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  1. Hi, I have a Macbook pro 2020 with Intel chip and the pinch to zoom also stops working once in a while. I have to restart the app to make it work again.
  2. EDIT: Ok just found out how to change that thanks to @pbasdf answer here. This is really odd that I have to open a contaxtual menu that is not present on my context but that has an effect on it. If the text frame panel has an impact on the Artistic Text tool then it should be possible to open it from that tool. I have the same issue on a document. Every text I create using the Art text tool or the Zone text tool has a pink background. I don't get how to change it, I can't see any options Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-07-22 à 12.29.06.mov
  3. Ok I will, thanks. What I can say for now is that is not file related, it happens on every files.
  4. This doesn't happen all the time, I can't really find a logic. Find attached the full uncut video, you'll see I've made multiple tries before this bug happen. This document on the video is pretty new, I created it this morning (it's now 2pm from were I live). This is usually what I do to be able to move the right layer. From what I see it always happen on an already selected layer. But moving a layer that you just created is very common, at least for me. Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-06-07 à 13.26.36.mov
  5. Ok so I record it with click notification. You can clearly see I click on the text layer but it moves the Group Layer above Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-06-07 à 13.26.36 CUT.mov
  6. Ok let me find a way to record it with click notification. But as I said, the text layer changed to be renamed, that is a pretty good indicator that I clicked on its name
  7. @NathanC You're right, it is the orange rectangle above and not the red rectangle under, my mistake. Yes ! This is the bug I'm talking about and it happends so many times. For no reason, it is the wrong layer that it is moved. You can see I clicked on the text layer because it gets the information as I wanted to rename it.
  8. @NathanC I've finaly manage to capture this bug Please find attached the video, at the end you'll see that I want to move the text layer I just created but it moves the layer under instead (red rectangle). After some investigations it seems to only occur on freshly created layers. Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-06-07 à 11.54.11.mov
  9. I just had the exact same issue, I could export to PSD for Final Cut but I was having the error dialog windows when I was trying using the other options. In my document I had a photo that I copy/pasted from Affinity Photo. This photo had some Adjustment Layers on top of if (Black and White and Recoloring). As soon as I rasterized this photo in Designer I was able to export without error.
  10. It happened again that the app crashes on saving
  11. @NathanC I'm sorry to tell you that I'm still experiencing this bug. I was currently working on a document this morning and I just experienced a crash while I was trying to export using Export Persona. So clearing User Data didn't seem to resolve the issue. Once again I am not using any Cloud storage system. The app crashes while I'm navigating through my folders on the modal window
  12. Oops sorry my previous post was about another bug while exporting. BUT ! Just experienced the same bug while saving the document.
  13. Hello @Callum I was currently working on a document this morning and I just experienced a crash while I was trying to export using Export Persona. So clearing User Data didn't seem to resolve the issue. Once again I am not using any Cloud storage system. The app crashes while I'm navigating through my folders on the modal window
  14. After clearing User Data as @NathanC suggested in this thread, things seems better.
  15. Ok thanks. I just did that, I'll let you know if it crashes again in the future.
  16. Hey, I've already reported many crashed here but as an Affinity member suggested I should create a thread per bug. So I'm just experiencing right now another crash (this is the third one today...). Im stuck on the saving dialog, see attachment. The progress bar doesn't move at all. I'm also sharing with you my document, because this document causes me a lot of troubles. Is it too big? Is there a maximum amount of artboards or layers we should create ? As I already said Affinity Designer is becoming really complicated to use for me. 66_5__113.afdesign
  17. I have the exact same issue but I do not use any Cloud Storage service
  18. Ok now it's becoming very annoying. AD crashes at least once a day. It crashes when exporting using Export Personna, when copying layers from a document to another (I already reported those 2 bugs). And now it just crashed while I was croping an image. I'm using AD from the first version, I was very enthusiastic at the begining. But I start thinking that this app cannot be used in a professionnal way. Can someone from the Affinity team tell me that those bugs are known and will be corrected soon ? Please stop making new features for now and focus on resolving bugs. I really don't wanna go back to Illustator. Thanks affinity_crash.txt
  19. I just wanna precise that I don't use dropox or any cloud system storage. All my documents are stored on my computer. But I still experiment crashes when exporting using Export Personna as I said before.
  20. I also have this bug, somethimes when I export using Export Personna the app seems to crash when I'm navingating through folders. Then the only option is to Force Quit the app.
  21. No me neither, this document is fine. The visual bug I have is not related to a specific document. It is just happening once in a while, this time I recorded it because it was pretty impressive. But most of the time it is just a black square that appears on top of a document, moving the artboard or zooming usually makes it disapear. It just gives me the impression that theis app is not really reliable or still in a beta version. This doesn't happen in any other apps I work with (Apple Motion, Final Cut, Blender for instance).
  22. @NathanC Don't you see Workspace 2 completely black ? Workspace 2 is supposed to be similar to workspace 1. Actually workspace 1 is an old design and my new design is/was on workspace 2. I attached a PDF export I've made of Workspace 2 before it has been destroyed. But is became black with no reason after a visual bug, see the screenshot attached. No, those are 2 differents documents. I attached TS_41B so you can see how it is. You can also find attached a screenshot with all informations regarding macOS and Affinity versions. TS_41B.afdesign Blissim-Avril22_v3.pdf
  23. Yes I attached it on my first post. Restarting the app, reopening the document didn't help. My document seems to be destroyed forever. Blissim-Avril22_4(1).afdesign
  24. Thank for your reply @NathanC. I'll report bugs in different thread next time, sorry for that. 1. I tried multiple times to record it but I couldn't. The fact that I focus out the Affinity app to start screen recording and come back to the app seems to solve the issue. I'll try next time to record my screen using my cellphone to show you the issue. 2. I have this pipette bug since the very first version of Affinity Designer, praying it to be solved at every update. 3. I've never waited more than a 5 minutes because I'm usually working and can't waste too much time. Next time I'll try waiting more. I have a pretty recent mac though and copy / pasting isn't a pretty heavy operation for a computer. I guess ... 4. I already disabled it as it was mentionned on this forum. But I still have some visuals problems, like black squares appearing on top of my documents. Also how do you explain that this visual bug actually destroyed one of my document ?
  25. Hello, I'm using Affinity Designer everyday for work and I really like it (in comparison to Illustrator). But I'm also facing bugs that are really annoying so I now decided to share them with the community and see if I'm the only on facing them. I try to always keep Designer up to date. I'm currently using version 1.10.5 on an intel Macbook pro 2019 running on Monterey. This is the list of the bugs : 1. When I drag a layer on the layers toolbox to change its order, it always move the wrong layer, usually the one under the one I wanna move. I have to try multiple times, deselect and reselect the layer I wanna move to achieve my goal. 2. The pipette tool is not pixel perfect accurate. See picture pipette.png : the color it is suppose to extract is white but you can see it took black, as if I was 2px under. 3. The app crashes when I'm copiying / pasting from a Designer file to another, I think this happen when I try to copy paste a lot of layers. I see the weel turning infinitly and I have to force quit the app. 4. Some visual bugs, see the video, it speaks by itself. One day, I had this visual bug, but it actually changed my document and made an entire workspace black, as you can see on the attached document (Blissim). I had no way to go back, Cmd-Z was not resolving the issue/ As I said I really like Affinity Designer better than Illustrator because it is so much mode efficient and fast. But please pay attention to the bugs, don't become the new Adobe. Enregistrement de l’écran 2022-04-26 à 14.12.24.mov Blissim-Avril22_4(1).afdesign
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