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  1. Hi, @Gabe In an empty doc works normal. Only happened with the attached file.
  2. I was testing a vector brush on the attached file. I Tried four times. These steps were used to reproduced the crash. Choose the brush tool (b) Select a Vector Brush Create a Layer Crash New Crash.txt Crash2.txt Afro.afdesign Crash 3.txt Crash 4.txt
  3. I was working on the attached file using the transparency tool when AF Designer Crash. This is the Mac Big Sur 11.2.3- I has opened 3 files. - The attached and two SVG files. These SVG are on OneDrive system. I added the bug report too. BugAF1.9.txt AF File.afdesign
  4. Affinity send me an email. "The two payments were refused and so have not been charged. Any pending charges on your account will not be permanent and will definitely drop off within the next few days." That was 10 days ago. And Still is charged
  5. Good Afternoon i just tried to buy Affinity Publisher with the same result. My card was charged but the website rejects the payment. Help please.
  6. I created a new document A3 and i was using a wacom intuos and when i was configuring wacom properties Affinity Designer crashed. I don't know if was wacom or is a catalina issue. Crash report
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