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V2: Save or export document to V1-format?

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I guess this will be a topic for many Users who are collaborating with other Affinity users still on V1. I have both versions of the Affinity suite, and am a bit hesitant to edit v1-documents because of the incompatibility with v1-apps. Is there any way to somehow "save as" or "export" v2-documents from the v2-app to the v1-document-format, perhaps with a friendly warning that one might lose some new features? 

Otherwise this would be a weird situation, Designer can open Illustrator files from all versions (which Illustrator cannot do), but cannot export into its very own format of the predecessor...

Btw: Copying from V2 and paste it into V1 seems to work, even the controls for a cog shape still works.

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7 hours ago, Michael Tietz said:

I am sure you could fix that with the first update for V2 ;-)

How? There are many features in V2 that V1 does not support, so how would you expect that to work -- just omit anything V1 can't handle or what?

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8 hours ago, R C-R said:

How? There are many features in V2 that V1 does not support, so how would you expect that to work -- just omit anything V1 can't handle or what?

Surely this is not an impossible request since most graphic design apps, even subscription based, support saving to earlier native versions or have a specific generic data exchange format or "maximum compatibility save mode" to be used across different versions (and especially different users of different versions). Perhaps a kind of PDF encapsulation would be possible within native Affinity version formats, so that features not supported would be handled similarly as e.g. Warp groups are when copied from version 2 to 1 apps via Clipboard?

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8 hours ago, R C-R said:

How? There are many features in V2 that V1 does not support, so how would you expect that to work -- just omit anything V1 can't handle or what?

I'm not sure if this is meant to be subtle comedy? Anyone who's used design apps in the past decade will know that's exactly what gets done.

It's a shame there's no back-saving, it was already a pain being an Affinity user in an Adobe world, but now we will even have to be incompatible amongst ourselves.

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Лол, тогда я не буду использовать 2 версию. На моём iPad стоит v1 и я не могу экспортировать с компьютерной v2. Это тупо

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I got V1. And I loved it.
I jumped onto V2 when it came out, allowing me to use the latest version on my Mac, my Windows desktop and my iPad, thinking I was making a great move forwards.

Then I discovered some of the people I know only have v1, and didn't make that leap, and quite simply aren't going to, because of their customers, friends etc.

After all, not everyone is a graphic designer, happy to spend on the latest software. I'm certainly not!
(And if I was in the V1 Camp, I'd be doing my best to discourage people thinking of going to V2, only to be left behind!)

Without some form of backward compatible export, I either have to keep files in V2 and then recreate them using V1, copying across the layers into new documents, or I have to try to put it into an interim non-Affinity format like a PSD, with even more compatibility issues than V2 to V1, which seems counter-intuitive when we all want to live in the world of Affinity!

Backward compatibility is something we all take for granted. Of course V1 files may not support all of the V1 features. Of course some things might be lost in the export. But backwards compatibility is something that not having, splits the world of Affinity users into 2 camps. V1's and V2's, and there's no easy way of sharing or collaborating.

Why ever would a company that rivals Adobe for having a wonderful graphical package choose to alienate existing customers, or restrict new customers in such a terrible way?
Please please please can we encourage Affinity to create a v1 exporter, so that we can share our V2 love with those left behind, and help support V1 users for continuing with the product until it's right for them to invest in the benefits that V2 can bring.

I can see 2 clear ways forward, both of which would show a united front for Affinity software:

1. An export from V2 to V1 compatible files
2. The ability for V1 to open V2 files in read only mode, to then be able to extract/copy the layers into new files.

Let us find a way for Affinity users to unite, share resources, and all grow together.

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If Affinity Designer can import an IDML file, so I'm pretty certain it should be possible to reverse the process and export an IDML file too. There will always be new features which aren't exactly rendered as they should be, but it would be a good halfway-house.

https://affinity.help/publisher/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/GetStarted/importDocument.html?title=Importing documents


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1 hour ago, 3Dshark said:

If Affinity Designer can import an IDML file,

I don't think that Designer can do that. Isn't iDML import limited to Publisher?

-- Walt

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iPad Pro M1, 12.9", iPadOS 16.3.1, Apple Pencil 2, Magic Keyboard

      Affinity Photo 1.10.7 and 2.0.4 and beta/ Affinity Designer 1.10.7 and 2.0.4 and beta/ Affinity Publisher 2.0.4 and beta

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