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  1. Hello, This was a complete newb move on my part. It does work for Dropbox! However it would be cool if the other cloud drives would work. I don’t use Dropbox for artist tools. When I went to search under my iOS files from import brushes AP I opened Dropbox and searched brushes (assuming it would only search my dropbox) well it searched Dropbox, drive, iCloud, creative cloud and so on. I kept opening the file from google drive ...embarrassing.
  2. Sure I’ll attach the file. Thank you! 20DispersionBrushes.abr
  3. Hello MEB, Im using the brushes studio, the unzipped file has been stored in ‘on my iPad’, iCloud Drive, google drive, creative cloud, and drop box. The filename ends with .abr.
  4. So I’ve tried searching the forum and I can’t find anything (at least to the best of my ability) on this, yet I see a lot about this online. I’m trying to import brushes in AP and they show up as a gray file no matter what I do on iPad Pro. It’s driving me crazy. Everything is unzipped and it’s an .abr file. What am I doing wrong?!
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