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  1. Right, In the video, at 2:05 is when you see that for the fifth PDF I tried to update the link (BP-101-001-C) from the "ISO Volume 1" folder to "ASME Volume 1" folder the update link does not change. What I observed and it is in the video. I can update a few PDFs before it doesn't allow me to update other links: aka partially freezes. After updating a few PDFs, the app partially freezes in the sense that it is unable to locate the pdf in the document when I click Locate in the resource manager and I'm unable to access the layers panel. It doesn't show me a progress bar when saving. The app then partially freezes. You will see that I can zoom in and out and scroll but I'm unable to access the layers when I double click. also, please notice how when I close the app, it asks me to save: all good. but when I open the file again, it prompts me to use a recovery file then, all the links I Replaced weren't saved. Note: please note that I have the prompt from the REsorce manager that a PDF was modified, but in reality is not updating the PDFs linked to the document. Then from minute 4 onwards is "more fun": I close the app, save the file and then when I reopen the file, it asks to open a backup version of the file when it just asked to save the file before closing the app seconds before. Let me know if you need further info. Josue RC3 replacing pdf problem.mp4
  2. Hello, When I try to replace PDFs that are linked, the app only takes one at a time. When using the resource manager and clicking on Replace, it does not replace any other pdf but the first one. In the release notes, it said that it was fixed. I'm using publisher RC3 (build 2005)
  3. Here is the content of the folder. I remember that before by running the app as Admin was enough to write there, but the path for Beta is not there. also, if I click on "Modify" I see the Windows installer and it closes straight away. Also, I deleted 2.1.1 and 2.2 beta to install V2 on Windows Store: the same situation happened: I saw it in the task manager for a couple of seconds ( as background process) and no splash screen. Then, the background process is closed.
  4. I'm facing the same problem. 2.1.1 and 2.2.xxx (beta) are not starting. I ran all the suggested fisxes in this thread + deactivating the firewall and antivirus and no luck. I'm attaching the event viewer details where shows Publisher not starting. 1.evtx
  5. I have this problem with both 2.1.1 and 2.2 beta ( latest build). I already deactivated the antivirus and firewall, and no change. It still does not open. I don't even see the splash screen In the tasks manager, I never see publisher.exe running at all. Any suggestion?
  6. Hello @Callum The file I'll be uploading is Revision V, version 5. Please see the image above witha file name (rev V V5) with time and date. Funny enough, I opened the file after packaging it and the error is not there. So, there are TWO files for the APub file, the one standalone in the upload is before saving it as a package, the Apub file inside the folder is saved as a package. I have another ticket for a bug in the beta version for a related problem with resource manager and linked PDFs: the files for that otehr post are at Revison W and revision of the same file I'm sending to you. That other post is below:
  7. Not a problem. I just uploaded the files. I included a video showing how to replicate the bug with the specific files I'm sent. Note: You will see that the lastest revison of the file (revision Z version 2) can not replicate the error: I found out that when you update each linked PDF at a single time, resoruce manager can catch-up with the file updates with no errors: my theory on why the file Rev Z V2 can't replicate the error is because the links were updated one by one and then the file was saved. However, Rev W V5, breaks straight away. Also, these two files occupy very different amount of memory on disc, when they have virtually the same amount of content inside. That is odd. I noticed that when I "save As" between revisons, the new copy occupies less memory. I hope it helps. Kind, Josue
  8. Hello @Sean P I have the files ready but unfortunatelly, the dropbx link is not active: it says: " This file request has been closed, deleted, or never existed.". Could you create anotehr link, please? I'll send you a packaged Apub file + teh linked PDFs and a set of teh 100+ PDFs modified so you can replicate this bug. Josue
  9. I found a walk around thanks to @walt.farrell's guidance! See link bellow @Hangman Now, I found a way not to have to relink the PDFs after updating them in bulk. Still a pain to need to modify the DPI on all linked PDFs. Josue.
  10. I don't know how it works but it works!!! OMG! Please note how by playing with the scale doesn't work. It only works when you use the slider for the DPI!!!!! Many Thanks you prompt me to try every single permutation to fix that. Not ideal but at least I don't have to relink 100+ PDFs. Sorry for the vertical aspect ratio of the video. 2023-04-07_21-26-00.mp4
  11. Surte thing Hangman. What I'm writing applies to BETA and 2.0.4. Indeed, from CAD software: Solid Edge V2023 Maintenance Pack 4. PDFs are saved up to 600dpi as a vector graphics: hence why each PDF I xport from CAD is around 50KB or less. I tried exporting the PDFs from CAD at 300dpi having the same results. I used to have the folder, and its subfolders with the assets, in Google drive and moved to Onedrive to troubleshoot. It improved, making Publiser more stable but the Linked PDF problem is still the same. Done a week ago. The same problem. Done two weeks ago. moved all folders toguether, and then the publihser file kept the link to teh PDFs to the previous folder. I had to manually updte all the links to the PDFs in the new folder. The problem still persist. I tried that today. Same problem. 🤔 Done last week (in the version 2.0.4) and tried today in teh BETA version. It does update a handfull of PDFs, but when you try to updated the next "five" it doesn't work anymore. That works exporadically, only wehn I save one by one. Unfortunatelly I'm exporting 120 PDFs in bulk. My theroy is that Publisher can't handle the change in memory location of another file with the same name: I don't know, it is a shot in the dark. At this point, I think I need a drink. LOL Josue
  12. Hello Walt, I thought the same, size 0 make sense (0mm x 0mm). But if I try to resize it manually, it defaults back to -21474836. Funny enogh is showing 6616x4677 pixels for a negative dpi image. 🤷‍♂️ In the link below, you can see the same behavior in the latest BETA version. 🥲
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