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  1. Please explain further what you mean by "a custom menu folder". For getting a desktop shortcut: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/167826-how-do-i-create-a-desktop-shortcut-for-affinity-v2-apps/ Also, I forgot to mention that MSIX-based apps are not supposed to require Administrator authority to install. That's another touted advantage of that techology.
  2. It would help to have screenshots, and to know exactly what you're doing to make it darker, and to have a sample document. For a guess for your first question: You have a CMYK document. CMYK is a subtractive color process, vs RGB which is additive. That means that some kinds of adjustments work backward to what you'd expect from experience with RGB. I can't even begin to guess about the second one.
  3. No, it only makes sense for Application palettes, which could be linked or not. It makes no sense for document palettes because each one exists in exactly one document. Linking is a cross-application function. It is not related to documents.
  4. You can't Link a Document Palette, as it exists only in a particular document. But if you create one in a document, and use that document in a different Affinity application, the Document Palette will be there. If you want a particular Document Palette to be available in all new documents that you create, you can: Start the documents from a Template, not a Preset, and create a Template that includes that Document Palette. or Given a document with a particular color format, create a Document Palette in that document. Then you can set that Palette as a Default for that color format via the Swatches panel options (burger menu). After that, if you create a new document with that color format, that Document Palette (with the contents it had when you made it a Default), will be created automatically in the document. Note, though, that any changes you make to that Palette will not affect other documents. And they will not be made to new documents unless you set that modified palette as a Default again after making the changes.
  5. "Below" refers to the two links about drawing curves and shapes, where the dash patterns are explained.
  6. Are you using separate chapter files? Or is everything in one file? Did you set Restart to Book in the Notes panel, as mentioned in that Help page?
  7. Note that you have pointed to the beginning of the Help, not to a specific page. You cannot use the address from your browser's location bar. You must copy the URL from the navigation frame (left side of window), or from the results list, or from the "additional info" links at the bottom of a page.
  8. It's reasonably visible in the UI, in my opinion. It's also described in the Help for Placing files: https://affinity.help/photo2/en-US.lproj/pages/Media/placeImages.html
  9. Thanks. That still leaves me confused, because editing aText Style )(via the Text Styles panel) should change all the text that has that style, instantly. If that's how you changed the font size, and it didn't update everything, then (as far as I know) either something is wrong or you haven't setup the document as you've described. If you can make a sample document of a few pages that shows the problem, and provide that .afpub file, we could look at it and perhaps help you further. But without an actual document that has the problem, I think we'll just have to let it go. If you've got it working satisfactorily now, I suppose that's enough
  10. That is possibly, I think, an issue with how you're trying to open the files and not with the files themselves. Please describe theworkflow in more detail that gets the files from your camera to Photo 2.
  11. Yes, to install all 3 you need to run 3 MSIX files. But you can run them concurrently. With MSI/EXE you must run them separately, which takes at least 3 times longer than installing the MSIX. Perhaps more than 3 times, as the MSIX seem to install faster for me3. Yes, you have to let each update individually. However. each will auto-update (download, install, restart) automatically. With MSI/EXE you must download manually, and install manually. With MISX you just say "install" and it all happens withoiut further interaction from you.
  12. Unfortunately, the warnings were not added until 2.0.3, and users using the earlier V2 releases did not have them.
  13. Updates are simpler with MSIX, but they're no worse with MSI/EXE than they were with V1. And installation is slightly simpler, as you can install all 3 concurrently with MSIX, rather than needing to run them separately with MSI/EXE.
  14. I would quibble that that is a right-pointing mark (though perhaps it appears at the left of a string that is quoted?) Similarly comment for your other mark, which "points" left. But that's not relevant to the question. There are very few regular-expression implementations that are documented as supporting conditional processing in the replacement value, and Boost (used in Publisher) is not one of them. So I don't think you can do what you want, but I can't try it to confirm until later.
  15. I don't see it on iPad, Carl. But that doesn't rule out the possibility that it's just hidden somewhere I didn't think of
  16. The default color for text is black. That suggests you had made a change, perhaps unintentionally, and did not realize it. And it could be a change holding over from a different document, depending on exactly what was done. So we will probably never know exactly what happened, unless you can remember/recreate exactly what you did before you noticed the problem.
  17. Thanks. Fixed. I've been curious: why is OpenCL Disabler still needed? Can't one just use the --no-ocl command-line argument now?
  18. If it's truly a RAW file, then it is probably not in a format that requires 32, 64, or, or 128 bits per pixel (RGB/8, RGB/16, RGB/32), but one that requires only between 10 and 13 bits per pixel. Therefore, simply "developing" it to a basic RGB format at least triples the size (RGB/8) or could increase it by a factor of 12 (RGB/32). Then there is the additional data needed in a .afphoto file, which will increase that further. And also the initial Snapshot, which could be 1/2 of the added size and can be deleted to save some space.
  19. You don't need to do anything. The MSIX-based and the EXE/MSI-based versions store the settings in the same directory. All you need to do is install the EXE/MSI version and if you want (it's best to do so) uninstall the MSIX-based version.
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