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  1. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forum. Another user just posted a related topic about that, with a solution. (I'm not sure it's the best solution, but it might work for you.)
  2. That looks like you're zoomed in quite far. What is your current zoom setting? As for not getting color added, what brush are you using, and what are its settings? Can you show us a screenshot of your complete UI, including the Navigator panel?
  3. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forum. 1.6.1 is the latest released version of Designer for Mac when purchased through the Mac Store. There is a later version number (1.6.5) for users who purchase directly from Serif, but it offers no new program functionality. You can find full details at:
  4. walt.farrell

    Gray'd Out Customization Options

    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forum. I've seen several reports from users who got themselves into that state, but I'm not sure anyone has ever reported how it happens. Thanks!
  5. walt.farrell

    problem with ALT in shortcuts

    I have tried other programs. I don't have Photoshop, though, so I can't try that one. And unfortunately, none of my other programs, as far as I know, use Alt+Space for a non-breaking space.
  6. The words "finding" and "offer" are accepted as US English in my copy of Designer. Are you sure you have the spelling language set properly in the Character panel?
  7. walt.farrell

    Affinity Photo ( Saving Document Presets )

    Photo Beta allows the creation of document presets. It's an option in the File > New dialog, using the new hamburger menu:
  8. walt.farrell

    updating font list?

    I think you'll need to close and reopen the document.
  9. walt.farrell

    Bug with hanging indent

    First, a hanging indent is easy in normal paragraph text. Just assign the first line an indent of 0 with a left indent of what you want: But what you're asking about a bulleted list. Fortunately, that's also easy. That's the default you get if you simply assign the Bullet 1 paragraph style to the text: For details of how to set it up if you want to make your own, just look at the definition of that one
  10. You might try it with Parallel Processing disabled in the batch job options.
  11. Possibly you need to rasterize?
  12. walt.farrell

    problem with ALT in shortcuts

    Are you sure this isn't just normal Windows processing? Alt, by itself, would switch to the menu bar as a standard Windows action. What happens in other applications?
  13. Create a new document, and in it create a Text Frame. In the Character panel specify the Spelling Language that you would like to be the default. Then: Edit > Defaults > Synchronize from Selection followed by Edit > Defaults > Save.
  14. Probably best, @BowmanSC, not to post your email address here. You and @dominik can exchange that kind of sensitive information via the forum's private message facility.
  15. walt.farrell

    Merge Layers

    That's rather vague. How about a screenshot, and some more information about the problem. Maybe even a sample file if you can share.
  16. Welcome the the Serif Affinity forum. It would help if we could have the .afpub file to look at.
  17. walt.farrell

    Zoom problems

    I was merely commenting that James was not using the latest version.
  18. From what I've read you aren't required to run 10 S. For example, https://www.windowscentral.com/surface-go-how-unlock-windows-10-s-mode
  19. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forum! Unless you started with a 32-bit image I doubt that exporting it as 32-bit would have any advantage. But if you want to try, File > Export, select TIFF, click on More..., and choose Pixel Format RGB 32-bit (HDR). Another possibility to explain the file size difference: Affinity always uses a lossless compression method when saving TIFF files. Perhaps you have PS saving them uncompressed?
  20. walt.farrell

    Top and Bottom Cropped on Text box

    Might help if you could post a sample .afdesign file. (By the way, the non-beta releases you list in your Signature info are quite old. Unless you've simply forgotten to update that info for the forums, you might want to upgrade to
  21. Sounds like you may have scaled the Text Frame using the lower-right, detached, handle rather than the corner handle. Doing that would also enlarge the text.
  22. Look at View > Studio and make sure you haven't selected Hide Studio. Also, it sounds like you might have pressed Tab which would hide most of the UI. Pressing Tab again would restore it.
  23. True, but as we know the appearance of the Designer icon merely means that either (a) Designer claimed ownership of the filetype during installation or (b) the OP manually told Windows to use Designer to open those files. It would be nice to see the full file name, including the filetype. At this point I can only guess that they are all ".svg" files.
  24. No need to feel stupid. You aren't the first to have made that mistake, and probably won't be the last.
  25. Generally Serif staff do not comment on feature requests. As Mark said, they read them. They factor them into their planning. Eventually, if something appears on the roadmap then you will know that they plan to do it.