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  1. There are several free items made available when you actually purchase the application. You can see what they are if you add the application to your cart at the Affinity Store. You can then delete the application from your cart if you don't actually want to buy right now.
  2. It sounds like you're using one of the corner handles. Perhaps you should try the top handle? It is purely rotation.
  3. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. In addition to the information above: Affinity Photo uses the Open Source LibRAW product to do the Develop work on Windows (and optionally on Mac and iPad), and can only support RAW files when that product provides support for them.
  4. Are you sure you purchased it from the Mac App Store? If so, are you sure you're signed in to the MAS with the same Apple ID you used for the purchase? Or, is it possible you purchased from Serif, instead? In that case, you should find it available to download from your account at https://affinity.store/account/downloads
  5. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, @Jameel john. Can you describe your problem? I don't understand it from your screenshot.
  6. The DPI is just metadata that helps indicate what size the image would print at. Though it's true that "New from Clipboard" will give you 96 DPI, all the pictures are there. All you need to do is Resize the document and specify the DPI you want, making sure that you do not Resample during the operation As far as I know, no; that's just how "New from Clipboard" works. You could perhaps create a new empty document with the DPI you want, then Paste your copied image into it, then Crop.
  7. I would say that you should not Open documents that are on network drives, or Save documents to network drives. But it should be acceptable to copy a document from a network drive to local storage, Open and Save it on the local storage, then copy the document back to the network storage when you're done. But I agree that the fonts and any linked resources are likely to cause problems. Using Packages, as you also mentioned, should handle both of those issues. The Package can then be copied from the network location to local storage, and a new Package can be generated when the local editing is done. The new Package can then be copied back to the network location, ideally as a new version with the old one kept as a backup.
  8. The FAQ below will tell you where the assets.propcol file is stored. For local backup/recovery purposes it can be helpful to keep a copy of it, too. Then when an error occurs you can simply restore that copy instead of needing to restore each individual asset category. But backing up the individual categories, too, as you're already doing is also a good practice.
  9. It will be even more annoying if the assets.propcol file that holds all the assets breaks, and you have to redo that work. I hope you're making good backups of that file to make restoration simple when breakage occurs.
  10. Given that you said "each page will look different" I'm not sure it makes much sense to use a template.
  11. Are you talking about three different users using the program on different computers, for commercial purposes? If so, that would require three licenses, as far as I know. If you were asking about you (one user) using it on a computer that you own, at three different customer sites, that could be done with a single license.
  12. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. I'm not sure what you mean. Do you have the app installed on your iPad? What exactly happens when you try to run it?
  13. That may be a long wait, as the Serif staff generally don't interact in the Feature Request part of the forum.
  14. We have seen evidence here in the forums that at least some of the OpenCL issues are due to problems with the graphics drivers, not problems in the Affinity code. For example, for some users the problems disappear when they update to a newer driver level (while for others, the problems disappear when they revert to an older driver level). There may be some that are Affinity problems, of course.
  15. @DWright gave you the "permanent" answer for a Placed PDF file a few posts earlier, didn't he? If you don't want to the recreate the PDF then you'll have to put a white rectangle below it after you Place it.
  16. Or, perhaps, using the Typography settings in the Character panel, the font might let you choose a different form of the letter "o" that works better.
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