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  1. Sorry about this very basic question, but when is the "chain icon" activated?
  2. Hi there, So as of May 2018, is this now possible or still in the roadmap for Affinity Designer?
  3. carl123 - Can't wait to learn how you reveal to us how to perform this technique tomorrow. Sorry for being a "Newbie", I can't hide my profile status, so I might as well embrace it with honor.
  4. IanSG - You're right. However, since I didn't do the editing, I wouldn't know what procedure they utilized to conceal the image information. More than likely most people that hide information about their pictures, like in my example, are probably not too savvy about photo editing software. I bet they just use something along the lines of "Paint" or a similar free iOS photo editing app with basic tools. But they probably manage to make it work, but I bet that prior to exporting the final image, their file still has such layer intact.
  5. firstdefence - Thanks for being my first line of defense in terms of "photo editing" issues. I indeed ended up buying the "Snagit" software by TechSmith. However, it is proving to be very unfortunate for the local authorities, because through the use of the tool's "panoramic" screen capture, I have been able to create evidence that otherwise would have been out of my reach. I'm very grateful for that recommendation of yours. Definitely, it has provided me with an invaluable tool to fight corruption. Anyway, going back to this particular question, no, sorry. I don't the original image nor license plate number. This photo was a random picture I found on the Internet, and it was already marked over with that particular black stroke/paint. However, being able to regenerate any image that has suffered this type of modifcation edition, would prove to be rather useful. In this particular example, it would aid to find out whether the car has fines attached to it, since with the license number you can find out that information. Well, I guess one would still need the registration number of the vehicle, but none the less, it information one needs to take into consideration prior to purchasing a car offer than may sound too good to be true. At any rate, there's probably more good uses one could get out of knowing how to implement this particular technique, if it's even possible. Thanks again!
  6. Dear "toltec" and "Alfred" - Thanks to both of you for making me laugh. However, I'm kind of sad that this can't be done. I really did think the mighty power behind Affinity Photo could do this sort of magic trick. But I guess once the pixel information is damaged, it's gone. I didn't necessarily want to become Dr. Frankenstein, I merely wanted to be able to unveil hidden information covered with paint marks and the like. Thanks at any rate.
  7. How does one reveal a section of a photo that was painted over? Basically, what I’m asking is that if it’s possible to reveal the original image data that was behind the portion that has been concealed. In this particular example it was marked with black paint, but I guess the color wouldn't really matter.
  8. MEB - Okay, I edited the comment, so it would be clearer to what I was referring to. Oh Affinity is definitely multi-platform, but it indeed charges for each different operating system. I can attest to that, since I had to pay for both Affinity Design and Photo twice. Well, actually three times for Affinity Photo, since I also got it for iOS. Definitely a purchase well worth it.
  9. owenr - Not really. Check this out: "Beginning with Snagit 10 (PC) and Snagit on Mac 1, the Snagit license key is cross-platform compatible. Your Snagit license is authorized for a second installation to accommodate Mac use - but they are not for simultaneous use (e.g. use Snagit on your home PC at night, and your work Mac during the day, or vice versa). Please refer to the table below for information on which license keys will work to unlock which version of Snagit on the opposite platform." https://support.techsmith.com/hc/en-us/articles/203732888-Licensing-for-Snagit-Windows-and-Snagit-on-Mac
  10. firstdefence - Thank you so much for all your suggestions! You saved me from having to do a ton of unnecessary work. Yes, I have the WhatsApp Desktop App installed. I just experienced that magic you foreshadowed... Thanks for the Snagit Panoramic Capture link, it is exactly what I needed. Indeed, this really made my life a piece of cake, no stress whatsoever. However, I will have to find out who "The Fonz" are, and I suppose "Heeeeeey" is a song from them? I'll Google search and YouTube that just for the record. Thanks again brother! And also thanks to everybody who made what would have been a tedious task, a rather simple one. I'll still go over the Affinity Photo suggested steps you took your time to explain to me. It definitely won't hurt to try doing them as if it were a tutorial, but perhaps with a different example, because I want to get "high-speed" with the Affinity software anyway, so I'm sure it well help me better understand the layer stack work flow. I just downloaded the 15 day free trial of "Snagit" on my Mac, but I will probably end up purchasing it, since it really is a magnificent tool with lots of capabilities. I'm glad it's multi-platform, so by purchasing a license, I will be able to use it on both my Windows PC and on my Mac. Kudos for this recommendation!
  11. sdeban - Sorry to hear that. What other solution did you find?
  12. Thanks Alfred, let me just finish preparing breakfast, and run a couple other Sunday errands, and after that I will surely immerse myself in the thread. I'm really amazed at how promptly everybody jumped in to offer help, this forum is awesome! I will definitely keep asking questions. Thanks for your kind help!
  13. Hi sdeban, Were you able to merge the several screenshots to produce a larger screenshot? I as well need to do some simple merging and stitching of screenshots, probably the same thing as you. Since I can only capture one screen image of the particular "WhatsApp" chat at the time, and not the full chat history, I basically have to stitch all these images together, but I don't know how to do this. Other than by cropping the images and aligning them, which seems like a very tedious process. So I'm wondering if Affinity Photo has some sort of tool to accomplish this particular task in an automated manner? Any tips or insight of a practical work methodology on how to do this, would be more than welcome. Thanks in advance.
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