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  1. But, with AD 1.6, all was OK.
  2. Fonts seem to be the problem. Non-vectorized fonts > ERROR Vectorized fonts > OK
  3. WTF ? I must replace each picture manually in InDesign instead ONE click… Very good job for me.
  4. Create a new folder resolves the problem but I don't want an AD 1.6 folder and an AD 1.7 folder. I want to replace my existing files !
  5. Changing name resolves anything. I CAN'T NOW EXPORT ANY PNG WITH AD 1.7 and AD 1.6 is not available anymore on my mac. I NEED AN URGENT ANSWER. OS X 10.12.6
  6. When exporting a file, we have : "Autoriser l'accès au dossier pour exporter plusieurs fichiers" (Allow access to folder for exporting several files). Why ? I always click on "Confirm"…
  7. Export in PNG Replace the old PNG by the new freezes AD. No warning "Do you want to replace etc". Huge problem…
  8. lenogre

    File corrupted

    I've done a file with AD 1.7. All was perfect but with another software, I had a crash and restarted my mac. What about my AD file ? Don't worry, auto-save is here ! But when I opened my AD file, an important part of my work was lost. Incomprehension… OK, I've done PNG of my finished work so re-do it. After finishing, press register. AD refuses ! WTF ?!? Copy it in a new file and register. O octets. Do it again. Re-0 octet. Close AD 1.7 and do it in AD 1.6. Now, I'm a little anxious when I work with AD 1.7
  9. lenogre


    I've made a lot of mistakes with this behaviour. Back to Photoshop… I hope you'll change this.
  10. lenogre

    Scooter - Affinity Designer

    Great !
  11. lenogre


    Original file : 300 dpi or anything else. Copy > New from clipboard New file : always 96 dpi… Is there a way to keep the original resolution ?
  12. Excellent ! I was still using Illustrator for this.
  13. Arrows are welcome ! I was still using AI for this. Another nail for AI coffin !