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  1. No I am the talking about that. See on the top , effect Tab ,
  2. There should be a tab above name Effect like in illustrator which is used to apply different effect on path , like zigzag , wave , distortion . Feature requested,
  3. What is MSIX AND MSI uninstaller , what's its use and it's Advantage . Also describe workarounds
  4. This has been discussed so much but there is no improvement from affinity team . When vector Designer works in industry he needs quality export to provide it to his client ,. As we vector Designer always works with eps. But affinity EPS is not much powerful. It converts all layers works into one single layer and convert text into curves , ungroup every group , Affinity team should work on export to make it best .
  5. I worked in illustrator for 1 year .I noticed that working with illustrator is comfortable than designer. Why ? While working on ARTBOARD , designer clips everything inside of ARTBOARD which feels me uncomfortable. DESIGNER also feels lagy when object inside the ARTBOARD is moved to outside of ARTBOARD , this happens also without ARTBOARD, Fix : Can Any moderator see how illustrator works in that way .it looks freely and comfortable while working on white Area or Gray area.
  6. We can't apply pressure on dotted stroke , We can apply it on line and even in raster brushes So why not for Dotted line stroke ,
  7. I am posting about this tool because it is very useful and I think It's very simple to Code ,
  8. If I buy Affinity designer from Microsoft store and let's suppose my I reset my PC and install a new window? How will I bring back my purchased Affinity designer to my PC
  9. I am going to buy Affinity designer from Microsoft store but before that I have some questions and I need answers of them ? 1) what will I get(product key or something else ) when I purchase designer from store ? 2 ) How will I restore my purchased product in my PC if I reset my PC or I install a new window ? 3) How will I get updates ?
  10. I want to buy Affinity designer but when I saw on the Affinity forum that people are facing issues buy products. , Everyone that has problem says my payment was declined by card was charged ,. Some people have other issues but there card is charged. , I am thinking now should I buy or not ? Can anybody someone provide me safe steps which I should take before buying Affinity product.
  11. I think There will be something special on October 26 , 2022 From affinity.
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