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  1. Can not appear Chinese fonts, I think this one BUG, 3 software exists BUG Only English names will appear
  2. Set the font panel Can't input Chinese and will always get stuck 3 software will always look forward to the official revision and optimization
  3. First of all, I think your software is very good. But the support for Chinese is poor. I think it can be optimized.
  4. The biggest problem with the 3 softwares is that they are too poorly supported for Chinese fonts.
  5. Set a text Font Software crash when selected Stuck
  6. In Windows 7 Test Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo Chinese font support is very poor A choice to set the text font software crashes If so, I think it is difficult for you to enter the Chinese market. . . .
  7. I have to mean Set a font for the text Always crash the software
  8. 我是一个来自中国的设计狗 为什么选择字体总是处于卡死状态