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  1. My work needs the function of path offset too much When can I update and use CbJJmx-C6-KdcWF6.mp4
  2. Affinity Designer Windows Customer Beta - When there are too few anchors Unable to properly expand brush BUG.afdesign
  3. 没有进入中国市场的官方想法吗? 所以我从来没有处理这个错误? 自初始的测试以来,这个问题已经得到反馈,但尚未解决...
  4. Is there no official idea to enter the Chinese market?? So I never deal with this bug?? This problem has been fed back since the earliest test, but it hasn't been solved...
  5. Can not appear Chinese fonts, I think this one BUG, 3 software exists BUG Only English names will appear
  6. Set the font panel Can't input Chinese and will always get stuck 3 software will always look forward to the official revision and optimization
  7. First of all, I think your software is very good. But the support for Chinese is poor. I think it can be optimized.
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