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  1. I bought Affinity Photo and Designer for iPad. I would like to buy desktop version even the bugs persist and features missing. But without Linux support I am not willing pay anything. Reason? Firstly, I do not want to be OS limited. Secondly, I would like to switch to Linux in future. Right now i have old CS6 suite that is still working and has more features than Affinity. Also there is phylosophical point of view about open source, but i am willing pay some tribute for good software. Many people argue that Linux market share is less then 10%. But hey! Ordinary Joe does not need Photo/Vector Editing software, right? Many people use Windows or Mac just for email, document editing, gaming and web browsing. So, these statistics are way out of reality. Anyway, me as many others (advanced users who use computer for living) use WIN, MAC only in work because there is no suitable alternative for some properiety software. We are the market you are looking for. If there will be alterantive for these mandatory cliche software that make us addicted on damn properiet PSD, DWG, DOCX... we will instantly switch to Linux. Do math yourself. I know. It is risk. But believe me, many "Linux" users are willing pay more for PRO software. They use their computer for job. If software makes their life and work easier, they will pay for it!
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    Thank you for fast response. I have just one feature idea for future releases. As you can see, in this PDF document there is lot of layers due uneffective exporting tool. This is very normal behaviour for many softwares. So, how we can effectively clean up/purge such document? Unfortunetly in Designer nor Publisher there is not any smart way. Only manual chosing layer or "objects". In many other applications such Illustrator or even Open Source Inkscape you can chose "all objects" with same parameter as color, stroke style, etc. Select by same parameter should not be very hard to implement, should be? It would be nice have this in Affinity workspace (Designer and Publisher). On more advanced documents we need smart tools like this. Even decades old softwares had those functions. Do not take me wrong, but for example also in Designer there is no any way how to vectorize a raster image. We need use external applications. That leads customers consider the idea: Why i would work in designer, if i have to use similiar software that have this and many others functionality? Just my idea. I like Affinity products. Juts trying help find few features that we need in our professional workflow
  3. The Publisher is very slow with PDF document opened. This is related to Designer as well. How can i say it is very slow? Because in Indesign or Illustrator CS6; the document is very responsive. I have this simple LAYOUT document (more attachement). I want to use it in our documentation that will be 10 pages max. The first thing is very hard or none options rotate entire document/page in non portrait. So i change canvas by Spred propertis to non portrait style. After that i need rotate the all layers as one object. And there starts thing go very slow. I can not rotate without really big lags. Not usable. I think my computer is not so slow. It is i7 3770, 16GB RAM, GTX1070... Also, as i said above - with old Adobe CS6 without any lag. There is few workarounds. But i have to be hones. I tried Place PDF document to Publisher, but this is not solution because I need polish and edit PDF document later without opening another software. Only options for Placed PDF document is rasterize Layer. Why? PDF is vector based... Why we lost editability? So, maybe i am doing something wrong, but according to me, there should be investigation on performance or at least usability PDF documents (in Designer aswell) Limpacher_ZAMERANIE_2np.pdf

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