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  1. I will not open anymore my old Illustrator CS4 for doing this… THANKS !!!!
  2. A little bemol about duplicate on path : If you modify the path, objects become crazy and cmd + Z can't restore initial state.
  3. This function is great but to it would be perfect with "Duplicate on path" and "Duplicate on surface". Actually, when I need to duplicate diamonds on a specific path, I use… Cinema 4D (3D software) because we can duplicate on paths. I've tried to create a brush with diamonds in Affinity but there is a distorsion : diamonds look like eggs !
  4. In Illustrator, it can be also an FX ! Effect > Distort & Transform > Transform So, it's non destructive, you can change parameters all the time.
  5. ---------- --- --- ------------ --- --- -------------- becomes true ! Before I used Apparence panel with 2 dot lines. A nightmare…
  6. firstdefence : great tip but space between lines is not equal. I notice that many of us want a spiral tool…
  7. No spiral tool. Why ? I still use my old Ai CS4 for that.
  8. I use AD since alpha releases with dark UI. The new v2 UI is too dark. All is dark, we don't know what is active or not. So I use the light UI… I also don't like the grey circles about what is hidden or visible. If you really want circles : - green circle > visible - red circle > hidden In Cinema4D (3D software), it's like that.
  9. Jamais de toute ma vie je n'ai vu un tel photo-réalisme avec un logiciel vectoriel ! Stupéfiant.
  10. I totally agree with you. All is grey… A bit of color is welcome.
  11. A question about the price : Is there two different prices : one for the first purchase and one for updating v1 > v2 ?
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