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  1. They've just made the first release candidate for Designer 1.7 available for Mac, so it's probably getting close. And one of the a Serif staff posted a guess that Publisher is at most about 2 months out, and we users are expecting Designer and Photo 1.7 before Publisher.
  2. On Windows it's not really an auto-update, just a notification of the new version and a link to the download site.
  3. True. But usually when they enable auto-update they also provide the proper download when one clicks on the message on the app
  4. walt.farrell

    document orientation

    The Arrangement is the layout for the facing pages. Each page may be portrait or landscape (as determined by the Portrait button) and the pages may be arranged beside each other (horizontal) or one above the other (vertical) independently of the orientation of the pages themselves.
  5. Why version 2, rather than 1.8, for the next step after 1.7?
  6. walt.farrell

    Latest version update promt

    Yes, that's been mentioned by some others. Use the link in the pinned topic near the top of this forum, rather than following that prompt:
  7. In that case, in Publisher, you could: Create a new document, and specify the number of pages in the dialog. Click on the Place Image tool. Select all the files you want to handle, if they are in the same folder. The first file will be highlighted, Place it on the first page by clicking and dragging. Click Ctrl + PgDown to go to the next page (or use another method) The next file will be highlighted. Place it on the second page by clicking and dragging. Repeat as needed. If you want, you can use a Master Page with a Picture Frame, if you want all the images to be the same size and location on the page. Then you can just click in the Picture Frame with the Place Image tool, rather than clicking and dragging.
  8. walt.farrell

    document orientation

    How are you being "punished" by the presence of that checkbox/option? It defaults to checked, giving you the behavior you want. So just ignore it if you don't want to turn it off.
  9. Thanks. That's the Character panel, in English.
  10. walt.farrell

    Designer: Gradient to 0% opacity includes colour

    If you don't want any red, then why are you going to 0% red instead of 0% white?
  11. From what I"ve read in other forums on the web, the EPS file format does not support layers. Perhaps use a different format if they need to be preserved, such as PDF?
  12. There is no text panel in Designer. There's a Text Frame panel in Publisher, which might be a good place for some kind of scaling option. But Designer doesn't have that panel.
  13. I have no idea, and will be interested in what others have to say, including any of the Serif staff that may choose to comment.
  14. That does sound like a useful new option. In the meantime, as a workaround, you might try: Selecting the group in the Layers panel and duplicating it. Transforming the duplicate as you need via the Transform panel. Reducing the opacity of the duplicate group. Selecting the original group, and dragging it via the scaling handle until its outline matches the transformed duplicate. Deleting the dupicate. Your text size will be wrong in the duplicate, but it should be right in the original after step 4.
  15. That is a Text Frame option. The one I mentioned is an object option, which controls whether (and how) text wraps around that specific object.
  16. If the frame matches the page height then (in height) it is centered on the page
  17. walt.farrell

    Zoom : CTRL + (+) instead of CTRL + (=)

    I commented about something similar awhile back, but my post was about some different shortcuts. For example, on Windows, File > Close is shown as Ctrl + W but typing a W (rather than a w) requires use of the Shift key. And Ctrl + Shift + W does not work. What I find interesting is that the key on all my keyboards is labeled W even though pressing it without shift gives w instead. Or, for another, the Brush Tool shortcut is B, which is how the key is labeled, even though pressing that key would generate a b. So they seem to be labeling the shortcuts based on what the key says, not necessarily on what it generates. It's a little different in the case of the +/= since they allow both to work, though.
  18. If you want the paragraphs centered on the page, then you would also need the text frames centered on the page. You might consider a Master Page with a text frame of the appropriate size and position, and defined to have its contents centered vertically. Then you just set it up once, and apply it to the appropriate pages.
  19. Thanks. That is subtle enough that I usually don't even notice it (or remember it).
  20. walt.farrell

    error code 2947861c-7dbb-4bb0-b4fc-1a6031d20d22

    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums. That doesn't look like an error code. It seems like the name of a crash-report file that Affinity Photo might have generated. It would probably help if you provided additional information, as suggested here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/38-bugs-in-affinity-designer-affinity-photo/
  21. Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums, Athrul. The trial version is identical to the retail version in function, so it should have the same brushes available. You should find them in the Brushes panel in the Studio (from the menu, View > Studio > Brushes when you're in the Photo Persona should display it if for some reason it's not showing up for you). For example, here's a screenshot showing the Basic brush category that I would expect you to see: You should have some additional categories available, too, but I'm not sure what they will be as I have added some categories to my installation. If you're not seeing any in that panel, I'm not sure what might be wrong, but you could try resetting the brushes. From the menu, Edit > Preferences, then in the Miscellaneous section you could try "Reset Brushes". I'm also not sure why your attempts to import brushes might be failing. How are you trying to import them?
  22. walt.farrell


    Photo 1.7 Beta will Open HEIC files on Windows. I don't know about on Mac. (I can no longer find the sample file I tested it with on Windows. So if someone has a sample file I'd appreciate seeing it.)
  23. That is extremely unlikely to work. Nothing else that I know can be created in the beta and used in the retail version in any way.