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  1. No, that won't work because the Context Toolbar is not part of the Studio. There is a full reset function. Hold the Ctrl key while starting the application, and keep it pressed until you get the Clear User Data dialog. Select everything, and press Clear. But that will also remove any Assets or Brushes or Styles or Text Styles, etc. that you've added, so make sure you have good backups for all that before you do it. You can also reset individual items in that dialog. There's also Preferences, Miscellaneous, for some other targeted Reset functions. And Edit > Defaults > Fact
  2. If you open the Text Styles panel, and click on the the panel preferences/settings icon (aka "hamburger" menu), one of your choices will be to save the current set of text styles as the default set. Help: https://affinity.help/publisher/en-US.lproj/pages/Panels/textStylesPanel.html Alternatively, you can create a Template file, create the Text Styles in it, and start new documents using that Template.
  3. My interpretation of the OP was that the problem is with a text style whose definition specifies a shortcut key, not with the shortcuts you've shown in your screenshot. From the Help: I'm not sure which interpretation of the OP is correct
  4. My guess has been (for cases where I don't find a crash report) that it can take some amount of time for Photo to actually quit in some cases. It may dispose of the UI, which makes it seem like it has quit, but it's still in the process of completely going away when the "Start" function is called to restart it. And the Start function sees that Photo is still there, and doesn't do anything, just as would happen if you try to start it while it is already running.
  5. I'm not sure what you're expecting from "bringing it back to the top". It's in the Feedback section, which typically the Serif staff uses for planning but will not comment in. As Feedback, it doesn't need to be "at the top" because its placement does not affect how it's used by Serif. If you think you've found a bug of some kind, and are looking for a fix, this thread is in the wrong forum.
  6. I'm not aware of anything specifically named "Reset to Default", but there are many different kinds of similarly named functions so I'm not sure which you're asking about.
  7. Colors, by default, are not global. You can create global colors, and assign them to objects, and then if you edit the color all the objects will change. This requires that you create a Document Palette, and that you create the colors as Global before assigning them. Though it should be possible to perform a Select Same for a non-global color, and replace it in all objects with a global color that you have defined later.
  8. Yes, that should work. Aren't Symbols were local to the document in all cases?
  9. For custoer privacy reasons, and possibly for internal business reasons, none of the Stores shares customer information with the other Stores. Thus Apple does not know anything about your purchases from Serif, and Serif does not know anything about your purchases from Apple. I have not seen that. It's true that many users seem to have problems using credit cards, but we have no idea how many others are being successful because no one writes in to say that a purchase worked When issues with credit cards occur, I think it is possible that it is an issue with the user's web bro
  10. If @Fixx's screenshot doesn't help you, can you give us a screenshot of the application window so we can see what you have?
  11. You're welcome. (Also, welcome to the forums.) Where did you purchase it from originally? If from the Affinity Store, you can download from https://affinity.store/account/downloads If from the Microsoft Store or Mac App Store, just login to that store with the same login credentials as on your home computer, and install it from your previously purchased apps.
  12. You're doing something to cause the DPI mismatch, and I suspect it's that mismatch that is causing the problem you've noticed. If you can't figure out what you're doing that causes the mismatch, then perhaps someone else can if you describe your processes completely, or perhaps you can provide a video. If we figure out what causes the DPI mismatch, and if the DPI mismatch is the problem, then we're closer to figuring out of there's a bug or if you need to change your process.
  13. The license allows you to install the program on all the computers that you own or control, as long as they all run the same OS family (all Mac, or all Windows) and as long as no one but you uses the program for commercial purposes.
  14. Yes, but I don't think that mix data from different rows of the table as would be required by the question.
  15. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. Start Photo, and before doing anything else check your Photo Preferences (Edit > Preferences). In the Performance section, near the bottom, do you have Hardware Acceleration (OpenCL) enabled? If so, disable it, and see if that helps.
  16. However, they have asked that we not do that unless the Moderator has already participated in that topic. At this point, the best recommendation is patience. They will be here when they can.
  17. https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/ObjectControl/join.html They may look similar or identical if you don't consider Fills.
  18. Account Settings will have an entry that will tell you the email address you're using for the forums, but if you don't know the password you'll have to request a reset. If your browser is signing you in automatically on your current machine, you can find both the email and password on your browser settings.
  19. You're not Following this thread, according to its Follow button.
  20. I suggest contacting the Serif Corporate Sales team directly, via email to corpsales@serif.com.
  21. l recall at least one report that the Develop Assistant settings are being applied in some additional situations, but I haven't investigated that.
  22. I'm not sure, but that's part of why I think you have more work to do in showing us exactly what you did, and documenting the exact steps that you took. You might also be able to spot the exact problem point, now that you know more about some of the fine points that can play a role in what you're seeing. Using Document > Resize Canvas, or some other method?
  23. Sorry. Simon just posted this. https://theeagerlearner.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/BlendModes01.pdf
  24. Any thoughts on why it seems to only happen occasionally? I didn't have that problem with that file at all.
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