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  1. @Hilltop i meant brush stroke recording saved as video file (same as procreate).
  2. @Hilltop - didnt know that! Ill definitely check this! Other than that it would be awesome to have this kind of recording built in.
  3. @fde101 By History studio do you mean that history panel that resets every time you restart the program? I want history of the document to stay there forever...
  4. @fde101 - exactly! I would be totally ok with AP saving brush history. Then id just turn on my 3rd party screen recording and REDO all of my actions. It doesn't even have to record it as video as procreate do (even though it would be very convenient) I would switch ASAP to any painting program that offers this kind of functionality.
  5. @MattP Hi! YES! Ive tried it and its all good now
  6. Well its iOS 13 I forgot its still in beta stage. I tried to import those brushes from my ipad's storage, icloud and google drive. Neither worked. So is it because of ios 13 or is it a bug and the only workaround is to buy AP?
  7. Hi @Sean P Yes! Totally forgot about ios 13 still being in beta stage! Therefore we can close this topic i suppose
  8. Hello, I've noticed that redo gesture is not working. (Undo works just fine) Is it known issue? ipad model: MQDT2FD/A
  9. Hello, As i wrote in this topic: Looks like importing brushes doesn't work at all. I didnt buy AP yet. If i buy Affinity photo now, will i be able to finally import my brushes?
  10. Vofyn

    Cant import my brushes

    @Alfred - is it known problem? Does Serif is aware of this? If i buy affinity photo will i be able to import those brushes for sure? (I was about to buy AP anyway )
  11. Vofyn

    Cant import my brushes

    Basically the file looks like this:
  12. Hello, How can I import my custom brushes from windows version of affinity designer to my ipad? When i go to brush studio and choose import brushes, my .afbrushes file is 'grey'. Looks like its saved in wrong format or sth. Does it mean that brushes made in affinity designer on windows wont work on my ipad version?
  13. Hello, Currently i'm trying to convert all of my PS brushes into affinity ones (they requires a lot of tweakings to work the same way they did in PS) During setting up my SMUDGE TOOL i noticed that i cant set the strength to the level i need it to be as default (there is no such option to change it in brush settings) Because of that every time i want to use my smudge tool i need to set the strength first (to the level it needs to be to work like in PS) Currently the strength is ALWAYS set to 50% Is there any way to change the default value to e.g. 30% ? I feel like there was this kind of setting in brush settings a while ago(?)
  14. @angier Hello! You can clean your brush by pressing "C" If we are talking about brushes panel... It would be good to be able to set brush panel by order you make. Its frustrating that you cant put the most important brushes on top of the brush list. It should be more customizable.