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  1. I wonder when we'll see the feature in AP I really wish to open photoshop less frequently
  2. so I've realized that some UI issues that cause this annoying behavior (see attached screen recording clip) **update: youtube link here - https://youtu.be/o2BGzG78vTQ 1. first off, when your cursor hovers over a font item, not only does the selected text instantly previews the font, but the font also simultaneously gets added to the top of the item list. 2. each item in the font menu has a different height, so as you move your cursor between fonts to preview them, a new font may have a different height than the one it just replaced at the top, the menu then gets moved up/down, depending on the height difference 3. as the menu moves up/down, your cursor may end up sitting on a different font than the one you were trying to preview, which causes the menu to swap out the font immediately and your cursor to sit on a different item... please don't automatically add the previewed font to the used fonts section on the top of the menu. I think this would fix this issue. Thank you AFD-menu-jiggle.mov
  3. in Sketch, there's this convenient feature "Make Grid" I wonder if Affinity Designer has it too Thanks
  4. Hi, may I know if bleed preview is going to be added in 1.6? Thank you.
  5. I'm switching from Sketch and still getting used to Affinity Designer. I wonder if there's an inspector panel that shows the dimensions & positions of the selected objects? Thanks inspector in Sketch:
  6. 1. Is there a way to crop the document/canvas/artboard to the exact rectangular area of the selected objects? In photoshop, you could cmd+click on the layer's thumbnail to select the entire object in the layer, then press C to switch to crop tool, and it automatically fits the crop area to the selection, so you get the minimum canvas size that fits the object. How do you achieve this in AD? While it's able to cmd+click on a layer to select the objects, I can't figure out a way to do the cropping for the canvas other than adjusting the document size with numbers. 2. when exporting, the "Area" dropdown menu is greyed out, how do I enable it? Thanks
  7. does the new tutorial book only come in physical copies? could you release an (interactive) iBooks version?
  8. Any timeline on its release date yet? Totally thrilled
  9. Love your software. I wonder if you guys have any plans for a Lightroom alternative I look forward to the Indesign replacement next year.
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