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  1. Today it's very strange to share files between affinity designer on iPad and Mac. On the iPad I must open the file and then explicitly save when I want changes to be reflected on iCloud. This is a very strange model for the iPad where in general apps auto save files automatically, specially when saving on the iCloud. Besides, there's separate files on the iPad and when you open the file from iCloud it appears on the initial screen of Designer, which is very strange. Other applications today just show the system file browser which makes much more sense. So I would like to request auto save and use of the system file browser on iOS to be more in line with how iOS apps operate.
  2. First of all I would like to thank you for Affinity Designer on the iPad. It's the thing I've been missing from the iPad for a long time, and it seems really great. After using it I have one request, which is something that bugs me with every iPad app that doesn't do it: auto save by default. It feel really bad on the iPad to use apps where you actually have to explicitly save the documents, specially when using iCloud Drive. My expectation whenever I put a document on iCloud Drive and change it on the application is that the content will automatically go to the file, specially when it's an app that exists on the Mac and the iPad. From what I've saw I'm not sure but it seems like Designer won't auto save to iCloud Drive; I have a document right now with changes that do not show up on my Mac.
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