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  1. Is this GPU support supposed to be accelerating brushes yet, I have a few of the "IPad only" brush packs like Daub and they still run sluggishly with GPU acceleration enabled.
  2. I thought this was mentioned as coming soon back in June when 1.7 came out. Is there any sort of ETA for this, or is Windows taking a back seat versus the Mac version?
  3. I'm having an issue with the pen tool in smart mode in affinity photo with my surface pro 4, the current curve i'm drawing randomly ends and a new one starts, this doesn't always happen, but so regularly its really annoying, i keep having to use the history tool to go back, and often even reverting to the previous item in history it still retains a new starting point for a curve until i click back another history state back, then i am able to finish the curve.
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