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  1. Q - What file format is your input image? A - Normally is RGB/8 I believe Q - Do you use any Softproof / OCIO layers? A - I dont as far as I know Q - Do you convert/assign it a different ICC profile? A - I dont as far as I know The other questions i screen captured my settings, I try and stick with the defaults. And yes i can I can share a link and attachments. https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/bassdrop25tothesky/gypsy-1 This is how it looks in the in the application, colors are fine, great even but when i look at it on a photo viewer on my computer it comes up much more darker. Im unsure but hope that it shows the difference. The other wired thing is that this happens when i have a lot of stuff going on in the document. I added a another file to show you what i see when i look at it throw the photo view on my computer. I have windows 10 with the most recent updates as well hoping this may help a bit.
  2. So yes this has been a issue that has been going on for some time Idk if i just didn't notice or if its just my computer but the purview its like yeh looks the way i want but then export it then its significantly darker? If anybody has has something like this happen please help and if i need to ill go into more detail.