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  1. I've never used Export Persona… After trying, for me, it's not the solution.
  2. Affinity has 3 softwares in development mac/pc when VS has a single software for mac, it's more easy.
  3. Often, I copy/paste from email what want my customers in AD documents. And often, when I export my work, I forget to hide the text because it's on the corner of the artboard… An option "no printing" and/or "no exporting" would be great
  4. I'm jealous of VectorStyler. So many tools I would like to see in AD… AD would marry with VectorStyler.
  5. The original file was made with PS (the single layer). Duplicating with AP.
  6. We have 6 icons for alignement. We can find its in the bar menu above.
  7. The menu is too large for my screen (1920x1200)… Double arrow in the right (verrouiller les enfants / lock children)
  8. I think I was in Affinity Photo forum…
  9. I've a file with many layers. I just want a single layer Select the first layer cmd E multicolor wheel and restart APhoto. I've tried with 1.8.4 and the last beta 1.9 Photoshop CS4 has saved my life… Mac OS 10.12.6 https://fromsmash.com/b6IuqEuozd-ct?e=aW5mb0Bwb2x5Z29uZS1jcmVhLmNvbQ%3D%3D
  10. Everything seems to be ok. Great ! - Enable image placement options in Designer (you can now choose Linked or Embedded) and also Resource Manager (from the View menu) > very useful option- Added option for Designer to be able to show/hide overflow text - particularly useful for text on a path > How can you do that ? Have you a short video about it ?
  11. I can't launch this AD release. I can see the splash screen and after that AD quits. Mac OS 10.12.6
  12. mesh fill : In AI, it works only with basic shapes. We don't need it in AD. vector patterns : very important for me. I'm very frustrated with bitmap images. It's a pity when you export in PDF : all lines are clean and bitmap patterns are in low resolution if you are not aware about that. blend tool and deformation tool : a priority too Adding a spiral tool would be great.
  13. You are very cool guys. I've bought the AD first release and never spent money anymore. Do you plan a paying AD 2.0 ? Selling an AD update is not an insult for users. The new select menu and the offset tool are not little updates.
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