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  1. thank you John! Interesting; I've found auto-alignment to be most of the time producing inaccurate alignments - even with images from a tripod (let alone handheld) I also wonder whether this technique only yields results with extremely sharp lenses, where the sensor doesn't resolve all the detail procured by the lens. The kit and adapted lenses from the 80s that I use don't ever reach pixel-level sharpness
  2. interesting finds @John Rostron! Could you elaborate a bit on the alignment method you used? was it auto-align or was it manually micro-tuning the individual images' perspective? Also, how do the results compare to the original images? Any chance you could share the crop of one of the original 13 images for us to see? Thank you for helping out!
  3. I haven't had any luck with the technique; other than noise reduction which is awesome! I also can't understand the rational behind upscaling the images to 200% before importing them into the stack. What's the problem with upscaling them after the stack it created? It's dynamic anyways - isn't it? Unless this is for the auto-alignment algorithm to have more precision in alignment (though to be honest I find the alignment very ineffective) - Any thoughts on that?
  4. Might be the case, even though if I recall correctly the previous time I had the issue I wasn't using global colors at all, but I'm no longer 100% sure. Anyway, I'm glad these are a known issue, I hope there is a fix soon, since global color and symbols are really useful! Best regards, - Fotis
  5. This has been happening a lot with symbols - I've found an old thread that might be related (here). 1. I create a symbol so that I can place it on multiple artboards and test different compositions. I never turn symbol syncing off or detaching any instances. 2. Then I start changing the colors of certain elements inside the symbol. 3. At some point, a few of the symbol instances will stop syncing the color for some of their elements.All other properties of the very shapes sync just fine however. For other instances everything syncs, even the color! In the following video sample I use the 1st instance to rotate an element (everything is one symbol) and change it's color. The 2nd instance updates fine on both properties. For the 3rd (buggy) instance only the rotation updates (and not the color). Things started going awry after I duplicated the 3 colored elements inside the symbol, hid the originals and assigned global colors to them. I'd be happy to email a sample corrupt file for debugging purposes. cheers! bug.mov
  6. Is there a way to export global document colors to the SVG in a centralized way? eg. style/linearGradient or solidColor So as to be able to change one line of code and have all affected elements change their color at once! Thanks!
  7. I've been having an issue where I export a paragraph of text into SVG (without converting it to curves but relying on the system fonts) and some characters render differently in the browser (tested on both on the latest desktop firefox and the latest android samsung browser) as seen in the image below: On closer inspection it seems that the SVG adds certain tags to certain characters, isolating them - without an apparent reason however. it is easy to reproduce: create a new document use the type text tool type "Other All" as text (using Arial font) (for some reason the issue appears if there is another word before the word All! Other tested strings that produce the fluff are "A All B" and the "Unlock All Features" string) export to SVG The SVG should have isolated the Al characters into an unnecessary <tspan> element: <g id="Artboard11" serif:id="Artboard1"> <text x="209.036px" y="520.05px" style="font-family:'ArialMT', 'Arial', sans-serif;font-size:36px;">Other <tspan x="307.087px 331.099px " y="520.05px 520.05px ">Al</tspan>l</text> </g>
  8. I accidentally started 2 batch jobs with the exact same file list - I was trying to find a way to cancel one of the two - is there still no cancel button? would be very useful!
  9. hey I had the same question a few minutes ago! to achieve this: - select all the objects that you wish to prevent - at the Stroke studio (the button on the right where you can edit the stroke width etc) click on advanced - from there deselect Scale with Object option. Now the stroke won't scale with the object! (Do the opposite if you wish to make sure that the stroke retains its ratio to the object/document size after successive transformation)
  10. Hi, I wonder if there is some way to automatically crop/trim and downsample pixel layers to their visible portion and document dpi resolution so that the affinity designer file isn't bloated beyond necessary? I've found that Rasterize Layer does the downsampling, but when you have hundreds of such layers, it's hard to keep track which ones have been rasterized and which ones I've missed! Any function already in the software that I've missed? Thanks,-Fotis
  11. FWIW, I'm not a professional photographer so the price point is a concern of mine: For a few weeks now, I've been using DxO OpticsPro 11, since it is free if you download it by the the end of November. The speed and processing quality is rather good (imo much better than ACDSee, Aftershot, Darktable or Apple Photos). While it is not a fully fledged DAM/raw developer in the vains of lightroom, it's been very satisfying as a substitute for the Bridge+Adobe Camera Raw combo. I'm only missing gradient/brush masks, and perspective corrections (that can be found if you buy some plugins or upgrade to the Elite version) but for now I can finally live with that until something better comes out (Perhaps Luminar 2018?) hope this helps somebody!
