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  1. Please, add hotkey for flood selection mode "Current layer" and "All layers". With some workflows there is constant need to use one or another mode, have hotkey for a tool with pre-inited mode would be helpful
  2. Seconding this request. Really useful, but with this limitation it is not so useful "right away", without additional toolbar clicks
  3. There is a problem when editing sub-brush of the brush. It is generaly not working (dialog just closes and no result - look at video), but sometimes steps from video lead to crash. Crash log in attachment. UPD: also got a crash on changing the size of sub-brush (in edit button) Screen Recording 2023-04-25 at 11.50.34.mov crash.log
  4. With new beta there is no "unlink" icon in document/canvas resize. It was between input fields in previous beta Width and height now always linked, which is not useful, especially for canvas resize
  5. Still a problem in // This inconsistence can be viewed as minor, but it still harms AP usability in general (by requiring additional steps when working with masks where it is not needed)
  6. Thanks for fix, there is still one minor problem though - now the toggles are visible, but they are not aligned to tab width at start. Generally they should be snapped to right border of a tab Look at screenshot
  7. Problem: Levels/Curves/Channel Mixer adjustment added to mask (in alpha mode) can not be "Merged". Merge button do nothing and "Rasterize to mask" (or any other rasterize) on the mask itself - also do nothing. So there is currently no way to "apply" alpha-related adjustment to mask layer at all
  8. Probably devs have information regarding PSD support and are able to share mapping of Photoshop features to Affinity Photo features. Specifically question is: is it possible to make linked layers in Affinity Photo from PSD file?
  9. Still a problem in 1736 // In fact this is quite annoying problem. My case - i have a group with pixel content and a mask of this objects added to group. I want to cut this objects from some other layers in other groups (rendered masks from blender). I ctrl-clicking on the mask of the objects (that is added to group) and copy-pasting parts of layer from other group with newly-made selection... And every time i need to additionally cut off excessive parts in copied pixel layers. because selection does exactly corresponds to actual mask of the object. Really annoying //
  10. Oh, i see, thanks for head ups! problem still persist in latest beta - - will wait when this gets sorted too. Thanks for cool tool, anyway!
  11. Installed the beta 1732... The problem is still here // Look at outliner in screenshot
  12. The problem mentioned here - https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/181539-2101706-win-dropdown-focus-problems-break-hotkeys-workflow/ - still persist in some areas. Making changes in tool toolbar breaks hotkeys until focus removed, and focus can not be removed easily. Please note that click on canvas as a way to remove focus is NOT convininent, since the very reason to use hotkeys after changing tool settings is to adjust brush to proper values. Meaning the first click will always be "wrong" and require Ctrl-Z - Gradient tool - context and type dropdowns - Mix tool - checkboxes "Auto load brush" and "Auto Clean Brush" - Brush Tool - blend modes dropdown, checkboxes "Protect Alpha" and "Wet edges", checkboxes "Mirror" and "Lock" - Erase tool - checkboxes "Mirror", "Lock", "Wet edges" - Smudge tool - checkboxes "Mirror", "Lock", "Wet edges" - Pen tool - checkboxes "show orientation" and "use fill" (use can not change active tool by hotkey after ticking this checkboxes) - Pixel brush tool - blend modes dropdown, erase mode dropdown (alternate), checkboxes "Mirror", "Lock", "Protect Alpha" - Patch tool - source dropdown, checkboxes "Selection is source", "Texture only", "Dropdown" - Freehand selection tool - type dropdown
  13. No, it`s not new. Same results - you mean you can draw on the areas, that are clearly blacked out in mask after making selection out of this mask? If yes - How its possible its not a bug?
