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  1. Alright, thank you. :) have a nice day
  2. Hello and thank you. The artwork is in this case extended a bit in both the sides and still I can't see it in the exported pdf. How come? Thanks for the answer. :)
  3. Sorry for my inactivity. So I have to extend the work beyond the artboard to make the bleeds work? That's pretty stupid and imprecise in my eyes. A question to any admin, are you planning to add the possibility of "minus bleeds" in the future? Thank you however. :) mike Edit: so there it is in afdesign file, with one question. The photo extends the artboard a bit on the left and on the right side, so why doesn't it shown in the export? ostrava_zpiva2.afdesign
  4. Hello, I'm having recently some trouble with bleeds. I'm a newbie to graphic stuff, I've created a poster and now i need to print it and cut off the edges, so there are no white borders around it. In the document setup, I've set the bleeds to be 3mm on each side. When exporting, I've added all the crop marks and all the stuff, but when I export it to the final pdf file, the bleed marks are 3mm away from the poster, not in it actually (please see attachements, and the bleed is much bigger just to notice the difference). I want Affinity Designer to put the bleed marks in the actual poster, so there will be part of the image cut off. Unfortunately, I can't set bleed with minus at the beginning. Could anyone please help me? Thank you. A lot. Mike ostrava4.pdf
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