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  1. I got a different problem now. I created a handwritten logo in procreate and imported it as a psd file to affinity. That works fine, but when i try to resize it to put it in a corner of a photo it gets really bad and you can see them pixel. What am I doing wrong here?
  2. Hey Gabe, I got it. It was because the files werenˋt in the iCloud.
  3. Hey guys, when i try to Import .abr brushes on my iPad it is not working. Is it still an error?
  4. before i open up another Topic i try it here first... is there any way to level an object to the middle of something. is there a tool for that?
  5. Thanks man! I got it! I didn’t invert the selection now and it’s working... I really appreciate your help!!! Thank you:)
  6. I have selected and inverted the selection now. That is what i get out of that
  7. I think I am doing it wrong.... when I paintbrush the sides with black than there is an even bigger black frame :)
  8. Thank you! I’ll try it out later. Do you think there is a „better“ way to do that instead of using a mask?
  9. It really said image so I changed it and now the frame is kind of black at the right side
  10. Somehow it takes the „frame“ as well... can i undo a selection?
  11. I am doing it exactly like in the video... i also invert it.. i have no idea what else I should try
  12. Hey guys, I am a new user and I really suffer to cut out a plane and add it to a photo. I literally do it like in that tutorial. My Problem is that the background of the planes photo Is blue and when i select it and add a new mask layer I have a blue frame from the background. What am I doing wrong. Really appreaciate the help:)
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