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  1. +1 I was just looking for this feature today. As a web designer i'm trying to find the balance between image quality and file size. I need this feature!
  2. Just a lot of fonts in general. They are either missing or not grouped in the same family. It just seems a bit all over the place. I'm not sure if this is a problem with Affinity or maybe FontBase. I used Nimbus Sans in the examples as this was the font I was having problems with yesterday. As you can see Affinity has grouped these very strangely. The font I was looking for is there today but it's not very easy to find as they are all in different groups.
  3. Hi, I am trying to use a certain font but Affinity Designer is not finding it. I use FontBase as my font manager and have the fonts active, Affinity is finding most of my fonts but a few styles are missing. I also noticed that Affinity is grouping these font families in a strange way also. Has anyone experienced a problem like this?
  4. Yeah I seen these episodes. However, a lot of them have no real structure and they were not live. I think the beauty of Figma's office hours are that they have structure and if someone has a question they can answer and show examples live. The lockdown sessions Affinity provided were great but they can be so much better.
  5. For vector shapes there's an option in the appearance panel to add multiple strokes and fills. This will work.
  6. Hi, Just a suggestion for the Affinity team - I use Figma for UI design and every so often Figma do office hour sessions live (recorded for YouTube). These sessions provide users with tips and tricks, workarounds etc. Which really helps users become more efficient and learn new things they may not have known. I find the sessions great and watch nearly every one. Maybe this is something the Affinity team could introduce.
  7. Are there any other ways? I have a few artboards that I do not want to use in the finished document. I know I can delete these but just wondering if this is the only way.
  8. Hi, I am trying to export a number of different artboards as a single document PDF. Has anyone got any information on how I can achieve this?
  9. I have a very basic XP - Pen Deco 03. I think it's great! Im sure their higher end ones are even more impressive.
  10. Hopefully, it's been something that's always holding the apps back. It's only recently i have been able to use the isometric studio in designer without my laptop having a shit attack 😂.
  11. I seen this before and was wondering if there are any updates on it? I have a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti but I remember reading that affinity doesn't make use of this and to keep the renderer at the default setting.
  12. Pretty good. Maybe try watching a few drawing tutorials to do with shading and you will learn more about light sources, shadows etc.
  13. Hi, I am trying to do some basic painting for a background in Affinity Photo and my laptop is struggling with it. Asus Zenbook Pro 8th Gen i7 16GB Ram. Is this an ongoing problem for anyone else? Is there a way I can make the performance better?
  14. Yeah I guessed that after you told me about windows photos. Uploading the PDF to google drive and viewing it within the Drive PDF viewer seems to show accurate colours. Also, can you guys recommend any photo viewing apps that are colour managed?
  15. I have also noticed that Chromes PDF viewer really over saturates the colour. I want to send my finished design to my clients via PDF so they can view it. Using Chrome's PDF viewer that orange colour is way over saturated. This was where my main worries came from. Thanks for getting back to me on this problem, really appreciate it. 🙌
  16. Thanks for the information. This must be the reason yes. The difference in colours was throwing me off as I don't want to send certain colours to a client and have them be completely different to what I am seeing.
  17. Yeah they all look the same on my screen also. When I bring the same JPG file back into Affinity Designer it shows the same colour that I want it to be. I am viewing the images in Windows Photos which must be showing the colours at my displays profile.
  18. Also, when I upload the images to this forum the brighter JPG image is pretty accurate to what I am seeing in my Affinity Designer app. They seem to lose saturation when I upload, but still there is a difference between the 2 images.
  19. I have the embedded profile option checked. 🤔 Maybe it has something to do with my laptop display. It's 4k with 100% Adobe RGB and 95% NTSC colour gamut.
  20. Still different, I am just using this file as an example as its a problem I keep facing. This colour is one I am using for a branding project at the minute. affinity-square-orange.afdesign
  21. RGB/8 as what I am trying to create will be used mainly on the web.
  22. Attached I have the colour settings I normally use. I exported this file to JPEG but it seems to be the same with other file types also. When I uploaded the images to this forum again they are different colours than what I see on my laptop. Very frustrating when i am trying to work with colours. For this JPEG file I included the same colour profile that is in my settings.
  23. HI, When I export documents from the Affinity apps on windows the colours appear more saturated on export than they are when I am working on the files. Attached I have an example of what is happening, one image is of my window in Affinity designer and the other is a JPEG file after exporting.
  24. Affinity Designer - Yes I know the document wasn't set up with a transparent background. There used to be an option in export to use a transparent background. was just wondering if this feature was taken away. Thanks for the replies and help 👌
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