  14. There is a problem with ctrl-clicking on mask icon, added to group. Ctrl-clicking on mask icon should produce selection, that match the content of the mask itself (this is expected behaviour). But with masks added to group this is not the case, produced selection is invalid since it allow to draw on areas that is clearly BLACK inside mask. Look at video and attached file. Ctrl-click on the same mask moved out of group produce proper selection, the problem only happens when mask is added to group Screen Recording 2023-03-17 at 10.58.19.mov selection bug.afphoto
  15. There is a problem with outliner in latest bets: When panel width is bigger than default, right part of outliner is clamped and controls not reachable at all. outliner hardly usable in this state (no way to toggle visibility), look at screenshot
  16. It highly depends on brush spacing. On brushes with low spacing low values are "Work" too. It is a cool tool, auto-clear comparing smduge does not prefer "light" color (smudge always prefere them, it is not anizotripic) The only thing is missing now is to allow Mix brush work on "meta channels" only - "Lightness", "Color", etc
  17. Really annoying problem on windows... any mix brush option change, any normal brush blend mode change - every time there is no way to adjust brush (via hotkey) before making changes on canvas //
  18. Bilateral blur adjustment lacks one improtant option - option to set layer name that should be used as "differences map" instead of current color. Layer that may serve as "segmentation map" for current layer. With V2.0 there is a lot of new options, targeted on users working with 3D software - and this is de-facto a stardart to have separate segmentation mask for blurring in composition. Would be cool to have the same (basic) functionality in AP
  19. The curves editing (pen tool, node tool) are generaly fine and convinient, but there is two small features that should increase quality of life: 1) please, add the ability to cut/copy some curves from one curve layer and paste them into another curve layer. Current way on breaking the curve and joining them back is unusable for layers with many-many curves 2) There is "Add new curve to selected curve layer" option for pen tool. It works fine, but it should also work when adding curve to the MASK of curve layer. Because for now if user want to erase part of curve, switch to eraser tool, erase parts (mask is added by assistant) and start add new curves - pen tool adds new layer, since it is mask layer selected. While this is obvious that in that case curve tool should jump back to mask-parent curve layer and continue to add curves here, always Some more suggestions: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/152791-readable-file-format-for-curves-without-fills/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/171397-list-of-longstanding-papercuts-afphoto/
  20. There was a problem with dropdowns in previous beta, described here - It is now fixed for layer blend modes. But it is still present for dropdows related to active tool: 1) Blend mode of active brush. If you change it at toolbar then some hotkeys will stop working. Clicks and ESC key does not help, space key will open dropdown instead of panning, etc 2) Current layer/Below layers dropdown of patch tool. Same problem 3) Mode dropdown (RYB/RGB) of Mix tool 4) Gradient type dropdown of gradient tool 5) Source dropdown of wand tool The very same problem exist with Checkboxes on toolbar area. For example "Auto Clean Brush" of mix tool, after ticking Space hotkey, brush size hotkeys became unusable until focus stays on checkbox. This also applies to other checkboxes of other tools too
  21. I also suspected layer selection problem at first, but layer selection always proper, just exit and reenter makes everything work (no extra clicks, no selection changes) I`ll try to catch situation on video, but hard to tell when this happens in advance
  22. There is a problem with liquify persona - sometimes when this mode activated it looks like everything ok, but brushes not working at all. Clicking/draggin on canvas just produce no effect, but all the sliders/etc are working as usual. In this state i can click cancel button and immediately switch back to liquify persona again - now persona starts working without problems. There is no particular pattern when this happens, unfortunately, but i expiriencing that from 2.0 version from time to time both on Mac and Windows, in release version and now in latest beta too. Hope this will be fixed one day, reopen trick works - but annoying
  23. Thanks for tip, this actually working! But hint does not tell about this combination. It tells about ctrl-rightmouse and shift-rightmous, which does not work (context menu arrive). Look at screenshot
  24. In recent beta many controls are now NOT loosing focus when user clicks outside of control. And even escape key do not remove focus out of control. For example layer blending mode: click on it (in outliner), change blending - and click on any other layer in outliner. Or change the tool to another, for example. Blue rectangle will stay on control - focus not removed. Same with "Source" dropdown of patch tool - after changin source blue rectangle stays at control even if user clicks on canvas anywhere. The problem with focus leads to much more painful keyboard interceptions. When focus stays in control - brush can not be changes with brackets (intercepted by control in focus - nothing happens with actual brush size) or user can not press space key to move the canvas (again, keypress intercepted by control and activates dropdown). Current behaviour of not removing focus from control (after changing the value in dropdowns) automatically - effectively cancels many of hotkeys.
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