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  1. I saw this preview of Affinity Photo v2 in the app store today and was wondering how I can find these template trees and people?
  2. are you sure that in app purchases are supported by family sharing? because one of the reasons in app purchases have been pushed by developers were for the reason that every member would have to purchase their license individually.
  3. 100% agree. Family sharing should be allowed as long as it's the same household.
  4. Good morning Can my family members who reside in the same household as me use the software on their computers? Thanks Dronecrasher
  5. Imagine there would be an A in the letter which I want to crop out and replace with another letter in the word. What’s the fastest and easiest way of doing it? I appreciate your time in responding and sharing your experience with me
  6. Thanks. How would I delete the E in case I want to change it to A for example?
  7. Hi, Imagine I import a jpeg/pdf which contains an image of a container ship. The name of the ship is Elyse but it's actually Elysee so I'd like to copy the last letter e and add it do the end. This way I make sure it has the same font, size etc. How would I do that?
  8. Hi, after the final release of Affinity Photo for Mac today I can't open the beta anymore. Just want to make sure that I get notified if there is a new beta for download available?
  9. logged out of the app store and logged back in. didn't work for me.
  10. Same issue here! I still run 1.6.7 on my macOS and after logging in on the website it doesn't show me my purchases. Maybe because I purchased both - Affinity photo for mac and iPad in the app store ? When I go to the app store it shows me that the new version is available since 15hours but I can only hit OPEN (see attachment)
  11. the inpainting brush tool is suuuper delayed and slow on my iPad pro 512gb 3rd gen with several raw images of my sony ariii
  12. Hi, Does affinity photo for ipad offer a color picker to adjust only the selected color range? I am spoiled using capture one for my macbook but when I am traveling I'd like to have the same flexibility to make such edits. Thank you
  13. Hi, my affinity app crashed while I was editing. Is there an autosafe/backup of my edits stored somewhere? I opened the photo from my iPad photo library
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