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  1. Thanks for testing my file @DM1 I did have two adobe apps installed but I now deleted them. I rebooted my iPad but nothing happened. Should I reinstall AD on my iPad again now that the Adobe apps are deleted? Is it the Adobe app specific or should I delete all Adobe associated files in my iCloud too? Here is a screenshot the file association in the info panel. Thanks again for your help. How do you like using the Documents app instead of the native Files app?
  2. Hi @DM1 What app is that “recents” widget for? It looks super clean compared to the files app widget. Unfortunately this issue is only affecting “afdesign” files. When I first installed AD in July of 2020 I was able to see the file preview thumbnail for files saved with the .afdesign extension, after I updated the app to version 1.9 (I think) back in February or March of this year is what changed my file previews for the .afdesign files. I have tried that save a copy option as well. The only thing that seems to bring my file previews for afdesign files back on my iPad is if I open the project files on desktop and re-save it that way. Here is an attached project file. The project file I attached is a re-saved file (on iPad) from a project I originally worked on back in October of 2020. I just noticed the file size difference is quite large, though kbs are rather small a jump from 600 to 32 a big difference. Rounded Rectangle Chat Icons [Re-Saved].afdesign
  3. So I decided to purchase a new license for AD using my new Apple ID so I can test the project files in the files app with a new Apple ID. The issue still persists even with a brand new apple ID. Im wondering if this intended behavior with the 1.9 update from earlier this year. Does this happen to anyone else? Are you able to see your file previews from AD project files in the files app on your iPad?
  4. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has responded to my post, I appreciate your help. Hi @Leigh I really hope the family sharing thing fixes it for me. I will contact Apple however, because I still want to find the root cause to the problem.
  5. @Paul Mudditt thanks for your response. I already tried that option as well, as you can see in my original screenshot there are some files with no "cloud icon". I tried clicking that cloud button but it didn't change the thumbnails
  6. I have enabled family sharing on the account where I purchased AD and when I try to access AD with the new Apple ID I get this error. I tried some solutions online to fix it but none of those helped this time.
  7. Click the thumbtack icon on the top right of the layers panel, this will “pin” the layers panel so it won’t hide anymore
  8. @Patrick Connor never thought about that, thank you for your input I really appreciate everyone’s help. I really hope this works, otherwise I might just change to a different app for my iPad. It’s unfortunate because I really love use AD, I have created so many projects within the year I have been using it. This “bug” isn’t a huge issue really but for me it has definitely impacted my workflow, since I create such a high volume of new projects I rely heavily on the preview image of the file to help me organize and identify projects. I have been trying to work with this “change” but I noticed I haven’t been wanting to work on projects as much, it takes so much time just trying to find the correct project to open.
  9. @emmrecs01 my request is “unusual” because it’s the last option I have at this point. This “bug” that causes this is rather “unusual” and I am surprised that there isn’t a fix to this yet. But what would Apple Support do to help me in this case? I already bought another iPad and that didn’t fix the issue.
  10. Is it possible to transfer my AD ipad license to a new Apple ID without re-purchasing it on the new Apple ID? It’s random request I know….but I think it’s the only option I have left. Ever since I updated AD to 1.10 on my iPad earlier this year the file thumbnail previews changed from the file contents to the default Affinity Designer logo. I posted some questions on the forum here and people stated that it’s probably an iOS issue. So I did some tests to see if anything will help remedy the issue but none of them worked, which leads me to believe that the last option for me to “fix” the issue is to create a entirely new Apple ID. I conducted the following tests: - Signed out of iCloud and Signed in - Delete Files app and re-install it - Delete Affinity Designer from iPad and re-install it - Factory Reset iPad - Bought a New iPad One test I haven’t conducted locally is send some of my AD project files to another person who has AD installed on their iPad. I have been trying to work with it but my workflow definitely has been altered. I still want to use AD daily this “bug” is making it difficult, I don’t want to abandon Designer totally but there has got to be a fix for this. Clicking the “cloud” icon to download the file doesn’t do anything either
  11. I already know how dynamic guides work, my question is regarding “measuring guides” on iPad specifically.
  12. These snapping guides are called Dynamic Guides and they do help out when snapping but this isn’t exactly what I am looking for. I am looking for Measuring guides that show the distances between objects relative to the selected object, as shown in this screen recording. Note, this screen recording is showing the measuring guides feature on the Affinity Designer desktop app, I am looking to access this feature on the iPad app.
  13. I was reading about “measuring guides” for the desktop app in this article here. I mainly use the iPad app in my workflow so I’m curious how I can enable these type of guides while working on the iPad without a keyboard. How can I see the distances between objects relative to their group and other objects? I have attached screenshots of some of my projects on desktop.
  14. I just noticed this while working with isometric objects. There is a noticeable gap between the objects and the top edge of the bounding box. What is causing the gap like that? I should note that I have these isometric objects grouped together. Thanks for your help
  15. @Patrick Connorwell it looks like I just have to wait until the next release after 1.9 to start using AD on my iPad again
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