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  1. Affinity Designer on Mac converts text to outlines when saving to pdf, even though I tell it to embed fonts. I have tried different fonts and every possible setting. This used to work fine. Text is editable as text in Affinity, but is no longer text in the pdf.
  2. Trackpad pressure can be used to control various brush parameters, which is fantastic. Using a capacitive stylus on the trackpad as well as a finger is great. Is there a way to set up (1) absolute positioning, like a drawing tablet and (2) start/stop brush action with a keystroke? Having to click the trackpad first and then apply pressure (quite a bit of pressure) makes it hard to use as a built in tablet. The program Inklet works, but it would be great to have these functions built into Affinity Photo (and Designer). If I'm missing something, I'd appreciate any direction.
  3. I agree. Please add auto save to your list of future features, at least an option to turn it on and off. It’s disconcerting to have Affinity apps behave differently than almost every other app out there.
  4. Thanks. Seems like an odd choice, and an obvious feature request.
  5. Does anyone know if these apps will automatically save to the iCloud folder (or another place outside of the app) while you work? I have the location set to iCloud, but they do not seem to save or appear there until I manually hit the Save option in the drop down menu for each file in the gallery. Is there a way to make this happen automatically, like almost every other app I’ve used on iPad? It’s frustrating to think it has saved and then to find that it is not the latest version that is saved in iCloud. Maybe I’m missing a setting somewhere. Thanks.
  6. I wasn't able to stitch the images together in Affinity Photo, unfortunately, so I found another solution.
  7. Hi, I have several photos open as separate documents but would like them to be layers. Can this be done, and if so, how? Thanks!
  8. I'd like to merge several screenshots for a higher resolution image. Panorama and focus merge do not work. They layer and blend and distort. Is there a way to do a simple stich/merge of many images for a larger image, without any exposure of focus merging? It seems the most simple merge or stitch is lacking, but it is something Photoshop can do so I assumed Affinity could do it too.
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