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  1. After the update to ipad photo, I am unable to flip or rotate one item or a group. Thanks for any help! ipad pro, 1 TB of storage, 12.4 ios.
  2. I am unable to import brushes after the update to photo. The screen will open but the brushes will not import. I have tried it through Dropbox, Filebrowser and Files in icloud. I have an ipad pro, 1 TB of storage and am using ios 12.4. I also have ipad designer is that makes a difference.
  3. Thank you for getting back to me. I finally ended moving everything off of the app and reinstalling it. The font manager is working at the moment. Sorry I did not let you know but I am a forum newbie and gave up trying to navigate it. I love my photo ipad app and use it daily. There is a lag between the pencil and the brush stroke and saving has slowed down. Other than that I am good to go. Thank you! .
  4. I have an ipad pro and affinity photo worked beautifully until the 1.7 update. I can not import a .abr brush from icloud, file browser or zip browser. I choose the .abr file and open it in photo, the program freezes and then closes. I use lots of different brushes so help please.
  5. Since the latest update, can no longer import abr. files. I have tried it though files and icloud and neither works - it just crashes. Help please.

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