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  1. This is happening to me all the time. If you’re a slow deliberate biro/pencil type artist it’s really hard not to keep accidentally using the colour picker. I’m on iOS 11.3 and AF with an iPad Pro 9.7”
  2. Ok, this is going to be confusing.. So, Affinity Photo came out so I'm trying other workflows outside of Lightroom/Photoshop, I've experimented with many now, but when I load my Lightroom converted .dngs (about a quarter of my photos) into Apple Photos, or Capture One - the colours go absolutely crazy. Then, if I load the same photo into LR or Affinity Photos the colours go back to normal. But then if I "develop" them, save them out, and re-import them to Photos? They go back to day-glo colours after a second of previewing correctly. I'd thought it was Adobe's fault the dngs were displaying weirdly, and was getting annoyed at Adobe, but then - how come they view correctly in Affinity Photo? Is this Apple and the Capture one guys dropping the ball in their support for dngs? (Ive learnt my lesson and will use NEFs from now on, but it's too late to save these old photos!) Basically, I'm really confused and wondering if anyone has a solution to this. Thanks in advance! PS: Terrible photo attachment but illustrate what I mean!
  3. No it doesn't? Not yet anyway. It looks like Serif need to make an extension for that first? Unless I'm missing something. :)
  4. I came here to ask this exact question! :D A lot of people will be experimenting with Photos now Affinity Photo is out, seeing if they can ween themselves off Lightroom+Photoshop - if there's an extension for Photos it could be a good enough DAM for a lot of users. Please tell us you're working on an extension serif.. I have no idea how long something like this takes though, but fingers crossed.

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