  12. Thanks MBd, that's interesting! I must agree that probably Serif has it under control, there is time until the public release of iOS 11 and even then, it remains to be seen how this format affects our lives. Still, it will be interesting to see how (whether) Apple manages where google failed to convince everybody move away from jpeg!
  13. hah! I think I got to the bottom of it: There seems to be a bug that occurs when opening files via the Finder on the mac. Perhaps a similar one exists for the Windows explorer? I suppose if this gets resolved, deciding whether the default location of the Export dialog is the last folder, or the source folder, is IMO a minor issue since one can easily choose the last folder or the source folder with 2 clicks from inside the Save/Open dialog (inside the Where? dropdown there is a section called Recent Places and the recently accessed folders normally should appear there).
  14. that's a very valid point John! Now that you mention it, I also do what you describe occasionally with other software but it never I can't test PS now, but how does it treat the Export... menu? Does it save in the source file folder, or does it save in the last folder used? If the latter, I wonder if that is the reason why Photoshop allows you to "Save as..." as a jpg/png copy"? Allowing the Export option to save in an export folder, and the Save option to save in the source directory...
  15. +1 came back to bump this request up! it's very annoying opening a file, choosing "Export" and not being able to find the file because it was thrown in the folder of some other project you saved a few hours ago!
  16. thank you @Mbd, I may have missed that part about compatibility; not that I was expecting a complete breach with the past (still apple does that from time to time :p) Let's wait and see how they implement it, and what that means for the future of jpeg!
  17. Apple announced that in iOS 11 photos will be stored in .heif instead of .jpeg (if I got that right) and they will be adding support of it on macOS High Sierra. I'm not sure if the .heif files in the camera roll will be converted to jpeg while being copied the to the computer though; I was just wondering what the implications are...
  18. Thank you people! I had already been there, but couldn't find a way to download the actual .heif files so I assumed it was a mocked up comparison (chrome would allow me to save them as png instead of .heic). I've finally managed to get the images via direct links and I can report that Affinity Photo/Designer don't support .heif files as of yet (1.6.0 beta 1)! Would be nice to hear the thoughts of the team on .heif support!
  19. In light of Apple's announcements yesterday, I was wondering regarding the current level of support for the high efficiency image format that is/will be implemented inside affinity designer, photo and photo for iOS. Will it be implemented? Is it already implemented? How does it handle multiple images embedded inside the container (eg.collections/bursts etc)? For some reason I couldn't find any actual file sample on the internet to test it out myself
  20. thank you MEB for the feedback! It's a lifesaver! Took me 9 months to discover it, but I won't forget it now ;-)
  21. ah, found it! Not sure what it truly does but Cmd+clicking did the trick for me. It looks as if it ignores groupings and underlying curves altogether and allows marquee-selecting of individual curves? if somebody has a better understanding, please drop in!
  22. I have a complex scene and I am trying to marquee-select some of the curves therein - in general, the move tool works for selecting as long as the selection region is starting on a spot that is free from underlying objects (or the underlying objects are locked) is there some way to create a rectangular selection marquee, when the canvas is not clear?
  23. Hi, there is slight usability issue that would be nice if it were resolved: As it is now, (AP 1.6 beta 1, OSX) when I choose Document->Resize Document... I'm prompted with an inputbox that allows me to specify the new dimension. eg. 400x400px - What is more, if inside the inputbox I type a percentage eg. 50%, it will automatically convert the specified number into pixels. in the example above, 200x200px. If I retype 25%, contrary to my expectation, it will return the 25% of the already reduced 50%, ie 50x50px. My expectation would be in regards to the original size (and useful since most of the time you want to do that in relation to the original document size and not some meaningless number that was a product of a previous calculation). While this is a minor issue, the lack of a reset button (in PS when you press the alt button, the Cancel button of the dialog turns into reset) forces the user to dismiss the dialog, and then open it again in order to try some other number - if he at first wasn't satisfied. hope this helps
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