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  1. Too bad that after so much time this issue still is not fixed. I'm mostly a "ink" illustrator, working with black lines all the time. I don't need color picker to show most of the time... and it happens ALL THE TIME, color switches from black to white (my bg) or wide grey spectrum when my palm lays on sketch underneath. I bought an app that is not usable at this point. Frustrating to say the least. Please let us disable the color picker gesture!
  2. For sure the matter we talk about is not something that needs to be improved immediately, but who knows, maybe it's something not that hard to fix and will be taken care of in the near future Let's just hope so, and if not, well I guess we'll all live after all
  3. Yea, me neither, I guess we all learn as we go After all I'm just a simple designer, so this all taxes and legal stuff thing gives me a headache The true question now is who in Serif is authorised to correct payments and invoices, so I can get everything straight and make my accountant happy.
  4. Alfred, unfortunately whether it's subscription based or not, software bought outside country is still considered as import of services (not goods - since It's downloadable version and not physical) and therefore need to be processed with reverse charge. It's my accountant words and I trust her more than speculations Yes RCR, this would apply to me. I'm the buyer of the software licence outside my country, therefore I'm the one responsible for paying all the VAT to the Polish authorities (once again - I'm not obliged to pay taxes to the UK). That would lead to simple conclusion - Serif CAN'T pay my taxes, so should not have been charging me with VAT tax. Since VAT was paid by Serif to UK authorities, I simply can't demand a refund from Polish authorities, and that's logical. Please bear in mind that all of this applies to vat eu registered companies, not private individuals. http://www.avangate.com/avangate-resources/article/software-vat.htm Please, take a look at the table seen in the article above. Invoice Issuer Invoiced Part VAT Application EU resident [company with VAT ID] Same EU country Yes Other EU country [company with VAT ID] No (Reverse Charge) Other EU country [company without VAT ID or private person] Yes Outside EU No
  5. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/46221-merging-single-curve/ Created Thank you guys for your input, at least we now have two workarounds to go with
  6. Hello Affinity team! I've had some problems with merging curves layers and in the result I asked this wonderful community for help. At first I thought I must be missing some tools and someone here will guide me to the light, but seems like it's the software that misses pretty important tool. Please, get familiar with the thread I started: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/46069-designer-simplifying-closing-single-curve/& Issues: - dividing curves when hitting "Add" - no easy solution to merging curve that overlaps itself 2 ideas emerged: - breaking curves in innocuous places and then hitting add, - creating rectangles in divided areas and then removing some of the nodes. It's something and working for now, but it's pretty time consuming, and for someone facing deadlines on the daily basis can be a deal breaker. Suggestion: - getting "Add" tool to merge singe curve that overlaps itself, - or creating another tool that will do so.
  7. I've bought PC version from Affinity store (UK). Software purchase is considered to be import of services, not a basic good purchase and is connected strictly with reverse charge procedure: - VAT can not be charged to foreign VAT payers, - collection of VAT rests on the end trader who is responsible for paying all the VAT to the authorities, - the following words must be stated on the invoice: “REVERSE CHARGE”. I'm not tax payer in the UK according to law. At this point, with 23% VAT invoice for import of services I'm not able to reclaim paid VAT. I know Serif doesn't like to be compared to Adobe, but please note that Adobe is in fact charging only net price with 0% VAT for a VAT EU registered company (please, check the attachment). And it is the only legal way to charge VAT registered companies within the European Union at this moment. Please, get your legal team to research reverse charge procedure for foreign buyers (VAT EU registered companies). Rate 23% is only legal when you charge it to private individuals. I'm not a lawyer/barrister myself, that's why I hire an accountant - to enlighten me once a month on the mistakes I, and in this case, other entities made.
  8. So JimmyJack, if they are aware there is no point in making a request?
  9. Sorry for digging up this old thread, but I guess it's smarter than creating a new, similar one. The finance team are aware of this situation for 10 months now, but the case is not closed. There are still 23% VAT invoices whereas they should be 0% for EU VAT registered companies. I wrote an e-mail (to affinityorders@serif.com) about VAT tax on my invoices - saying they are incorrect with the current EU tax law. Got an answer that platform you use is not able to process orders without VAT but you could change VAT amount to 0% on my invoice, but not price after all. My accountant couldn't find words, to say the least Sorry but I don't see how platform can change the tax law we all have to follow. As a EU VAT registered company I'm not obliged to pay the additional tax on top of the price. The invoices would need to show 195.11 PLN + 0% VAT, so my total payment should be 195.11, not 239.99. It's 90PLN (2 orders) diferrence between what I've paid and what should have been charged in my case (company purchase). Selling platform not able to process orders without VAT is one thing, but surely there's a way to correct invoices AND payments (for companies), so they follow European tax rules. Clearly, you must understand that there's a huge legal difference between 195.11 + 23% VAT and 239.99 + 0% VAT. As E9B6 has already stated - it's not just a price issue anymore (I would have paid it even if it was more), so Serif should be careful about it's ways of approach. I really appreciate your software, support and community, but it's time for legal stuff to be sorted out. It just can't go on forever
  10. So we've learnt another approach Thanks JimmyJack for your participation, that's certainly quicker way than "rectangle" one, but I admit, it can be tricky with complex objects as well. I'll create the feature request for this tomorrow, since it's clear now that it's needed. When I started this thread I thought I'm simply missing some tools, since I'm still fairly new to Affinity. Turns out I'm not the only one
  11. So maybe this post makes good "feature request" material? What you Guys think?
  12. That would be great My approach was: 1) selecting all items 2) merging them (add) which causes curves to divide 3) rectangles and nodes deleting So, replacing Divide option with Add on the start, and then removing the gaps.
  13. Yup, I believe it's something that would be nice to see improved. Basic thing to do, yet takes quite some time... and we all know that deadlines can be painful
  14. Not sure if it's ok to post it, but MEB provided a gif file with the process. Take a look: http://www.miguelboto.com/temp/Marta/marta.gif
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