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  1. lenogre

    Scooter - Affinity Designer

    Great !
  2. lenogre


    Original file : 300 dpi or anything else. Copy > New from clipboard New file : always 96 dpi… Is there a way to keep the original resolution ?
  3. Excellent ! I was still using Illustrator for this.
  4. Arrows are welcome ! I was still using AI for this. Another nail for AI coffin !
  5. OK, I thought it was for mirroring objects… Moving objects is very easy now with these new handles but nothing changes since the first alpha release about symmetry. I use symmetry all the time and it's a big pebble in my shoe… You added a icon for rotation center, do the same for symmetry please. 2 options : - Click on the symmetry icon and press enter or one click on the screen : same behavior as usual - A click and drag defines the axis of symmetry Or click on the icon with ALT = option for axis of symmetry Here's a video : symmetry with MOI3D. So simple and powerful. symmetry MOI 3d.mov
  6. It's so stupid ! Maybe, it's me… symmetry AD17.mov
  7. Good new functions and tools but : The symmetry widget is not working as I've expected…
  8. Crash when opening a previous released file. Patrick : I've sent you the error message.
  9. Prefs > Performance > File Recovery Interval (300 sec by default)
  10. lenogre

    HUGE file sizes

    I've done the same document with InDesign and Publisher. I've tried several options for images in Publisher. Publisher file is x5 bigger than InDesign file.
  11. Can the Affinity team add a tuto about bleed and marks. I've seen Print > Bleed and marks but after that I don't know how generate a pdf file with bleed and marks. I must select PDF > "Save as PDF", choose a new printer ? I'm lost. In Windows, they have "microsoft print to pdf" but with mac ?
  12. I've seen this in first when creating my first doc with APublisher. Incredible this option doesn't exist. Every other serious software has this. When exporting in pdf, no option "Show pdf after export". Very frustrating.
  13. Not a priority for me. Booleans are enough.
  14. For me, the best workflow today for this is using Illustrator. Unfortunately.