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  1. Hi, I wonder if there is some way to automatically crop/trim and downsample pixel layers to their visible portion and document dpi resolution so that the affinity designer file isn't bloated beyond necessary? I've found that Rasterize Layer does the downsampling, but when you have hundreds of such layers, it's hard to keep track which ones have been rasterized and which ones I've missed! Any function already in the software that I've missed? Thanks,-Fotis
  2. Thank you @Chris_K, feel free to pass it on!
  3. Thank you @Chris_K, I've just uploaded a file!
  4. Opening an .NEF file inside AP won't allow developing the actual RAW data, but will open instead a 320x216px pre-developed thumbnail (possibly the thumbnail included in the RAW file?). Same behavior via drag'n'drop onto the AP window, opening the file via the media browser, or via File/Open. (I'm using some RAW files from the an Nikon Super Coolscan 9000 D film scanner). I could send you a sample NEF file if you wish!
  5. +1 for @VIPStephan's answer Of course a more automated version would be welcome, but I'm quite sure we humans can still use some reasoning also +1 for @Lojza's suggestion that the Beta doesn't expire. It's a big inconvenience moving settings between MAS and Beta Versions; which makes it inevitable that at some point every single beta tester will eventually "retire". And not because of the rough edges, or that he/she wants to stop testing out the software and give feedback: But because there is unnecessary overhead in maintaining the beta-tester status!
  6. F_Kal

    Affinity Designer for Mac text input switch

    That's an interesting resolution Gaal; I couldn't replicate it though! Here's my current state, but the problem persists!
  7. hey, it looks good so far!!! no problems with some jpg and png tested on the 1.6.7 (beta 1) - everything worked I'll keep you posted if something comes up!
  8. this happens not only on the beta version of AP, but also on the MAS versions of both products Affinity Designer 1.6 (MAS) and Affinity Photo 1.6.6 (MAS)
  9. hehe, happens to me too! The dialog box that pops up is slightly intimidating and doesn't explain that your problem might be that the MAS version is newer than the beta - after all this time; whenever I read the "A purchased copy of Affinity X must be installed", I still get momentarily shocked ("oh no, what happened to my purchased copy? Did it expire?")
  10. you are right! I tested png and it worked, but after your remark, I tested with jpgs, and trying to open more than 3 jpg files, won't work! Again, three is the magic number - three will work, four won't...
  11. Hi @manu schwendener, Seems that there's been a new released version while I was away! well, I didn't get the chance to test Beta 8, but the new released 1.6.6 on the app store seems to be working fine! -Fotis
  12. FWIW, I'm not a professional photographer so the price point is a concern of mine: For a few weeks now, I've been using DxO OpticsPro 11, since it is free if you download it by the the end of November. The speed and processing quality is rather good (imo much better than ACDSee, Aftershot, Darktable or Apple Photos). While it is not a fully fledged DAM/raw developer in the vains of lightroom, it's been very satisfying as a substitute for the Bridge+Adobe Camera Raw combo. I'm only missing gradient/brush masks, and perspective corrections (that can be found if you buy some plugins or upgrade to the Elite version) but for now I can finally live with that until something better comes out (Perhaps Luminar 2018?) hope this helps somebody!
  13. hi @manu schwendener, so sorry for not getting back to you earlier: unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) I'm away from my computer - I'll be back by the end of the week and come with some follow up! thank you, -Fotis
  14. F_Kal

    Problem loading multiple files

    I think I have the same issue with beta 11 - and I didn't have this before! I noticed that up to 3 files, they can be opened simultaneously - make them 4+, and you get stuck for eternity!
  15. Loading more than 3 files simultaneously cause the program to stop responding. I first noticed this when I tried opening 12 PGN files (1920x1080x24bit), each around 300kB by dragging them on the AP window. The message "Loading 12 documents" would stay on the title bar forever. Checking the activity monitor, the CPU cores are working intensively (350% CPU usage by AP) but 10minutes later nothing has opened yet. Eventually one has to force quit the program. Opening the files individually (one at a time) works fine; the same files open in milliseconds. Since then I've discovered that I can reproduce this problem with all PNG, and JPG files I've come across and the problem is present even through the File->Open command. The strangest thing is that as long as I select up to three files, there is no problem. Doesn't matter which files! The moment I add one more file to this selection, it doesn't work. There are some rare instances that I will be allowed to open more than 3 files at a time, but this is not something I can reproduce consistently. I got the impression that 4+ files might open if the splash/welcome screen of AP is still displayed(!), or if there are other documents open already in AP, but it doesn't seem to always work - this may be just coincidence. I never had such a problem in any other version of the beta (not sure about beta 5 though since I never really tested it). It seems to be similar to this issue by user @MikeFromMesa even though he was using an older version. I've included 4 PNG files that cause the program to lock on my computer (2011 21.5" iMac - macOS Sierra). I hope this helps! -Fotis