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  1. Hi Nathan, You can uncross your fingers and give yourself 10/10 for persistence - it worked! An interesting issue, if obscure, as I know a few creatives running Surfaces instead of MacBooks, etc. these days. Many thanks, Andy
  2. Hi Nathan, I can't find the OpenCL Compatibility Pack in Windows Features and it's not showing as installed in my MS Store account. The only reference I can find to OpenCL on the Surface is under the Iris Xe Graphics drivers where there's a DLL file called OpenCL.dll in the System32 folder. I've just uploaded the log file to DropBox. Thanks, Andy
  3. Hi Nathan, My Win11 build is Home Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621. Apparently, this was originally an Insider build last year, but was a full release recently. To be certain, I've had a good check around and my MS account is, unfortunately, definitely not enrolled.
  4. Hi Nathan. Thanks for continuing to try to resolve this. I've just run through those options in turn (except adding the urls to the whitelist). In each case, the result continues to be the registration splash screen appearing and then disappearing on first click. I've looked at the various Norton logs and can find nothing related to Affinity. This launch glitch seems to be limited to Photo 2 right now, as other apps have been subsequently installed and launched.
  5. Hi v_kyr, I'd read about that incompatibility, as a few users seemed to have found it. Yep, it's the old school Intel config (i7), as the ARM version was a little compromised for my needs. Thanks, Andy
  6. Hi Nathan, Thanks for laying all this out. Solutions 1-3 didn't throw up anything untoward - SFC showed no integrity issues, and I ran some DISM commands anyway that showed no issues. I did run the .NET Desktop Runtime repair tool, which just reregistered and restarted the Windows Installer Service. I also ran a repair option for .NET 7 Desktop Runtime that's part of its installer for good measure, anyway. Running through the .msi un/reinstall (successful) and command line load (run twice) unfortunately just took a little longer to bring up the registration screen, before that disappeared as soon as I clicked on it. Once again, there is no sign of any Affinity-related activity in Task Manager. Very sad face. Andy
  7. Hi Nathan, dxdiag.txt file on its way to Dropbox. I'll crack on with the other suggestions. Many thanks, Andy
  8. Hi NathanC. I've forwarded the files via the link. On your question of Safe Mode, that just momentarily showed the small Photo 2 version number screen and nothing else. Nothing that looked likely in Task Manager, either. Thanks, Andy
  9. Hi NathanC, Thanks for stepping in. Yes, I'll work through that and forward the files. Andy
  10. Thanks for the fast response v_kyr. That was a good idea that I'd not thought about. Upgraded to .NET Runtime 7 and restarted the Surface, but still the same disappearing registration dialogue on first click. Latest crash report attached. e611c12c-0593-4a9b-88ba-99418d1ea7f9.dmp
  11. Hi, I've used up all the suggested fixes in the forums with no success, hence the new thread. I'm facing the same issue as several members, but can't find a resolution. I've bought Photo 2 in the past week and spent 10+ hours trying to get it to load on a 2 month old full-fat Microsoft Surface 9 under Windows 11. Regardless of whether I use an MSI, MSIX or Microsoft version Store, all I get is the registration screen, or the CTRL Settings windows, which promptly disappear as soon as a dialogue is clicked (no application screen in the background). For reference, I've also installed it on a 3 year old Dell G5 desktop with lots of peripherals and a GPU with no issues. I've tried the OpenCL tool, around 12 install/reinstalls, modifying the preferences file as well as various Windows analyses and repairs like SFC and DISM, plus a bunch of other stuff. In the end I decided to reinstall Windows this afternoon with a clean download version and installed the MSI version of Photo 2 before AV software or any other image softwares - still the same issue, despite me then downloading and installing other programs with no problem (including DxO PhotoLab and Nik). I can see all the files, but the .exe simply won't load. As I wanted to use Affinity to replace PS on both my machines, it's not going to help me only having it on 1 machine. Any help ould be appreciated, as I've exhausted my time, knowledge on patience on trying to get it to work. I've attached the latest crash file if that's any help. Thanks, Andy 1bd5a270-bbff-4849-8387-24e7f53c505b.dmp
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