks
  4. Hi can someone please clarify. i open my raw file in Apple Photos then edit in Afinity photo from the photos option which opens my photo in AFP. is this using the develop persona and then if i do edits and close save it takes me back into APhoto,is it still the raw file or jpeg. also is this basically the same as taking the raw into AFP directly and using DP then exporting jpeg and then dropping it into APhotos? my other question which im still confused about. i import a raw into AFP and im in the develop persona.i have lots of options to edit the raw then send to the photo persona,yet i can also do all thise edits in the photo persona using layers say so how do you decide wether to do them in the develop persona or the photo persona?would i be better just to import the raw and do nothing other than to develop and go directly to the photo persona? thanks
  5. Hi if by losing the layer structure and non destructive editing how or where to put photos so it retains all this or otherwise whats the point,im a beginner on this so please explain the best thing to do with the edited photo from AP? thanks
  6. thank you Simon,have purchased 2 more of your excellent courses. appreciate your reply and the work you do. Chris (geminitiger) gemini ,birth sign and Tiger Chinese Birth year hence Geminitiger lol
  7. Hi Simon,just noticed when i clicked on your link a bit further down the ipad course was £15 but when i clicked it ,it went up to £29?
  8. Hi Simon,just noticed your ipad course,i see its on offer atthemoment but just a bit too much for me right now but would be interested when you have your real bargain price days,i bought your other courses at times like that and have to say they are excellent cheers
  9. Hi if you have not seen the new version try again,its definately there
  10. Oh dear,went to the app store and the price has gone to £29.99 . was going to buy but will wait until an offer happens again. shall just edit on my mac with AP and send it to my ipad. how about a reduction for owners of the desktop version :)
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