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  1. Hi Stokerg, Thanks for replying. I just bought the iPad Pro last week and I'm running IOS 11.2.6 and downloaded Affiniti Photo for iPad last Saturday and have version And I see part of the problem, If I draw fast I don't have the issue. I was staying too long at the starting point which was initiating the long press. However for me that "long press" is about 0.8 seconds which is far too short so I keep stumbling on it. (Maybe my brand new ipad pro is faster....?) Cheers Mike.
  2. I'm a new user. I'm trying to use Affiniti Photo for ipad on iPad Pro 10.5". I'm just using it as a sketching tool for the moment. I am struggling to prevent my Apple pencil switching into the color picker mode with the magnifying glass as I'm drawing (happens on every 4th stroke or so, making the app unusable for me until I sort this out). I think the problem in palm rejection (I have enabled "touch for gestures only"). As a right handed user, even when I have cleared the screen so that only the context tool is showing the heel of my hand is pressed against that tool. So how do I disable the color picker feature, or can the context tool be moved to the top of the screen when its the only tool displayed so that it is out of the way of my hand
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