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  1. Welcome to the Affinity forums, @rakiessfx. In addition to Add/New etc on the Context Menubar, the hint bar at the bottom of the window will show you the modifiers that are possible when using the tools. Specifically for the magic wand, left-click then right-click and you'll see the selection cursor gain a + sign indicating you're in Add mode. Drag while holding both mouse buttons down to make the additional selection, then release the left mouse button first, followed by the right mouse button.
  2. Maybe I've been lucky so far; I'm really only playing with Publisher at this point, not working on real-life projects. But in general I expect to have a certain space for the image to fit, create a Picture Frame that size, and then Place the image into it and simply slide it around to compose. Or I might forgo the use of a frame and simply Place the image and click/drag it to the size I want on the page, at the location I want.
  3. I don't think it does, but I haven't checked. Personally I haven't needed the snapping for this function.
  4. On which OS? If Windows, you should be able to right-click the .icm or .icc file in Explorer and choose Install. If Mac someone else will need to provide an answer.
  5. walt.farrell

    PagePlus X9 file problem

    This set of forums is for the Affinity range of products from Serif. Their legacy products such as Page Plus are supported in a separate set of forums.
  6. I think there's a recognized bug in that area. I don't know if it's fixed in the 1.7 beta, but you could try it and see, unless someone from Serif or another user already knows.
  7. Yes, I complained about that shortly after the first Publisher beta. That "would you like to find them" dialog provides very little value, if any, in its current form. My suggestion was that it should instead open the Resource Manager automatically if you answered Yes.
  8. It's not supposed to be "the ones used with the previously edited document". The studio settings are supposed to be application-wide, persisting across documents, and (to some extent) across restarts of the Affinity application.
  9. You're welcome. And my apologies, but I only just realized your question is about iPad, not desktop. The answer is probably different, assuming it's possible on the iPad version.
  10. There seems to be a problem with your attachment, so we can't see exactly what's happening. But as far as I know you can't delete any that are predefined by Affinity. You should be able to delete ones you've created, though.
  11. walt.farrell

    Problems with charset

    It's posted in the Bugs forum, so it will be seen But it may take them awhile to get to it, as they're very busy.
  12. That's one of the settings in the Assistant Manager, which you can reach via the View menu. You'll need to do it before you open the image.
  13. May be a browser problem, but you haven't said what you're using. Make sure that your entering it exactly as shown in the book, and into the location bar. Some users have tried searching for it, which won't work.
  14. I suspect the 211 was a typo for 221, and if so you can get it the pinned topic at the top of this forum, where the latest version is always available. Currently that's here.
  15. Welcome to the Affinity forums. There is no need for any email address at all. You simply enter the URL listed on page 85 of the book into your browser's address bar and the browser's download dialog should open.
  16. That's probably true, even on Windows. But in my experience so far, Serif usually enables the self-update fairly quickly.
  17. Interesting. I was sure that it had been presented as the version 1 list, and I'm sure I've seen Serif staff say that. I guess only one of them, or @TonyB, would know for sure.
  18. When you start Publisher it notifies you if there is a new version available. The current version, and any new version, is always available in a pinned post at the top of the Publisher bugs forum (Mac, Windows). The creation of the new topic is one announcement. Sometime later there will also be a News post on Affinity Spotlight.
  19. I know the Publisher Help isn't really ready for review yet, but I've found it useful in the prior betas. But in I'm encountering a number of errors like this one, that I never saw before, so I thought I'd mention it:
  20. None that are on the list are completed, as completed items are removed from the list. All that are on the list are coming sometime in version 1 of Designer. The list, though, is only those items contained in the very first post in this topic:
  21. walt.farrell

    100% zoom is not "actual" screen size

    I think that's your issue, but that's just based on stuff I've read here. I'm not a Mac user, and have no direct experience of it.
  22. That's certainly true. But it sounds like @Jaffa was saying that the History panel is missing, not merely empty. Shouldn't the panel have been present upon restart? The topic title is a bit misleading, I think, because the Studio panel status is not saved with a document. It's an application-wide setting.
  23. walt.farrell

    100% zoom is not "actual" screen size

    Are you on a Retina display, which has twice the pixel density as a regular display?
  24. Welcome to the Affinity forum, Yvette. To convert to curves, select the text layer in the Layers panel. Then from the Menu bar, Layer > Convert to Curves.
  25. Interesting. Might be one of the areas where 1.7 changed. Or, might be a bug