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  1. I've done a master page with two picture frames. The picture is the same but one is 10% and one is 25%. Options for picture frame is done to easily replace one image by another without rescaling. Go to first page. Select 10% picture frame et replace the black silhouette by a "real" picture. OK Do the same with the 25% picture frame. OK Go to page 2 Select both picture frames (we need to select them in the layer panel because we can only select one element into the page) Replace both black silhouettes by the same picture. The 25% picture frame is OK. The 10% picture frame has wrong values… So instead to do one operation, we must do 2 operations. Sad… bug import images.pdf
  2. When the ressource manager is displayed, we can't copy/paste anything. AD
  3. Thanks ! But the bug about point zero of straight segment is not resolved.
  4. The zoom bug is still here for me. Mac OS 10.12.6 // AMD Radeon 580 8GO zoom_APhoto.mov
  5. I have the same behavior with the last Publisher beta : things disappear when zooming (mac OS 10.12.6 // AMD Radeon 580 8Go).
  6. Thanks ! Icons are still tiny (layer manager).
  7. About beta, I was thinking that betas (the last was were more recent than official release (1.9.0). We consider that the official 1.9.0 is like but by simplicity we call it 1.9.0. It's clear for me now.
  8. Let me understand : If I want to use beta, I must re-buy the softwares with your store ? If it's right, I've never seen that anywhere !
  9. Another little thing I've noticed about the UI of this new release. Is it normal ? In previous releases or betas, it's bigger.
  10. You're right : It only happens with lines. About betas, all my 3 affinity software are registred (the little green silhouette top right) but only one has been bought with your store. Key product is easy to find with your store but with Apple AppStore, I have the software installed without asking me anything (no key product…). Restarting my computer has no effect, Affinity ask me for my key product…
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