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  1. Yes I know this, I have the Alt key released at this stage as I am trying to do work within the artboard I just dragged. The snapping of objects within these artboards are no longer snapping to the grid.
  2. I hold the 'alt' key and drag a new artboard from an existing one and in my new artboard when trying to use any tool it will not snap to the grid lines.
  3. When I create a new artboard from an existing one my ability to snap to the grid stops working, with the snap being a little off the grid lines. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem?
  4. Niall123492

    Creating Assets

    For things like wire framing, was watching a tutorial online and the teacher is using raster objects and saving them as assets. I was just thinking it would be more efficient to use vector objects.
  5. Hi, just wondering if it is better practise to create assets for use again as veftor or raster?

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