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  1. I think this would be game changing in the sign maker industry!!!!!
  2. Yes, please add this option to disable the colour picker!!! It is totally annoying... How are other artist handle this?
  3. Is there any workaround without having Illustrator to get the Stock Eps editable for Affinity? Convert it to Pdf, just didn't work... I just started to write to the support from the stock images sites, that they get aware of this problem. Affinity Designer is getting bigger and bigger... So they should start acting... Still missing the tracing tool... Thanks Dirk
  4. Yes perfect, this windows shows up for permission issues.. but it seems as a random popup window, even for projects i just started, and i didn't change any folders or picture names... and in the permission window it ask if the picture should be linked or imbedded... still don't know why and how it happens... I tried to change a picture name on purpose, but i can not recreate this issue... Sorry, for my bad english description... hopefully you understand what i tried to describe...
  5. This could really push them forward in the production companies (not only focussing on designers), for print production and cnc technics... i would love to see this development in this direction... try to keep this tread alive..
  6. Yeah this kind of Plugin Option would be awesome, same for Summa Cut Plotters... Serif could grab a hole bunch of Signmakers around the world, to ged rid of Corel Draw.. Which still has the look and feel from the nineties
  7. I like the new embedded Option in affinity Designer, but where in hell can i find the managing panel for embedding or linking the pictures??? Many times the pictures are not proper linked anymore, when i open a file, for which reason ever... Please, i spend hours to check every menu and search the net for solutions.. I gave already multiply times global authorization for the pictures... Thanks Dirk
  8. Hello dear Affintiy Team, i just love your application, i am new and switching from illustrator. I couldn't find this topic in the forum: But how can i import content that is outside of an artboard from illustrator. (See Screenshot) I use this space like a desk, so there are a lot of important information, and if i want to move to your app in total, i need this for all my old graphics from illustrator. Thanks for reply. Greetings Dirk
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